Understanding – Final Words

Once again, the astrological transits had told me this would happen and it would be something from the past. Boy, was it accurate! Every time there has been something serious or major happen in my life, it has been there in my transits. If not in the transits, it has been in the solar return, which is a yearly forecast of the energies around you in the next year. A lunar return gives you the energies that will be affecting you emotionally in the next month. Oh, boy – to have that information is to have a veritable gold mine!

Alan says I live in my astrology and I do. I make no decisions without checking out the transits or my solar return before hand. Some can say that it is because I have fear, but I do it so that I make the right choice. The planets lead me in the right direction, and I know that, if I follow them, the outcome will be positive. It is still dependent on my choice. Sometimes, I have thought my intuition was leading me only to find that it was my Self. Over the years I have come to look at the planetary movements and go with them rather than my intuition, for the planets are always right there for me. These days I really do know that if I follow them I have a good outcome. The “Spiritual Bullshit” has led and guided me to a wonderful life. I only wish that I could enable others to do the same, but I do realize that one has to be ready to do so. Some people are just not ready, either because they have not yet raised their consciousness, for religious reasons, conservatism, or just plain not wanting to know. I do know that the understanding of metaphysics has changed my life and the lives of those around me and I can feel proud of those I have taught for they, too, are changing their lives – albeit some of them, slowly. Thank God, I say, for the “Spiritual Bullshit.”

Margaret McElroy

Jan 27th, 2011

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Understanding – Continued

Did what I see change my reverence for my mother? No, it did not, but it made me very upset to think that I had blamed my father for what happened in those early years in my life, and it was not him at all. I had laid blame for 52 years on my father, when it was not his fault at all. I did it mainly because my mother had shifted the blame to him, but it was actually my mother who was to blame. I was able (through that terrible day of depression and also Spirit’s help) to see it was not so. My father had nothing to do with it. He had died 16 years prior to this and so I could not personally say I was sorry, but I told him I was despite his not being there and apologized to him for believing what I had. It was a great relief to get all that out of my system.

I know it was given to me by Spirit because, at that time, I was clearing away a lot of old energy. It also coincided with my Chiron return at age 52. Chiron, and where it is situated in our birth chart, is where our deepest wounds are hidden. When Chiron returns to the place it was when we are born (which is every 52 years), we get the opportunity to clear away those hidden “wounds.” For me this was my wound. My natal chart shows that I will have problems with my father throughout my life, and my wounds are connected to my father. Until I became metaphysical, I used to say to everyone “I am the way I am because I had a difficult father.” Of course, I was the way I was because, metaphysically, I did not know my father had actually come into my life to help me. All I could see was the difficulty I had with him. It stayed that way until that day in 1998 when I was shown everything, and it brought to the surface all of the sadness associated with him.


Understanding – Continued

The one thing metaphysics has given me is an understanding of why things happen. For instance, it is amazing how much past-life energy plays a part in our lives – the decisions we make and the outcome of situations. I feel so privileged every day to have the knowledge and insight I have. It certainly does not ease the pain of issues that arise in my life – I am human and live here on the earth plane – but it certainly helps to see what is happening. Every time I feel or become depressed (usually because I have taken on something from someone, and in the early years when it was my own stuff coming to the surface – I could go to the transits and it would be there, the fact that, at that time, I would feel sad, depressed, weepy etc., and it certainly helped me to know it was not just me, but destined to be as part of either my release or my learning.

In 1998 I remember getting up in the morning of a certain day and feeling so depressed and sad. Nothing could change my demeanor, and I told my then-husband to just leave me alone that day as I felt something was coming out and needed to be released. I looked at my daily transits and it stated that I would be depressed and that it was something from the past not dealt with for many years. I was so depressed all day and finally, at around 5:00 pm, I was shown a picture of my parents. Intuitively, I became aware that it was not my father who I had always thought was the instigator of the sad things in my life, but that it was my mother! Talk about an “aha” moment! Through what I was shown, I could see so clearly that my father was not the instigator of my early life unhappiness. It was his partner, my mother. It was all in my transits that day. It was a shock to my system because I had revered my mother until then.


Understanding – Continued

Really, one has to laugh at the effect one e-mail had. In the end five people were involved in it’s effect, most of it past-life related. I was told by Maitreya that I was meant to write the first e-mail. This, in turn, triggered the answer and the beginning of some serious learning for the writer. For the next person, getting involved changed their destiny from what they had thought it would be, and definitely set up some future learning. For the third person it also created a lot of consideration and forethought for the future. Alan and I just had to get through the hurt and deep sadness that the answer to the e-mail created. As much as we tried, it was hard for us. We were really in a state of shock over the way things occurred. It was hard to believe that one e-mail had created such an outcome.

We really have no idea what we do when we rush into things in defense of someone or just because we are angry over something that has been said. It can change our whole life and, again, it comes down to the choices we make. Had the person not reacted to my e-mail, would things have continued on the way they were? I think they probably would have until the next time I felt prompted to write an e-mail. What happened was destined to happen and could be seen in the daily transits of everyone involved. So much for it being “Spiritual Bullshit.” Thankfully, Alan and I, with Maitreya’s help, have been able to see the whole picture, not just half of one or none at all. It has not eased the hurt of the words written (and the Self has had a field day with those), but it has enabled us to be more compassionate and understanding of the situation. It has created a minefield of emotions for the other participants but, as I stated, it was meant to be. Thank goodness for astrology and the daily transits!