The Path – Continued

I went from earning $250 a week to $2,000 a week within 6 months. Not only that, I loved New Zealand and, although I only went for a four and a half month working holiday, I stayed for 8 years and became a Kiwi – as New Zealand citizens are known. I became famous writing a magazine column for the most popular women’s magazine in the country and eventually also became a very successful radio clairvoyant. It was a win-win situation for me all around. However, try telling me that at the airport in Brisbane, Australia, as I sat waiting for the plane to take me to New Zealand and remembering what had happened the month before. I addition, all my friends tried to dissuade me from going with their negative comments and their fears for me.

I, of course, (whose Self did not want to go) took these comments on board and, to be honest, I almost cancelled the trip. It was my then-business partner (whom I later married) who basically forced us to go. My then-husband also forced me to go as he sold all of my belongings in a garage sale and then took all of the money out of the bank. I have said many times that I called and thanked him later on for doing that for me. He changed my life, and I would not be where I am today if he had not done what he did. It seemed terribly awful at the time. Why was this happening? But it was the best thing I had ever done and I had him to thank for it. He forced me to leave and begin the new life that has brought me here to where I am today! We often cannot see what the outcome will be, but in our minds it is always negative.


The Path – Continued

We are all like this. We have been programmed to fear change. Friends and family who are frightened they might lose us as we move on put doubt into our minds so that we are tortured as to what to do. Usually when this happens, we stop ourselves from fulfilling our destiny. “What do you want to do that for?” is the first thing usually said by others. Then come the questions with a negative overtone. Very rarely does anyone say “Great!”

Recently at a meeting I attended, one of the participants – a woman I know quite well – pointed out to me that she would have more time to socialize now as she had left her marriage. Intuitively I had known for some time that she was not happy in her marriage. In fact, it had aged her terribly. I was so pleased for her and told her so. She informed me that I was the only one who was positive about it. Everyone else had questioned why she had left. Nobody had supported her or even asked why she was leaving. She was the “Scarlet Woman” as far as they were concerned. It did not matter that she was unhappy; she should stay!

Our path in life is to try to be happy. We cannot be happy, though, if things in our life are making us unhappy. A few months later this woman has taken ten years off her age, she vibrates with energy, she is sleeping soundly (something she never used to do), and is happy for the first time in her life. Is it wrong for her to want to be happy? I think not!

For me, I was terrified of going to New Zealand because I had never been there before and I had been stripped of all I owned – including my business bank account – when my first husband took it all out of the bank without my permission. I was terrified, but I should not have been.


The Path – Continued

Doors close and doors open all of the time, and often we cannot see that the doors closing are closing for a reason. That reason is to move us on. In my astrological natal (birth) chart, I placed in my chart (yes, nobody else did it except me) Cancer as the sign on my mid-heaven. In a past life, I would not move on. Not from living quarters – I could do that – but from a particular way of thinking. I need to be forced to change or else I stay stuck in the old way. Of course, it is nice to be able to do that, but I had so much to learn and thought I could do it one particular way. Unfortunately, it took many different levels for me to learn what I needed to do, and each one I had to be forced into.

It was the cost of living in England and the prospect of a bleak future which prompted me to apply to migrate to Australia. Then it took a big push for me to purchase a house there. I would have stayed renting forever if I had had my way. Each time I faced change, I needed to be pushed. Later on it was the recession that forced me to seek-out my future work in metaphysics. As time passed, I was forced to face so many fears. My marriage breakdown forced me to go to New Zealand, and again later (with marriage number two) to the United States. I cannot say that I went happily, because I did not, and of course, the Cancer mid-heaven is all about change and letting go of the need to control that part of my life. I could not see that the change would bring me closer to my destiny. All I could see was the negative: What if this? What if that? For a long time I could not see the benefits that change would bring.


The Path

During the last few weeks, I have had a lot of (may I say) “winging” e-mails from various people around the world. You know, the kind of e-mail which says: “Why me?” “Woe is me!” “Why am I suffering like this?” – and other such questions. These are from spiritual people, some of whom have taken my courses and should know why they are going through what they are. If I had known what I would go through once I opened the door to metaphysics, I would honestly never have opened the door. But I did, and it has been a plodding path ever since. The thing is that I had nobody to help me. My teachers disappeared over a two year period, and I was then on my own. Of course, I had Maitreya, my teacher from the other side of the veil in what we call “Spirit,” but in the beginning I found it hard to understand what he wanted of me.

First, and foremost, we need to remember that all of our so-called suffering is not suffering, but a way for us to clear away old energy. I would have never have thought that I would put myself through some of the things I did, but I did. I personally created it, and it was the only way I could get rid of the abject fear I had and learn valuable lessons. Once we come to accept that we are the creators of our own reality – that we alone have created what we are going through for our own good – and that those who are hurting us are actually helping us, then we can actually see – either immediately or later – where they are helping us.

I remember leaving my dream home (after only two years in the house) and having to move to another state in Australia. My then-husband conveniently went “within” and left me to carry the burden of the responsibility of a recession. I asked God, “Why?” I was not even metaphysical then, but it seemed so unfair. Yet, it was that move that opened up the door to my metaphysical future.


Thanksgiving and Other Things – Final Words

I would like to suggest that those of you who are spiritual, want to raise your vibration, and who do not live in the USA either adopt the Thanksgiving celebration or choose another day so that you also can take the opportunity to let go of your issues to do with anyone who has upset you and to thank the Universe for your blessings – because we all have them.

I will never forget my first husband’s words when I had walked 5 miles to work and 5 miles back to earn $7.50AUD in 1988. I was so depressed at only earning that amount in the coffee shop I did readings in. On my arrival home and moaning about my fate, he said, “Well it is a loaf of bread, a bag of potatoes, a carton of milk, and an uncooked chicken that you did not have the money for, but you do now.” I felt so terrible because that $7.50 did, at that time, provide those items. I was indeed blessed, but could not see it. For every experience I have gone through which could be termed negative, there has been a positive outcome either in learning lessons, experiences, or letting something go. Whenever I find myself bemoaning my lot these days I remember those words.

My mother use to say when I bemoaned my fate, “Well at least you are not disabled or deaf or blind.” Indeed, I was not, and it would always make me bless my life. Forgiveness and thankfulness are two of the most important things to deal with on a spiritual aspirant’s path. There is nothing more needed than to practice them. You cannot move forward until you begin their practice and then to continue practicing them. It took me until two years ago to learn that lesson and to finally let go of everything I had in my life that was holding me back. Look upon your enemies as being your very blessed friends, because they are once you return home to Spirit. It is just sad that we will not see that until we do go home!

Margaret McElroy