Holidays – Continued

A few years ago a student of mine was having serious health problems and was so fed up with them that she came to me for a reading. I noted that, if she stayed in Washington, she would have another year of the same problems. However, if she went to New York or Montreal she would avoid those problems. She chose to go to Montreal for just a few days before her birthday and a few days after. Her health was much improved the following year.

Ninety-nine percent of humanity does not realize that they can create the reality they want in their lives by changing the location on their birthday. Why have financial problems if you can avoid it? Many people do not realize they can avoid it. I know I have been lucky in my life in the last ten years, but only because I have been able to choose the energy I wanted during the following year by where I spent my birthday. We do have choice and the person I wrote about earlier in this blog made their choice. I sincerely hope it will be a positive time for that person during the next year.

However, I also know from past experience what can happen if you do not choose to change your location on your birthday. Someone asked me, “Are you not running away from your lessons by doing this?” and the answer is “No, you are creating your own reality.” If it can help your health to visit somewhere else on your birthday, then why not do it? The report which I am talking about is a Solar Return report, and it is done each year for your birthday. Often the report will show that it is from a few days before your birthday. I have lost count of the number of people who have written me that they got their birth date wrong, but a solar return report can show the energy of the sun coming into your birth sign as much as two days before your birthday.