Holidays – Continued

Alan and I are looking forward to taking some time out on the island of Curacao. We rarely get any time for ourselves to enjoy time together socializing. Our recent trip to Connecticut was all work. We hardly saw anything of the state itself and, although we went out for dinner with our hosts and spent time with them in their home, that was it. My days of seeing the sights are no more due to my difficulty in walking far. Also, going into crowded places usually ends up in my taking on the energy of the place. In Curacao, we have an expanse of water surrounding us, a nice hotel room with a balcony, and the sun shining down on us – very private time which is so scarce for us these days.

I have said many times that we are the creator of our own reality, and I choose each year to find the ideal spot to create the reality I need to make each year. Next year I need a year where I will be in the public arena, where finances will not be restricted, where we will attract the people to help us do what we need to do to promote Maitreya’s work and, most of all, no conflict with other people. Curacao will do that for us.

Early this year I had a client whose partner had been through an ordeal with cancer. I did his chart and found that, if he stayed where he was locally, he would not get well. In fact, during the year there could be a re-occurrence of his cancer. If he went somewhere else for his birthday, he would avoid that destiny and get well. His partner said he would not go away and so he stayed here. I am waiting for this next year and her telling me he is getting sick again, because I know he has caused some problems for himself by not going somewhere else for his birthday.