Advice and Guidance – Continued

Over the years every time I have experienced anything relating to new energy and have had physical symptoms with that energy, Spirit has given me information about it which has taken away any fear or doubt about the subject. It is wonderful now to be able to help my students and graduate students who are just beginning to experience such symptoms. Today I was communicating with a graduate student overseas via Skype, and we were discussing her physical symptoms – all of which are identical to the ones I experienced in my early channeling days. It was of great comfort to her to know what and why it was happening. I had nobody when I was going through it, only my intuition which, thankfully, was very acute, and I was able to connect with what Spirit was trying to tell me. None of my teachers could help me. I found some books written by early spiritualists such as Estelle Roberts, Ena Twigg, and others which spoke of their experiences. These books also helped me to understand, but, in the beginning it was a matter of letting go of any fear I had and then allowing the intuitive process to work.

When we have fear, we do not realize that we stop the flow of Spirit into our being. Therefore, what they are trying to give us intuitively, we cannot receive; the radio is switched off! It is such a blessing for me now to be able to explain to my graduate students and new students what is happening to their bodies and the experiences they are going through. Many people feel that spiritual development is about just going up in vibration but, there are health symptoms which go with this. If one does not know why this is happening, it can create the most abject fear.


Advice and Guidance – Continued

Before we left for Curacao, I did as I felt I was to do and looked at my health transits for that time. Lo and behold, there was my problem in front of me. The recommendation was for me to take magnesium sulphate. Imagine my surprise when I got to Curacao and my graduate student (whom I had gone to visit) told me that she felt I needed to get some magnesium sulphate to help my problem. I immediately went online and ordered some for when I got home.

Sometimes a voice will speak to me as if standing behind me. I have written before in this blog of when, in the very early days, a voice told me to “get some B6” as I was extremely depressed with the hormonal changes taking place within my body due to my spiritual development. When I did get the B6, the symptoms stopped within two days. I can say that I am very blessed to have this information, either directly or through a second party. I also respect and receive any advice my doctor from Spirit gives me. It often saves me a wasted visit to the doctor’s office. I do not disrespect doctors, but I am very aware of how our minds, past lives, and stress can affect our lives and create dis-ease within us. I try hard not to let that happen to me – which is hard when one has raised one’s vibration and is extremely sensitive. I pick up everyone’s energy and, although it allows me to see deep into the problems people have, it also creates a lot of emotion for me in the fact that I cry a lot in releasing and often have a feeling in my heart where I cannot breathe until I do release that energy.


Criticizing Others

Why do we waste energy criticizing others? What are they here to show us that we don’t want to see.


Advice and Guidance

I often receive email from readers of my blog or our radio show who feel they have the answers to the issues I experience, especially anything to do with my health. From the very beginning, my teacher, Maitreya, told me I would be taken care of with regard to my health and not to worry about it. He also informed me that I have a doctor who is looking after me from the world of Spirit and that energy would let me know if I need to see a doctor. I have nothing in my astrological natal (birth) chart in my house of health, or of work and service and I must state that, for most of my life, I have been very well and healthy. Apart from having my children, a small operation on a cyst many years ago, and a tonsillitis operation when I was eight years of age, that is the sum total of health issues I have experienced.

My grandson has a lot of health issues to deal with: visits to the hospital, leg casts every few months, and recently this year a big problem with his teeth – all because he does have issues in his house of health and healing. My granddaughter in the same family also has issues planetary wise in her sixth house of health and healing. Over the years I have come to be aware of when those in the world of Spirit require me to listen to them. Recently, a week before we left on our trip to Curacao, I had a small health problem and went into my astrology program to find out what was happening. Maitreya led me to this program in 1997, and since then it has been a valuable help to me when I have had health issues; most of them being stress or exhaustion related.


Oct 28th, 2010

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