Once Again! – Continued

I have actually sat and spoken to Maitreya in person. When I am in a massage, I often leave my body and do this, but it has to be the right therapist on a high rate of vibration to enable me to do it. Most of the time through intuition he transmits to me what he wants me to know or to do. I am very rarely forewarned about something, and often it is as much a surprise to me as it is to the person I am speaking to or giving the message to. So I got no warning about the crown chakra and third eye problems. It really does affect the Self part of me, because “forewarned” as they say “is forearmed,” but it is for that very reason that I am not told. The Self would create a barrier in some way or do something to stop it from happening.

The Self part of me, despite my being in control of it now, is always trying to be crafty and sabotage me in some way. Thankfully, once again, I know how to deal with it – basically giving no energy to it. As such it cannot ride anywhere, for the Self rides on the coattails of the emotional body and it loves the dramatics and the drama of life itself. It thrives in this energy – revels in it – and we feed it every day with our reactions to things. Give it no energy – do not feed it – and it can go nowhere or do anything. Then the Higher Self can have control and lead and guide you to your true destiny and meaning in your life. The Photon Energy is trying to help us by pressuring the Self, basically bringing it to its knees and, hopefully, getting it to the stage that it stops fighting so much with our Higher Self. It is a hard job and not easy to tame the Self, but at least the Photon Energy is helping us to do that.