One Man’s Truth – Continued

It is strange how we do this. We find something we like and then spend most of our time trying to make others like it too. If they do not like it we condemn them, criticize them, or turn away from them. Maitreya has said many times that, if we took the energy we spend in doing this and used it for ourselves, how much more we could manifest for ourselves. However, we continue to try to change people and to get them to think our way.

Imagine a world where there was no derision of belief and everyone was allowed to be the way they wanted to be. We would not know to criticize, turn away etc. How much better the world would be! For centuries this has been going on, but we have not been able to see it. I truly believe that we are beginning to see it these days, and are realizing that we are doing it.

I had lunch today with two very dear friends, and we were discussing what we did to force our belief systems on another. It was quite humorous listening to each other and, of course, what we used to be like but no longer are. It is the way of the world, and we could all see that it has not changed one iota for all those centuries mentioned earlier.

My granddaughter was on Skype the other day discussing a film she wanted to see, but her friends at school had panned it. I told her to make her own decision about it, so she chose to go and see it. Afterwards, I asked her what she thought of it, and she said she loved it. I told her that she would have missed out on a good movie had she listened to her friends and from now on to make her own decision over things. Hopefully, she will do that and not go into the old way again of listening to everyone except herself!