Fairy Tales – Continued

Toward the end of this marriage I had decided there is no Knight in Shining Armor or Prince Charming. I was going to stay single! Little did I know that the Universe was going to send me another candidate. My present and last husband (and I say this with conviction) then came into my life. I needed someone to help me with my work with Maitreya. The Universe sent him to help. We have a lot in common and our temperaments are very similar. However, there were no rose colored glasses or ideas of romance for me this time. I liked him a lot, and we got on so very well together. He made me laugh – something I needed to learn – and he seemed to genuinely care about me. I also genuinely liked him. But love? What is love? Neither of us could define it.

It did not matter; we were having fun together. We had our bad days and our good days. On the bad days I was not going to stay with him; on the good days I felt that God had saved the best for last. It was a place of comfort for me, and he soon showed me that he felt the same as I did about the work we were doing.

Astrologically we are very compatible, but I am under no illusion this time and, as such, I am detached from the emotion. One day I stopped wearing my eyeglasses – whether by accident or deliberately I cannot remember – but as the days passed I no longer needed them. I could see very clearly where I could not see before. I never wore them again and still do not wear glasses. Almost six years have gone by, and I have seen more clearly every year. I believe it is because I am no longer in illusion. I don’t miss them either. It seems strange to even imagine that I wore glasses for so many years. My early books show me on the cover wearing glasses, but no more. I have seen through the illusion.