Working with the Masters

I am often asked “Master, how can I work with you and the Masters?” I tell those souls, “You can do so, but one has to give up the Self.” The Self is the logic which is always giving you answers. It has an answer for everything and it always feels that it is right. When one joins with us in the spiritual realms, one cannot do what you or the Self wants to do. One has to listen to our requests. Our requests may not come directly from us, but through others.

For many incarnations the Self has been in control; it has made the decisions. But one day, we ask you to follow our directions, to listen to what we wish for you to do. We do this in order that you may grow and expand your soul. Your Self becomes indignant at this and wants to do what it has done for so many incarnations. It is at this moment in your soul growth that many souls stop growing. They cannot see the reason behind our actions, and anyway, “Why should I listen to you?” It is at this crucial time that many souls fall by the wayside and fail yet again.

Letting go of your own logic and accepting what is given to you is the first step in spiritual growth. Many would say that this is manipulation. My channel’s ex-husband was told many times by well-meaning souls that he was being manipulated by us, the Masters, because he listened to us and not to his Self or others like himself. Yet in just a few earth years he spiritually grew the equivalent of one thousand lives. Is this manipulation?

We want to help you and the earth plane to grow spiritually. If you are to grow personally, this means listening to us and to our instructions in any form. “How will I know it is not my Self telling me this?” you may ask. Because we will ask you through a channel, or in the highest form of meditation, or in your dreams. It will be in your heart that you will feel this prompting. When it is there, it is from us.

When it comes from the mind it comes from the Self. When it comes from the heart it is from the Divine.