Raising The Vibration 2 – Continued

I had to ask Spirit to help me because it was not good – in the middle of a reading – to suddenly break down in tears. Not only did it interrupt the reading, but it also took extra time. I asked Spirit to wait until the end of my readings to release the emotion within me. This they did, and I was no longer assuaged by tears during the reading. But it also meant that; after doing a reading, if emotion came to the surface I could not go out anywhere because I would cry in the middle of the street, the supermarket, or wherever I was! I still do that today, but now it is even worse (I will go into that later in this blog).

In the early days though, it was hard to become detached during my readings or not to take on a client’s conditions. It was something which took time and happened slowly; it was not an overnight happening. I finally managed to get through readings without taking on the emotions of others, even though I often could not go out afterwards. The more sensitive I became, I found it harder to actually go out into the mainstream of society. Going to a shopping mall would be so hard as I felt all the emotions of everyone shopping and browsing. I became supersensitive to noise, so shopping in a mall became a problem, and loud noises in general became a problem. I began to find that people’s voices would affect me; the more shrill the voice, the more it affected my sensitivity. I began to keep away from shopping centers and places where there was a lot of action and people. As the years progressed I became more and more sensitive. I could tell when people were lying – it was just a “knowing” – and I began to see deep into their soul where that came from in their past and from their past-life experiences.