TV Work

Maitreya has told me for years that he would eventually be on TV and, of course, me with him. For a long time I could never see it, mainly because I like my privacy and had such a fear of being in the public arena due to a past life I had where I was hounded by people and the media – not in a very positive way. In the last few years I have had the knowing that it was going to happen in the near future – being in the public arena that is – and with great trepidation (honestly) allowed it to come and did not run away from it.

Last year the door opened and over the last week Alan and I have been in LA filming a pilot for a TV show. It is a whole new path for both of us as we have never been involved in the production of a TV show before. I cannot reveal anything about the show, but I can talk about some of the adventures we had in making the film. I honestly never realized how much sitting around there is on a show set as they call it. Each time they change the scene, they have to change the lighting which takes sometimes up to an hour or longer to fix; I had to carry Maitreya’s energy all day. I could not bring it in and let it go and bring it in again. Oh boy, the pressure that energy felt like was enormous! I was so super-sensitive, and of course this made being in anyone’s energy very difficult.

At the end of the day, I was so exhausted. In a whole week we had to film the equivalent of many weeks of filming as I did not have the time now to spend in LA to film that long. In that week of filming I never read any of my magazines I bought for the time spent waiting around, nor did any of my crossword puzzles that I normally do. It was get up, get ready, have breakfast and then out to the shoot, what an experience!