Children and Metaphysics – Continued

Although I only had the one fit, there were many times when I would feel quite sick with a high temperature and have dizzy spells. Of course at that time I did not realize it was the energy coming in that was the problem. I did grow out of it and was troubled no more.

Body heat is a big problem with those who are mediumistic or channels. My son lives in Darwin, Australia, one of the most humid, hottest places in Australia. My daughter lives on the Gold Coast of Australia in Queensland, another very hot place at times. My son told me a long time ago that my granddaughter would sit quietly “talking” to people – first in her crib and then in her bed in the middle of the night. I knew she was talking to spirit people of course. My grandson in Queensland is incredibly intuitive also. He has a health problem which my daughter believes has increased his intuitive ability and I would agree. Sometimes the Universe compensates in this way for something lacking in another.

My whole family is very intuitive including the other three grandchildren. As I grew older and became aware of reflexology and acupuncture, the only area of discomfort for me was the hypothalamus. Of course the hypothalamus controls the body heat, and it is this gland which is affected by the spiritual energy. The fact that my grandchildren live in a very hot climate could be the reason why they have the problem with the high temperatures. Until 2004 I lived in Australia myself and, although I found it very difficult to handle the heat, I did have an air-conditioned car, and an air-conditioned house. I did not go out very much into the heat of the day. In 2004 I left Australia, and came to the realization it was because of the work I was doing, yes, but also because of the weather.