Just Stuff 2 – Final Chapter

So, are you one of those people who thinks it should be free, or are you one of those who feel a laborer is worthy of their hire? Yes, there are some people out there who should not be charging or accepting a fee, but unless you have some karma or something to learn from them, they will probably not come into your energy.

As soon as I started to live comfortably metaphysically I began putting back spiritually. That is how I came to be able to do what I have done. My past partners have not always shared my vision or wanted to help me, but I have done it anyway, with or without their help. My present husband shares my vision and my dreams and has also shared his abundance. I get e-mails every day from people who write that they cannot afford my services but will pay one day or in the near future. In the beginning I could not refuse but now I do. I have to. If I did not I would be inundated with work with no exchange for the energy. As Maitreya has said; “A laborer is worthy of his/her hire.”

If we give a service – no matter what it is – we are entitled to be compensated. It is the law of the Universe unless it is your karma to have it or do it for nothing. How do you know if this is so? It is ingrained so deeply in your heart, without fear and with a “knowing.” It happens very little, but when it does, one does know. I do know one thing, I can return to Spirit knowing without any doubts I have done what I came to do and helped many souls on the earth plane. It is a good feeling, knowing I did it. Despite my fears and doubts, I was able to create a healing center and help many souls along the way. It is a relief to know that. I am also glad I put a worth on myself – so very glad.