Severe Testing – Continued

I realized that all I needed to do in the past was to speak my truth quietly and clearly, but I had not done so. I had kept all the frustration and anger at the situation inside of me and never really released it in the right way. Usually my family/husbands were the ones who felt the wrath of my Moon in Leo temper/anger. The whole kitchen situation was trying to teach me NOT to give it any energy and to find a way to deal with the frustration and anger without exploding – which is what my Leo Moon did every time. It had taken years to learn this lesson, however I did not learn that lesson until now.

After sending the letter it was as if a peace came over me. Why did I not do that before? Each time there had been problems in the past I had swallowed them and not complained to anyone when I should have done so. I was frightened of upsetting people and of them being upset with me. What a waste of energy having that fear! It was the way my soul had dealt with the situation over and over, and finally I got over the fear. It was not about the kitchen. The kitchen was just a prop to enable me to learn the lesson about expressing myself quietly and clearly.

For a short while I felt stupid, why did I not see this before? I could not see it because the Self was there. My Self loves the drama of every situation. It is the Leo Moon part of me. I have said before that I am capable of the most Oscar-winning performance and yet could have dealt with the situation so much easier had I just written my letter of complaint with truth and conviction, but no anger.