General Stuff

Thank you to all of you who have written and thanked me for sharing my experiences with the Self and other subjects in this blog. In the beginning Maitreya told me all of my writings had to be simple, and they have been created that way. He also told me I was to write about my own experiences and not to be afraid to share the good and the not-so-good things in my life. When I met Alan, he had been used to keeping things secret. His Scorpio Moon, Saturn, Venus, and Ascendant had created this, but once he connected with me, and we were together, I started to talk about things he had held so dear to him. At first he did not like it one bit. I was exposing his deepest issues, things he had never told anyone or discussed before.

I remember the first newsletter I wrote about him and send a copy to him, I honestly think he thought he had married a crazy person who was hell bent on exposing him to the world. Maitreya told him he could have no secrets anymore and, if he tried to, they would be exposed. He seemed to accept that and now, five years later, we talk all the while about our journey and our experiences on my website. So many people have been able to identify with our experiences and have written and told us so. I honestly feel at times I have lived my life for everyone else. Maitreya told me a long time ago that a lot of my experiences were for the purpose of learning from them and then teaching others about them. I am so glad we can do this. None of my own teachers were willing to expose their own lives and their own limitations to anyone.


Discernment and the Truth

I have been asked if I will write about discernment. One soul has written, ”Perhaps the Master would speak about how to discern the truth in this age of confusion.”

In my article, Truth, I wrote about each man having his own truth. Each soul will find its own way of discerning the truth. Each has its own path astrologically. Some need to find truth through finding the false like my channel, Margaret. In the very early years of her spiritual development, she chose to go to a Healing Center that left a lot to be desired in the way it was run. To Margaret, it seemed as if money was the motive, not the service. She chose not to return. Much later, when her Guardian Spirit, Argos, made his presence known to her, she asked him “Why did you send me to that healing center?” and the reply was “So that you would know how not to run a healing center!”

Service must always be the motive if the spiritual is to reside within. Other souls have to learn in other ways, but each soul will be led and guided to where and who they have to learn from. There are no accidents; all is perfect in the world. Often souls who have had devastating experiences have said afterward, “I am glad I experienced that, for I have grown because of it.” There are no ‘bad’ experiences, only learning opportunities. Each soul chooses and is led by us in the spiritual realms to those that you need to learn from. Each soul will be led to their own truth.


Thanksgiving – Final Words

How do we not take offense? We simply do not give energy to anything we are given, whether in criticism or in so-called advice and guidance. The purpose of our earthly life is to become detached from the emotional body or the emotional issues we have around us, to give no energy to anything. Once we do that and we realize that the issues are often another person’s issues, not ours, we stop blaming ourselves. As we give no energy to anything, we also thank the person for bringing to our attention what it was we needed to see and make a mental note to change whatever is needed if we feel we need to do that. Sometimes that comment made can be done in jealousy, past-life feelings, anger, or other so-called negative feelings. However, sometimes the comment or comments can ring true.

Sometimes we can know ourselves and then someone will reiterate it for us. It is still hard to take because it then makes us feel guilty or terrible for not taking it on board ourselves. Whatever you are told by anyone, listen! Listen to the words and then go within to the Higher Self. Listen to the words without the Self feeling sorry for itself and protecting itself. Ask yourself, “Do I need to do something about this?” The truth is that, if you do not and it is something you need to pay attention to, the Universe will find someone to give you the information again. It will not go away.

When you read these words, Thanksgiving will be over for 2009. However, after Thanksgiving ask yourself, “Have I given enough thanks for all I have? Thanks for those who have hurt or harmed me with their words?” Are you able to forgive? I have lost many friends over the years because of my inability to forgive, sometimes over stupid things which have been said. What a waste of energy. Just think what I could have done with the energy I wasted!

Thanksgiving – Continued

I am very lucky my teacher, Maitreya, does not let me get away with anything, and he will bring into my life those I need to show me what I need to learn. Neither will he let me run away. As I sit down for my dinner this Thanksgiving, I will not only have a wonderful dinner with friends, but I will also thank those who have helped me this year to grow and evolve through being honest with me. My Self, of course, does not like it, but my Higher Self is so grateful for it.

Perhaps you would like to do the same? It takes, once again, a very special person to accept criticism, never mind speak it. You know, if we all took criticism with a pinch of salt and not as an offence to our being – never mind our Self – the world would be a much better place. We are all allowed to speak our truth quietly and clearly, but do we? Usually we do not and bottle it all up inside of us. Then it becomes dis-ease and eventually disease. Nobody likes upsetting anyone, but sometimes we ourselves cannot see what we are doing. What is worse is the stubbornness we (who have been criticized ourselves) exhibit in not forgiving or allowing forgiveness. I do know that, if more of us did not take offense at what others say, we would have a more peaceful world.



Message from Maitreya:

From childhood, time and space are considered by the way in which we are taught by parents, surroundings, and – most of all – conditioning. There really is no time or space, only our concept of it, once again placed in the mind by past experiences. When conditioning is removed, when we no longer consider what we have been taught in the past as fact, then we allow ourselves to be free to create our own time and space. The Universe is free of time and space, there is only the Now, and so no restrictions are placed on the planets, stars, and solar systems. All is Now!

If we allow conditioning to leave our lives we find that the body, free of having to respond to a clock or to restriction, is suddenly free to be its own master, and so will start to operate free of conditioning. The natural rhythm of the body, that part of us that, when we were born was pure, untainted by life on earth, will once again become pure and untainted and will start to operate as it should – naturally, without force, and in balance with nature. Our concept of the soul is one of a spiritual appendage attached to the body when, in fact; the soul is a part of the Universe. It has been there from the beginning and will be there forevermore. The body is only a receptacle for that universal energy and the body changes each incarnation or lifetime.

Because space is unlimited and unrestricted we can, if we wish, travel forward or backward in time. We can choose the lifetimes we wish to have incarnations in. Humanity’s thinking is that, if you die in say 2015, then you can if you wish return again in the year 2020. The mind accepts this because this is what we have been taught. It is however, a misconception. Yes, you can die in 2015, but it is possible if you wish to return for another lifetime in 1940, 1910, the 1800s, 1700s, or even before.

When you leave the concept of time behind, then you become incredibly mediumistic and aware intuitively. For many this concept is difficult to understand and many even do not want to accept it. But many are ready to accept it and for them it will open a new door to thinking.