Raising the Vibration – Continued

As I grew older and, especially when I became involved in metaphysics, I began to realize that God is not a “person” but a collective energy of all love. It does not judge, criticize, or blame us; it just accepts us and loves us unconditionally. However, I came to realize that energy also is not responsible for our life on the earth plane. We are responsible and we chose that experience before birth. For me, it was the most important awareness I would have. It meant I could no longer blame anyone for my mistakes, choices, etc. I am the creator of my own reality. I had blamed everyone until then for my life – my father, mother, job situation, family, brother, etc. – but now I could not blame anyone; the blame stopped with me.

It was so hard for me to let go of blaming others, but as time passed I learned to do this. As each situation was faced, whether it was a fear, a doubt, or a belief situation, I would find myself becoming more and more psychic, more and more intuitive. I could actually feel the new energy coursing through my body and, as it did so, I began to de-age. I have photographs of myself from 20 years ago and I look so old. Yet today when I tell people my age, they are shocked as I certainly do not look my age. Of course I have my times when I look terrible – especially after doing a weekend of work in LA which was very demanding physically and emotionally. I had no make-up on; we had taken the car back to the rental company and, as Alan was turning it in, the woman who was doing the inspection said, “Oh, I did not see your mother there, sir.” I will tell you at that moment I felt 70 and probably looked it also. But most of the time I do have a younger look, and of course it is all attributed to the energy I channel.


Raising the Vibration

I have lost count of the number of students I have taught who honestly thought it was just a matter of a few lessons in metaphysics and mediumship, and they would be as adept as I am with the rewards I am currently receiving. I wish it were like that because I would not have had to spend over 25 years learning my craft and facing every kind of fear I had. Of course with the Photon Energy speeding everything up, it is certainly not going to take them as long as it took me and, I have to admit, my abject, terrible fear of the Spirit world slowed me down incredibly. I also had a lot of doubt about what I did and whether I was good enough – which also slowed me down. So many people think it is going to be a bliss situation once you raise the vibration and move forward. When it does not go that way and the going gets tough, so many cannot stand the heat and walk away. I am often asked whether I would do it again – knowing what I know now – and I have to be honest and say, “No, I would not,” because for me it has been a very hard road indeed.

Many souls will not have such a hard road, but for me, there was so much I needed to get out of the way re: karma, fear, lessons etc. that it took me a long time. In the beginning it was very hard to deal with. When I was 5 years of age I was told one night by a discarnate voice, “You will work for God.” I had only just started Sunday school at that time, and God to me was a fearful energy. I was always being told by my Methodist Lay Minister grandfather that I was a sinner and that God would not love me, so how could I work for God? I became frightened to be honest because I did not know when I would be working for God, just that I would be. As childhood unfolded and I learned about Jesus, He was a man I came to love and believe in, whereas God was this very stern father figure who punished you in hell!


Karmic Debt – Final Chapter

In the days before I repaid my karma, the Universe provided all that I needed, but no more. Once the karma was repaid around 1999, life became better for me – especially financially – as more than I needed came in. This enabled me to create Maitreya’s doorway to the world. The creation of his website (www.maitreya-edu.org) was also a karmic debt. I should have done something similar (although not a website) in a past lifetime. My whole life changed once my karma was finished. I, of course, still had lessons to learn – e.g., the issue over the house – which I consider that I miserably failed. However, I have been told by Sister that I have finally learned my lesson.

We have chosen to sell the Australian center as Alan and I cannot get back to Australia to manage it and live there. We both know the future for the time being is in the USA, so as it is taking more money to keep than is coming in (and because our energy is not there), we are selling the property. The price I was given by the realtor was not what I wanted to hear. However, mindful of my lesson and also the present economic climate, I decided to let it go. This time I will be making a small profit on top of what we have put into the property, but of course not what it is really worth. Even the realtor admitted that and has it on the website as undervalued for what it is. I have chosen not to give it any energy; we do not have the time to look after the property and do what we need to do in the USA.

It is time to let it go for now and, once we let go, we can invest the money and one day build the retreat we planned from day one when Alan and I came together. We envision a beautiful retreat on acreage with a small community. So I did not argue, sulk, or have a temper tantrum, I just signed the papers. It is in God’s hands now. Phew! These lessons we have to learn are hard, but at least I have the assistance of those in Spirit to help me see why, how, what and who. Alan and I are so very blessed!

Karmic Debt – Continued

What you do to another is karmic; so is not telling a person something. We think because it is our husband, mother, father, sibling, friend, it does not matter, but it does matter. Very much it matters. Thankfully for both Alan and me, we both had the money to be able to repay the karma. I was told that Alan asked for it before he was born when he was making his plan; the same with me. How many people out there though are the same as Alan and me and do not understand why they are experiencing what they are going through and are continuing to make fresh karma?

Maitreya, my teacher, told me that the purpose of the Masters and the teachings they bring to the earth plane is to help us with situations like this. Once we know and understand the why, how, what, and who of a situation, it makes it so much easier to understand why things are happening. Every day in my work I meet people who are confused about what is happening to them and I am able to assist them to let go of their worries and concerns by telling them of their karmic debts etc. It is just a pity I cannot help myself (LOL)!! Mind you, if I did know it would stop me from learning the lesson the right way – the hard way! Karma is karma, whether it is big or small. Once as a child I stole some items from a store. I was about 12 years old at the time, and did not know what I know now. Over the years, the Universe has found a way for me to repay that karma by having items stolen from my own retail businesses. What goes out, must come back; it is the law of the Universe!


Karmic Debt – Continued

Alan, in repaying his own debt, had set up for me to learn my lessons also! I get very aggravated with myself when this happens because I know I should learn, but with money issues I somehow seem to keep creating the same lesson. Maitreya told me a long time ago to let go and not worry about anything; not to question either. That is a waste of energy and stops the flow of energy. So what had I recently done? Exactly the opposite. However it got me really thinking about the concept of karma and how even little things are karmic.

Maitreya had also told me during one of our conversations about karma between man and wife and that, if a woman took something without telling her husband about it, it was stealing. It became blocked and secretive instead of the energy being able to flow (as in telling of the event), not moving. He has taught me so much about energy over the years, but this information seemed so relevant. He told me that the Universe and we, before we are born, choose to repay the karmic debt. Sometimes we lose what we have but, as Maitreya said, it is only taken away temporarily so that we may learn lessons. However, it is always returned. Only when we have learned the lesson can it be returned back to the way it was.

I thought of all of the people learning lessons about money in this incarnation (including me) and how, once they have learned the lesson, the payback begins. Yet so many people do not know that and just insist of being dramatic about the whole thing, or not being able to forget or, like me, just feeling the loss and not looking as to why? They also do not realizing that, once they do learn what they need to know, what they have lost in some way will be replaced!