Just Stuff! – Continued

It never ceases to amaze me how many people put the Masters on a pedestal, and yet they (the Masters) have told me they are just teachers. They just have more knowledge than we do. When I first worked with Maitreya, the man who helped me to learn about him and the Masters in the world of Spirit was a Theosophist. He had been trained in the ways of Theosophy which, even 17 years ago, was dying out because of its old-fashioned ideas. It was a shame really because great buildings had been built to house these Theosophical Societies, but they were empty most of the time, and very few people wanted to explore the belief system.

Maitreya educated my then-partner in a completely new way of thinking. He told him that he did not want to be known by the name “Lord.” Who is Maitreya to give himself a title and put himself above others? He is a teacher, and then over the next ten years taught my partner and myself about the world of Spirit as it is, not as we idealize it or take from another source. It was wonderful teaching, but certainly show the Masters as normal energies with a penchant for enjoying their life in Spirit, with great senses of humor (which do not upset or ridicule another), and with such energy and optimism! They are amazing energies, but if you meet a channel who insists that they channel a “LORD,” please be wary and ask yourself, “Does this feel right?” For me – and this is my truth – anyone who gives themselves a title such as that is not true to themselves. If you are truly true to yourself, you do not need a title or need to be anyone special. If you can do this and be without ego, your energy to work with others in a metaphysical way can be awesome. The energy alone announces your presence, you do not need anything else.


The Masters – Part 2

We wanted to work with the churches. We saw the movement as a wonderful door to communication, but Madam Blavatsky looked upon the churches as foolish and isolated herself from them. She was a headstrong woman, very strong and determined. The Self took command and, what we had sent her to do, she did not do. She informed people that we lived in the Himalayas, she refused to accept that she herself was a medium, and she isolated herself even further from those who were mainstream spiritual. Creating a mystique for herself, she made many enemies and she was not without a few tricks to surprise people. She became adept at magic and “manifested” items to show the level of her skill.

While this was happening we could only watch with horror as our emissary twisted our words, lied abominably about meeting us in the flesh, and wrote many words of untruth in her books. We were powerless to stop her. This incredibly gifted medium, who we had hoped would take our words to the people, became more and more a recluse, and our purpose did not come to fruition.

She wrote books, but these books were so complicated that hardly anyone could understand them. Our missive to her that she make things simple so that people could understand her fell on deaf ears. We never did get to the masses. Even today, her books are still not understood by many. What a waste of energy, and what a waste of talent.

When Madam Blavatsky died and returned to the spiritual world, she was very upset when she saw what she had done. Like all souls she had to see her whole life – and its consequences – before she could move on into her true home. She begged for a second chance, and so it was decided that she would be given that chance, to again return to the earth plane with our message. This time she insisted she would get it right but, to make sure that she did not get too “heavy” and technical again, we made sure that she found it hard to use the left side of her brain. But we also made her more intuitive than she had been before. Since her passing into the spiritual realms the society she founded, The Theosophical Society, has published thousands of books, all of them based on or containing some of her information. They did not realize that the information was wrong.


Just Stuff! – Continued

Think about it, really! Think about all the times you have had to face something and you have either put it off or run away from it! Can you really run away? Of course you cannot. Our astrological transits bring it back over and over for us to face again. Sometimes the spaces in the transits are only a couple of months – sometimes years – but we cannot escape. If we do not face it in this life, then we have it to do all over again. In the beginning I was one who ran away, but finally I realized that I had to face my fear and dislike of things. When I did, I realized it was not as hard as I thought it was.

People say to me, “But you are Margaret McElroy,” as if I am some super-human or something. I say back, “So what, I am just like you. I was just as scared as you, had low self-esteem, lack of confidence, etc., like you, but I tried to get ahead of it and managed to do it. I am a better person for it as well.” I don’t know why we put people on pedestals and look in awe upon those who are famous. They, as I often say, have to wipe their bottom the same as you and probably pick their nose also. Sorry about that, but we do not see that about those we put in awe. I used to be in awe of the Queen of England when I was growing up, until one day a friend told me she did exactly the same as I did, she just did it in a palace! It really brought home to me the reality of her situation. I just happen to be very good at what I do. I am in actual awe of myself most of the time as I sit there channeling information which I have no knowledge of personally. However, I am just the same as you. Over the years my study and, of course I have to say it, Maitreya’s teaching, has enabled me to be as good as I am.


The Masters – Part 1

Over one hundred years ago we, the Ascended Masters, contacted a Russian woman who was extremely intuitive and aware. This lady’s name was Madam Blavatsky, and through the intuitive process we gave her the task of introducing us to the earth plane. We felt it was the right time to introduce ourselves and to spread the word about us in the spiritual realms to the people of earth.

Madam Blavatsky was guided to many religions – especially the eastern ones – and, from the Sanskrit writings of India and many other teachings, she became aware of the purpose of the Creator and of the future of humankind.

We asked her to make her teachings simple because her words were meant to be conveyed to the world. Most people in those days did not have a lot of learning. The upper echelons of society of course did, but the majority of souls were working class.

Madam Blavatsky did try to make it simple, but she got carried away with her communications with us and with her inner feelings. She had a very strong Self which took control many times, changing the communications we gave her to suit itself. She smoked tobacco constantly which also stopped the messages from us from getting through clearly as her aura was not clean because of the constant smoking. She also became aware of the Spiritual Church movement and became very concerned that she would be likened to them.


Just Stuff!

After I finish a blog, I think to myself, “What can I write about next?” A few days later I am told – or have a knowing – of what to write. Then I get the title for it. However, I have feeling that this next blog is going to be what I term a rambler – a bit of everything all over the place – so hence, the title, “Just Stuff.” So many of you wrote and told me how much you enjoyed my blog on channeling and working with Maitreya. I must admit, it is fascinating, and I am in awe sometimes that I do it and that I have come so far with the gift I did not know I had. It never fails to surprise me that so many people do not know what they are here to do and, when they do know, they are so frightened of it. It is so difficult for me in a reading to tell people their destiny, only to have them say they hate it, or do not want to do it, or tried it and it failed! Gosh, I tried twice to create a healing center before having success the third time, and even then it was a struggle to get it off the ground, although it became very successful in time.

My whole life has been a struggle, but I would not change it one bit, because each struggle has been a learning time for me, and it is one less learning time I have to come back and do. I am a great believer that, what you do not complete on this earth plane in one incarnation, you come back to learn in another. As an astrologer, I can see it not only in the natal chart of a person, but also intuitively as part of their soul pattern. I just thank the Universe that I have been able to learn what I have and moved forward.