Understanding Spirit – Continued

I did not need books to teach me. I was experiencing and being taught on a daily basis by Maitreya, my teacher. He is such a beautiful energy, yet he can be very teacher-like at times when I make “boo boo’s” as I called them. In the beginning, of course, my belief system was what I had been taught through Sunday School and church. Maitreya taught me a different way, a completely unbiased, loving way – unconditional. He not only taught me, but also my husband at that time. Both of us benefited from the teaching; he changed his old Theosophical thinking and, for myself, my Christian thinking. I was allowed to experience so many wonderful experiences and visited their world many times.

I remember one such experience where I was in an audience while a man who to me looked like Jesus (all of the Masters resemble him in a way) was teaching. He suddenly looked up, pointed my way, and said, “Ask the young woman to come forward.” I wondered who he was talking about until the soul sitting next to me told me it was me whom the teacher was talking about. I looked at the teacher and he indicated for me to stand up. He then told everyone gathered that I was a soul from the earth plane who had gone there to teach and had come home for some further instruction. Everyone in the audience stood up and clapped and cheered. I felt so embarrassed! I came back into my body then, but it was quite an experience, mainly because at that time I did not see myself as worthy. As always when I returned to my body after one of these experiences, I questioned them so much. “Was this my imagination or reality?” Oh boy, did I question what I went through! I had many such experiences during my training.


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