Why? – Continued

I have always believed there is a “dark side,” the opposite to the light. The dark side operate on fear, doubt, and all the negative emotions, whereas the light side works on upliftment, positivity, and making things better for the world. I used to be very manipulated by the dark side because I had fear. If you have any fear, then the dark side can use that to keep you a prisoner to that fear. The person who wrote to me wrote about the USA being controlled by the military, martial law, and made insinuations that I would be “dodging bullets” very soon. Had I had fear, I would have been on the first plane out to Australia. I will tell you, this e-mail was really bad. But I have no fear. I know things are bad here in the USA now and will be for some time to come. I have no fear of being shot at nor of being killed. I have said many times that I used to have a fear of this, but I no longer do. If it is to be, it will be, but astrologically I know I am not destined to court bullets now or in the future.

I have looked at my astrology chart for a long way ahead. I thought though about those who had written to me in the last few weeks – those in Europe who fear civil war and fear the downfall of the world as it is. I wondered what I could do for those people. I realized that while they have their fear, I can do nothing. As Maitreya stated, “There have always been ‘bad’ happenings in the world.” In my 62 years on this earth plane, there have been numerous wars, natural disasters, and deaths. Some of these events have been so tragic and huge, yet the earth plane is still going strong and, in my belief system, is getting better and better on a spiritual level with more and more people wanting to know about life on a more metaphysical level.


Why? – Part 1

On many occasions during my public channelings I have been asked the purpose of my being on the earth plane at this period of earth time. “After all,” it has been asked, “there are so many teachers and channels already.” I would agree with the last statement but point out to you that there are also many souls on the earth plane.

In the writing on Truth, I wrote about everyone being an individual, about finding his or her own path. Everyone has their spiritual teacher. Some find it in Sai Baba, others in Christianity, some in the Baha’i Faith, others in other faiths or people. You have a saying on your earth plane that, when a pupil is ready, then a teacher is found. I am a teacher and my school is the world through the internet and through personal contact with my helper, Margaret. Many call me “The World Teacher,” and that is all I am. That is what I have been called in the past. In the past I have spoken through many on this earth plane, however, it is Margaret who I now work and speak through. We chose to work together many incarnations ago but she did not always listen to my words, preferring instead to follow her own Self. Only in this incarnation has she listened and followed the way of us in the spiritual realms.



I recently received an e-mail from a past colleague of mine who ranted on about what was going to happen to the USA in the future. This person also provided a link to an article which further reiterated the e-mail. Years ago, this kind of e-mail would have frightened me because my thinking was like everyone else’s – very negative, doom and gloom etc. It also would have instilled fear into me. The person wrote that I should return to Australia, that Australia and New Zealand would be the only countries with any semblance of normality in the future. When this e-mail arrived, I was very surprised at my reaction because I had no fear whatsoever. She who had so much fear until four years ago, no longer had any. The person who wrote me wrote about martial law, curfews, financial ruin for the USA, and for everyone in it. It was, to say the least, a very negative e-mail and one which, if one had any fear, would make one want to run and hide under a bush and never come out.

It made me think though of a number of e-mails which I had received during the week asking me about the future, and from people listening and reading information on the Internet purporting to come from Masters and those in Spirit warning of dire things happening in the future around the world. As I was thinking about this, my teacher, Maitreya, came in and said to me, “Do you think we would hold you in fear? Our intention is to uplift you, remove fear and have you live a full and happy life.” Yes, things happen which you would term “negative,” but you are the creators of your own reality. If you want the negative, you just have to draw it into your energy by thinking of it and having fear.” I knew he was speaking the truth, but it also made me realize how much of what is purported to come from the Spirit world is, in fact, from people’s fear.


Understanding Spirit – Final Chapter

When I look back from 1992 to now, it has been an amazing experience. I feel so lucky to have gone through that time and, more than anything else, to have the teacher I have. Of course, I know also I needed that teacher to enable me to leave behind some ingrained belief systems and a whole load of fear. Someone asked me the other day, “Do you still doubt what I get and see?” There are times when I do – when I am tired and worn out, when what I experience seems so far-fetched. Yet, I also have a trove of memories of visits “home” and of experiences I cannot question. However, I am human and live in the world, of the world.

The one thing that Maitreya taught me is never to feel embarrassed or guilty, because I do question. It is human to question. But I must always allow the Higher Self part of me to give me the answers, not the Self part of me, because the Self part of me will always try to justify its actions, whereas the Higher Self part of me, will not. It just is and does not need to justify itself. Although I channel a “master teacher” I am human. I am not a Master myself and have never acknowledged being so. I make mistakes and I sometimes say the wrong thing. For some reason, there are people who expect that, if you work for a Master teacher, you are just like them – perfect!! I am sorry to say that I am not perfect and I don’t think I ever will be on this earth plane. Yes, I channel, and yes, I was born to do it, but I am Margaret, not Maitreya, and as such I am trying to perfect myself. Perhaps one day I will be perfect, but until then I will keep learning and trying to understand the world of Spirit. I learn something new every day. If you would like to have further communications such as this, please let me know. I have a wealth of unpublished information inside of me.

Understanding Spirit – Continued

Maitreya told me that they do not address people as “My beloved” or words of that nature. He said these words had been used by people who thought this is what and how Spirit beings should speak. He said that if I ever experienced a channeling where the energy spoke like that, I was not to believe it. He said they are just like us. In fact, he said they are better than us because there is no Self in their world. They are happier and can really have fun and enjoy their lives more than we who are tied down by the ego and life conditioning. I was able on my visits to the next world to see that this is true.

The most amazing thing for me was to see children returning home – children who had completed their life lessons and, after spending time in rest, becoming adults again. Another amazing sight was seeing the Halls of Learning where souls can go and learn all about the earth plane, about life here in every country; from the language, to the customs, to the history. Of how each soul creates their own earth plane reality. But more than anything, how the Master teachers help us to learn the life lessons we need to learn. They, in turn, have people who help them who are closer to the earth plane, assistants who are with us during our incarnation to help us to have the experience.

I also learned that one has to ask for assistance. We cannot assume they know what we need. We need to verbalize it first, then they can find the solution for us and help us. I remember the past-life leg pain I experienced which I wrote about in an earlier blog, and having years of it, only to finally say to Spirit, “I cannot stand this anymore; you have to help me” to find that a few days later the pain disappeared, never to return. Was it time for it to end or did they help me? I don’t suppose I will ever know. It is not important. I am free of pain. That is all that is important.