The Dead Zone

One of the things many people do not know about me is that I love to gamble. Yes!! I gamble. However I only gamble one thing, and that is with the slots! I have enjoyed them since they, in a way, saved my life in 1975. I was a new arrival in Australia and had a job with a pathologist as his receptionist. He was from South Africa, then a country of much scorn in Australia. A few months after I started working, the pathologist decided to go home to South Africa and closed his office. He paid me my salary and I took it to the bank and deposited it. Through some oversight then, the teller allowed me to draw on the money which was actually forbidden. A week later I received a letter in the mail informing me that the check had bounced and I owed the bank $50AUD. I did not have that kind of money. It was a lot of money in those days. They gave me a week to pay it back. I had no idea how I would do it.

That weekend my husband and I had a night out which was pre-paid each week at his work. We saved so much a week – just a small amount like $5AUD – and after 10 weeks we had dinner and a show at a club. The afternoon of the night of the dinner I lay on the bed and begged God to help me repay the $50AUD. I was not metaphysical then either, but I did believe in God. That night after dinner while waiting for the show to begin, I saw a slot machine at the club. I did not even have 10 cents to play with, so I borrowed it from a friend of my then-husband. I put the 10 cents into the machine, and it came out of the reject slot. But, as I pulled the handle (and they had handles in those days), I got a payout from the machine. I did it again and it happened again. When it came time for the show, I told my husband to go alone and he did. I kept playing the machine. I gave the 10 cents back I had borrowed and began playing with my own money. I played until my husband came out from the show. I had money in my pockets, handbag, purse – all of it in coins. When my husband joined me he started taking the money also. At 10 PM I had such a strong feeling to stop playing. My husband wanted me to continue but it felt right to stop. Even our taxi ride home had been paid for, and so we left for home.

Once we got home, we turned all the money out onto a table and counted it. It came to $50AUD not a cent less or more. It was amazing. We had the money we needed, and the following Monday it was placed in the bank and the debt paid. Every time from then on when I played the slots, I would always win. Often they would be small amounts – $20 – $40AUD – but nevertheless always needed by this mum of two children who struggled to live on one wage coming in. Of course this happened only once or twice a year. It was not until I began to earn money that I started to play the slots more earnestly. It became a form of recreation for me, and I never abused the finances. I always knew when to stop.

In Australia there are a lot of returned servicemen’s clubs where one can see a show, have a drink, play the slots etc. When I traveled the country I would find these clubs a wonderful way of relaxing at the end of a show or a week of readings. Once I started visiting the USA as a tourist, I loved the Indian Casinos and, of course, Las Vegas. I visited Vegas each time I came when I could; once actually doing a Brotherhood course there (the third course in the Masters set of courses). When I showed surprise at doing it in Vegas, Maitreya said, “What better place to demonstrate illusion, (which was the subject of the course I was teaching) than the city of illusion?” I loved the energy of Vegas, the excitement. However, a year ago I visited there and it seemed different. I could not get into the slots like I used to. I put it down to my raising my vibration. By now I was winning quite successfully and would often go home with a profit of $800 – $1000 US. It was not because I was not winning!

Recently I visited again after an absence of about a year. I could not believe how I felt. Vegas was dead with Vegas capital letters in neon – dead!! There was no energy; the hotel seemed dark and depressing. I played the slots and there was no enjoyment. Yes, I did win again, but it was like being in a ghost town. To be honest I wanted to return home early, but because I win a lot (and play a lot), the hotel room and the favors which came with it were complimentary. So we chose to stay the three nights which was what had been offered. On our leaving, the taxi driver who took us to the airport told us that 100,000 workers had been laid off by the casinos. The taxi drivers all over Vegas were desperate, many losing their jobs, houses, using up all of their savings because the recession was biting hard into the casino takings for shows, the slots, meals etc. A few days after coming home, I told a friend I felt Vegas would never get back to the way it was – ever. I felt it would become a ghost town. The next day a friend in New Zealand Skyped me and told me she felt Vegas was going to become a ghost town. This friend is a professional astrologer and psychic.

There is one good thing though and that is that, 15 minutes from where we live, they have built a new Indian casino. If I want to play in the future, I will be able to sleep in my own bed and not have to get onto a plane to have a little fun. I hope I am wrong about Vegas, but somehow I do not think I am. It is such a shame, but like everything else it is in the process of change. Just how it will change? This is the million dollar question.

New Beginnings

I watched on January 20th as Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the USA. As an Australian living in the USA, I have never in the past been interested in politics, but since Obama said he was going to stand for President, I knew he would win! A friend told me that, 4 years ago, Maitreya, my teacher, had told him that very soon we would have a black President. I don’t remember being told that by Maitreya or my friend at the time, but I knew when I heard him announce his candidacy. The fact that he was Abraham Lincoln in a past life also has a lot to do with it.

Maitreya told me that he was Lincoln reincarnated, just after Barack Obama announced his intention to run. For those who do not know it, Maitreya is a teacher from the world of Spirit who has led and guided me successfully for almost 19 years to the most amazing life, and success. Through me he has also helped thousands to find a better life. Barack Obama has Chiron, an incredible planet/asteroid (some say Chiron is an asteroid, some say it is a planet – it was discovered in 1977) in the first house of his natal chart. Having his Chiron there, interprets that he has come to heal the world. It is interesting that I have my Chiron there, and in a way, with Maitreya, I have done the same with the website and with the teaching and readings I have done since being with him. Chiron in the 1st house is associated with not only healing the planet, but with great things. One cannot say that Barack Obama does not display those qualities.

When Barack Obama started talking about Lincoln in the way he did and started referencing him, I knew on a subconscious level that he was connecting with the past life, although he did not realize it. However, when I told Duncan Campbell, a radio host from Boulder Colorado, about Barack being Lincoln reincarnated, he almost fell off his chair because 2 years prior to my statement, Duncan had been told by an Indian Guru that Obama was the reincarnation of Lincoln!

We were at the airport watching the inauguration, flying to LA. I found myself, an Australian with no interest in USA politics, actually crying when Barack was sworn in. I just did not understand this. However, Maitreya came in and informed me that it was because he is a great man, and I was also crying because Lincoln had returned, and also because I knew on a deep subconscious level that finally the prophet had come, to make the changes in the world. Watching everyone else cry in the crowd and around him, I could see I was not the only one.

Here is a man who deeply loves his wife, so there will be no philandering. I will tell you, there will not. He is a family man who knows how important family is for structure in our lives and a man who understands people both black and white. He is a man committed to peace, and who loves humanity as much as he loves himself and his family. It did not matter that I was an Australian, I was living in the United States of America, and was now in effect an American. It made me want to become a citizen, which I have never wanted to do before.

Barack Obama has a huge job ahead of him. It will not be easy, but will he do it? Yes he can!! It will be interesting to see what transpires in the next few years. But more than anything, the USA has a President who will do all he can to be one with the people, understanding their needs, and a truly new age guy!


I feel very optimistic about 2009. Despite the economic situation, the forecasts of unemployment, businesses closing, etc., I still feel very optimistic. It was a feeling that came over me the first week in January as I was watching all the “doom and gloom” on TV. I suddenly had a warm feeling inside of me and wanted to say “It is not going to be as bad as 2008.” I do not know why I feel this way, but I do. It is bringing long sought-after change to not only the USA, but to so many other countries around the world. Change we need. On many of the radio interviews I have done since the New Year, I have stated what I have written above, that I do feel 2009 is the year of change. I also feel it will be the middle of 2010 before we see any change financially in a positive way. Will it still be tough? You betcha! The new US President will have his hands full in many areas of government, but he is a man of truth, he has high standards, and he loves the USA so much.

I have every confidence in him as a leader. I am still an Australian citizen, but I live and am a permanent resident now in the USA. He is my leader, despite my not being able to vote for him, and my not being a citizen. So much has been written about people wanting to assassinate him. Like many Presidents before him, he is vulnerable to this. However, I feel he will be so well protected it is unlikely and, even if he were attacked, I feel he will survive. He has already taken one assassination in a past life as Abraham Lincoln, but this time around, he has to finish the job he was not able to do as “Honest Abe.”

In Australia they have seen an upsurge in people learning to cook, learning how to make their own clothes, making do, shopping at thrift stores, and cutting down expenses on things they do not need. I can see that happening here also. I went through a recession in 1982. I lost everything I had apart from my furniture, and even then I ended up giving most of it away as a three-bedroom home did not fit into a small, two-bedroom apartment, and nobody wanted to buy it. It was a terrible time for me. I was married and had two children, but I coped. I had never had to go through a time like it before, but it is amazing what one can do if one has to do it. In my case, I had to do it. I could also do it again. I became stronger within myself for doing so. I learned so much during that time.

We can all do one of two things, feel sorry for ourselves and blame everyone and everything for our troubles and woes or, know that there are no accidents, everything is as it should be, cope as best we can, and get on with life. More than anything, do not worry about the future! The Universe knows what we need and, if we allow it to do so, it will bring it into our lives.

In 1983, I had one dress to my name and a pair of slippers. I had lost nearly all I held dear. As far as I was concerned God had let me down, there was no God. However, God chose to show me so many things that year. He showed me I could cope. I could feed a family of four on a quarter of what I had spent and everyone was spending per week on their grocery costs. God chose to show me how little I really needed in my life. He also showed me I had a lot of pride, as people came forward to assist me and I had to let go of pride and accept that help. I learned so much and more during that whole experience.

Today, I am a woman of means as one would put it. I have security financially, a beautiful home, a wonderful career, and an incredible husband. I am at peace in my life. However, I would not be where I am today without that 1983 experience. It taught me not to live on credit, and to this day, although I have a credit card, I pay it off every month. It allowed me to see that living in debt is not the place for me. One cannot save or move forward if one is steeped in debt, paying off accounts one should not have bought in the first place.

I have come a long way since 1983, a long, long way. However I have not forgotten anything I learned during that time, and I hope I never will. If I can get through a time like that, then anyone can. I turned it into an adventure. It can either be an adventure or it can be a disaster. If you are the same as I was all those years ago, which do you want it to be?

If you would like to ask a question about what is happening now, I would be only too pleased to answer it for you. Suze Orman also has a wonderful book out about what we need to know financially for 2009. It is in paperback at most supermarkets and book stores. Remember, you and you alone are the creator of your own reality. Make it a great reality!!