Message from Maitreya:

When was the last time you really laughed? Many people show surprise when, in my teaching, I speak of the great fun we have in our world and the amount of laughter we have. It is the backbone of our world, and those who cannot laugh and who do not have a good sense of humor have to learn it once they come home again after death.

Laughter was meant to clear the chakra system. A good laugh, from deep down inside the body can be as healing as that from a very powerful healer. Many of you on the earth plane have forgotten how to laugh, never mind how important it is for your health and wellbeing. The deeper you laugh – especially if it brings tears to your eyes – can be so powerful as a healing tool.

Try not to be so serious; humanity is so serious in this day and age. If you already have health problems, try to laugh as much as you can. You will find this so healing and so helpful to your healing process. The more you laugh, the more you heal.



I am coming up for my 4th Thanksgiving and for my 5th Christmas in the USA. My first Christmas was in 2004 when I returned to the USA with Alan, and my first thanksgiving was the next year. When I lived in Australia, I looked upon Thanksgiving as just another holiday in the USA. Since being here, however, I have come to see it as a very special meal and a special day. I do not know whether others feel the way I do or even act the way I do, but for the week before Thanksgiving, I think about all the things I am thankful for. The list begins with one or two things but, as Thanksgiving gets closer, the list gets longer and longer.

I do try to be thankful every day for the many blessings I have, but for some reason the week before Thanksgiving is for me a special time. I cannot believe that I, an Australian, would be so affected by this American tradition. As for Christmas, I do not celebrate the Christian celebration of Jesus’ birth, but I do celebrate the holiday season. I was born in England and so for the first 28 years of my life, Christmas was always cold – so cold, that we would have to dig ourselves out of our driveway most Christmases because the snow was so thick. My memory is filled with pictures of my sled, the socks my mother saved, darned, and two or three pairs worn like mittens for throwing snowballs, chestnuts roasting on our fire, and a beautiful dinner each year – usually a goose or duck with chicken.

Then I went to Australia and, what a culture shock! Christmas was 40 degrees Celsius (104◦ F.), sticky and hot. It was difficult cooking a hot meal, but somehow we did it, trying not to faint in the heat of the kitchen with no air conditioning. (One year I did faint, but by hell or high water we were going to have our hot dinner which was roast pork that year.) The Christmas tree looked strange in a hot, Australian summer. One bought chocolate for the children, only to have a melted mess once one got home. I thought I had seen the last of a cold Christmas until 2004 when I came to the USA and had a very special Christmas with snow.

Since then, Christmas has been cold, and so wonderful. Do I miss the Australian Christmas? Yes, I miss being with my family, but that is all. However, with the advent of Skype, I can see my grandchildren open their presents on Christmas day in Australia and I can talk to my family and my friends. The Internet has brought us all so much closer. However, I do not miss the heat and humidity, the summer storms, and the attempts to cook a hot meal on a very hot Christmas day.

For me, I am thankful I have Alan at my side, my beautiful family in Australia, and the opportunity to have so many souls in the Spirit world to help me on this earth plane. I have food in my cupboard, a roof over my head, and a beautiful cat who is a wonderful companion. I have clothes on my back and in my closet. I have the opportunity to live in the USA and still be able to go back to Australia to visit friends and family. It goes on and on; I could fill a page with my blessings.

This Thanksgiving, think of your blessings. You may not think you have many, but we all have many. If one detaches and steps outside of our daily life with all its stress and worry, we can see a lot of very positive things about our life. Why not, like me, sit down and write down every one of your blessings? You will be so very surprised at how many you have and what you have to be thankful about.


A short extract about “Mirrors” taken from The Sixth Sense Radio Show, with Margaret and Alan McElroy.


Election in the USA

Well, I am pleased I was right with Obama becoming President elect. Actually, my teacher from the world of Spirit, Maitreya, told a friend of mine in 2004 that very soon there would be a black President (this guy is black) and he was spot on. I knew all along he would win. Why did I know this? Because Barack Obama has Chiron in the first house of his natal astrological chart. It is a very special placement because, first of all, it means the person has come to work with God, and second, has come to heal the wounds of the earth plane. They have to heal their own wounds first though, and Barack Obama has done just that.

He will make an awesome President and one day will be looked upon as an incredible man who brought healing to the world. Before that though, he has much work to do, and it will affect each and every one of us. The black community is in shock because we now have a black President – one like themselves – and hopefully his presence will bring respect and self-love to those who are black or who have black genes within them. One cannot believe that only 50 years ago segregation was common, and a black person was looked upon as a second-class citizen.

I said on our radio show (The Sixth Sense) that John McCain did not do a good job in his campaign; neither did Sarah Palin. I cannot forget the policeman in one of Sarah Palin’s rallys who stood up in his uniform like a Gestapo soldier and called Barack Obama “Barack Hussein Obama” as if he were a Middle Eastern terrorist. You know you can fool yourself and others as much as you want, but you cannot fool God, or whatever you call that energy known as God by many. There are rules of the Universe which each one of us needs to become aware of. You do not call another names, gossip about another, or denigrate another (we call this slagging in Australia.) Despite their name, religion, faith, color of their skin, or political leanings, one accepts the uniqueness of that person, no matter what or who they are.

John McCain put fear into people; so did Sarah Palin, but it did not work. Why? Because American citizens have lived in fear for so long. The Photon Energy (see the website to order the book) along with the energy of Chiron is assisting in removing fear from the planet. It is interesting that the evening of writing this blog, Barack Obama, said he had been reading the writings of Lincoln. I had to laugh. He was Lincoln in a previous life and is just reading his own words written all those years ago. It is interesting that John McCain was John Wilkes Booth, the man who killed him, and in this lifetime he came back to put him back on the throne (so-to-speak) from where he was knocked off! In other words, he repaid the karma and put him back in power. His anger and his frustration from the past came out during the campaign, and this time he enabled Lincoln (Obama) to – in a sense – come alive again.

My teacher, Maitreya, taught me astrology in a very unique way, in an esoteric (spiritual way) direction, and I thank him and Spirit for that, because I can see so much in the astrology charts of Obama and Biden that enable me to be so accurate with my predictions. “Hold on to your hats.” as Bette Davis once said, “It is going to be a bumpy ride.” But oh, is it going to be a wonderful ride, one that will bring much change and healing to the world, a change which is long overdue!

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi and Welcome to my Blog! I used to love writing the newsletter for the website over the years, and now I not only have the chance to write newsletters still, but also to write this blog. Alan and I have just been overseas to Australia, catching up with the center there, and seeing the work and improvements which have been done in our absence. I cannot believe that center has been open now for 5 years, and is extremely busy and popular. I also taught a private Masters course while I was there. The students have an incredible future in the metaphysical world in the future.

As I write, the US election is in full swing and, after studying the charts of all the candidates, my intuition tells me it will be a win for Barack Obama. On the day of the election he has Venus, planet of good things in his 10th house of the public and success in the public arena. His VP, Joe Biden, should also get the rewards for many years (29 to be exact) of hard work, and learning to do it the way of Spirit. It is reward time for him also. It will be interesting to see how it pans out!

This election has been an eye opener for me, to see just how low people will go to denigrate another, how fear is used to control or manipulate the vote. Quite amazing. It will be interesting to see, as time passes, if what has been promised by the politicians comes about and how it will affect the USA and the rest of the world. We are in a huge change at this time, and it will have an effect on all of us as we go forward. You know that it has been predicted for some time that the year 2012 is the end of the world. But as Maitreya, the teacher I work with, has told me, yes, it is, but the end of the world as we know it. We then go into a whole new beginning for our world. Bring it on I say!!