Difficult Times

Message from Maitreya:

Recent happenings in the financial world have brought a lot of fear out in people’s lives, yet, these times have been forecast for some earth time; it was just a matter of “when?” I say this, because all that happens on the earth plane happens according to astrological timing and sometimes, because of the choices people make, it may not happen at all. Financial woe has been predicted by many since before the year 2000, but it did not occur then. Now it is happening.

Why is this? People say it is because of greed in the business community, and one cannot say it did not play a part. However, it is happening because the earth plane is going through a massive change, and part of that change is the financial situation. Yet, you should not fear it. Change is always progress, the old dying away and the new coming in. You cannot, once it has started, tell it to go away. Like a forest fire cleansing the land for new growth, so what is happening now is time for new growth. Everyone is playing their part in this growth; no blame can be put on any one person or event.

Much has been said of the Mayan Calendar and the ending of the world in 2012. Yes, it is the ending of the world as we know it — especially financially — but it is also the birth of a whole new system for the future of the earth plane.

It is interesting that one of the candidates for the U.S. Presidential election, Barack Obama, has Chiron in the first house of his natal chart. Many wonder at his energy and why he is so different. It is because of his Chiron. He has dealt with his own past demons (as he has stated a number of times) and now, as is the case with Chiron, the wounded healer, he is ready to assist the world with theirs! Whether he is voted in as President or not — and it is once again open to the choice of those who have the voting right — one has not seen anything of the capabilities of this man.

Do not fear change. Fear will only block the flow of good energy coming into your energy. Embrace it, for it is meant to bring a whole new energy into the earth plane, one different from any seen before. The less fear you have, the easier it will be to assimilate the energy and move forward to a better way of life.