But Aren’t You Special?

Recently Alan and I went through a very intense and upsetting experience. There was a lot of learning that we both had to do from the experience, and we really did do some learning. I have to admit that, for two days, I went through a dark tunnel, questioning my belief system in everything and also God itself!! When I came out of the abyss, one of our staff said that my energy had changed and was a lot stronger. I was affecting her chakra system very strongly with my energy; a few other people mentioned it also.

Alan and I mentioned something about this experience on our radio show, and a flurry of e-mails arrived asking “But didn’t Maitreya warn you?” “But aren’t you special?” “Why did this happen to you at your level of vibration?” and other such questions. I had to admit that I was asking myself these questions. But then, as I sat contemplating them, the most incredible peace came over me. It was a physical sensation and also a feeling of deep inner peace accompanied by the awareness that, no, I am not special. I am the channel of a teacher who is trying to assist me to raise my vibration. The fact that I bring the message of this energy to others doesn’t make me special; I am just the typist for him.

I am also on the earth plane to learn many lessons and, although I have worked through a lot of my issues, I still – as shown by the experience I went through – have a few left still not learned. When I could see the experience as a learning tool, stepped out of the emotional body and the Self, and accepted what had happened without asking why, how, what and who, I could see the learning quite clearly. Although my Self wanted to blame everything and everyone, my Higher Self said, “What a waste of energy; move on,” and that is what I did. I began to see the whole experience as a challenge, started counting the blessings I do have, and stopped moaning about what had happened.

Alan was able to do the same, and we both could see the higher purpose in the whole experience. We are all challenged every day, and we all go through painful experiences. For me this had been a painful experience, but it taught both of us so much. Hopefully, we have become better people because of it. As Maitreya said to me when I finally communicated with him, “You will never stop learning,” and I am at peace with that.

I looked at my blessings and found I have so many of them. I am so lucky. What I personally went through was a hiccup in my life. So many people at the time of this writing are having their world pulled from under them, losing their jobs, housing, even their lives. The next time you find yourself challenged, look at your blessings. You will be amazed at how many you have.

The New Book

Message from Maitreya:

I have watched for a number of earth years as my channel, Margaret, has wanted to tell the world about the Photon Energy and its role in the world today. In 2007, she began writing a book after reading an article on “Dark Energy” and after talking with me. Finally, it is time on the earth plane to get the message out to the people. The book has finally been published and is now available for those who are interested in its message. This book could not have been published before this time because there was no proof written about this phenomenon. However, thanks to an article in a Sunday newspaper magazine; people can read about this energy and its effect on the earth plane.

The message of the book is to have no fear. Yes, it is happening and it is bringing change, but if one is educated about the energy and what it is doing — the medical symptoms and the general knowledge about it — then one should have no concerns about it. The book is available through my channel’s website, www.MargaretMcElroy.com. It is a simple book, very easy to understand; our request was for a book that anyone could read.

The earth plane is in a very important phase of its existence at this earth time. Humanity now has something which will educate them on this very important energy.


The Photon Energy

Well, I finally have it published. The Photon Energy book is finally published and ready for the public. I wondered if I would ever get the information out there, but I finally did. It is a book about all aspects of the energy affecting the earth plane at the moment and which is causing a lot of problems for a lot of people. I had quite a few very good radio interviews in Canada and the USA about the phenomenon and once again got the message out there. The book is available from the online store (www.MargaretMcElroy.com) and also as a workshop which we did early in 2008 that you can download from the online store.

So many people have written to me and expressed their thanks for doing the workshop as many of them have had the symptoms the energy is creating, many of them going to the doctor and not being believed or thought to be hypochondriacs. Most of them are just normal people, certainly not the kind of people who imagine ailments and body pain. I feel personally that this book would make a great gift and will give people a lot of information about the Photon Energy. I hope those of you who buy the book really enjoy it.