Am I the Anti-Christ?

Message from Maitreya:

Recently on a radio show, my channel Margaret was asked if I, Maitreya, am the Anti-Christ? Margaret very bravely defended this statement. However, I am telling all and sundry, yes, I am the Anti-Christ! Why is this? I say this because I teach that much in Christian belief has been changed, altered, twisted even, beyond the words it once was. The Christian teaching states one should help another, do all one can to assist a soul who is in need. But what if you are stopping that soul from learning important lessons to assist its growth? What if by helping that soul, you bring it back for another incarnation, that your intervention or interference will stop that soul from finishing its incarnation round, and creates further karma?

My teaching goes against the teaching of Christianity, but what is the teaching of Christianity? This teaching is nothing like it was in the beginning. The gospels were written many years after the authors were no longer on the earth plane. Over the centuries the gospels were manipulated to suit those whom they suited. Love is love, yet the church states love can only be between man and woman, that any other form of love is an abomination. No leeway is given to those who love and who are not heterosexual. The church states that God does not love them. Who dares speak for God? God is love, and God is all compassionate and unconditional. God does not judge and God does not criticize. The Catholic Church states that if a woman is with child, she must have that child, even if she is raped! It takes away choice from the woman. One day, she will meet her God, but will God punish her for doing such a thing. No, God will not, it will understand the circumstances and will not judge, punish or reject.

My teaching goes against much of the teaching of Christianity. So, yes, I am the Anti-Christ. I bring change, I bring a new teaching, I bring the opportunity for each man to be his/her own Master. I do not ask for tithing unless a soul wishes to donate to my cause. I do not force you to give, for I am capable of providing — as I have already done — what I need to do my work on the earth plane. And as I do this, I bring to every soul the message that you also, can do the same. Each of you is the creator of your own reality! So for all of you who have asked, “Am I the Anti-Christ?” Yes I am. But I am an Anti-Christ who comes with love and concern for every soul presently on the earth plane. I bring change, hope, and teach that each soul to let go of fear. How can that be wrong?


From the Past Into the Future

Alan and I recently went to Fort Collins, Colorado, to meet with Donna Visocky who has asked me to do the first of her “Evenings with Extraordinary People” on September 26th this year. We also did a number of media interviews and I did some readings to show people the quality of my work. While in Colorado I was thinking how my life has changed since coming to the USA in 2004. In Australia and New Zealand I was very well known and had worked hard to gain a good reputation. And although I had earned a fine reputation overseas (including Asia), the USA was a new frontier for me.

I was told a few years prior to this that I am like a chameleon, and that it is in my natal chart to transform myself every so many years. I came to realize that this occurred with my Saturn return every 29 years. At age 29, I went to Australia from the UK. I learned my skills in metaphysics there and ,also during that time, went to New Zealand and became very public. At the age of 58, I came to the USA and, for all intents and purposes, started over.

It seemed such a struggle for me to get to where I had to go before I came to the USA. Yes, I was very successful, yet I was kept from the world stage. Why was this? Because in a past life (twice) I misused the metaphysical energy given to me that I had chosen to use to help humanity. In a way I did do that, but unfortunately I had so much fear of ridicule and public disapproval that I never did it the way I should have.

I chose in this lifetime to wait a long time for public recognition and chose, after my second Saturn return at age 58, to finally open the door to it. And boy, are the doors opening! However, before I could open the doors there were a few things I needed to remove from my energy – such as past-life energy with a number of people and a lot of anger – which I have now done.

Our visit to Fort Collins was an incredible experience. Finally I was respected, and my work was acknowledged. The show I will be doing in September is the first step on a ladder that Maitreya has told me will assist people to transform and move forward in consciousness. People have said to me, “But you have had the website for 12 years now.” However, that was Maitreya’s website, not mine. It was also part of my learning to work with Maitreya and, until recently, I was not on my own.

I brought with me from those prior lives the insecurity, doubt, fear, lack of confidence and many other emotional issues which I needed to remove before I could fulfill my destiny. It took a long time to do that, but finally I did it. After my second Saturn return, Spirit said, “You are ready now.” It was an incredible visit to Fort Collins made even more special by the fact that I felt at peace and also at home in receiving the accolades. I worked so hard to earn them, but the most important thing for me to remember is that it is Spirit that has done this.

Maitreya’s teaching in the beginning was very hard. Having to change was hard as was handing over my life to Maitreya so that I could do his work. I remember one particular incident in 1993 in New Zealand when I had a radio show to do in Palmerston North. I lived in Taupo, 5 hours away. I was on the breakfast show and had to leave the house in Taupo at 2:00 AM to get there at 8:00 AM. It was mid-winter, freezing cold. I did not want to get out of bed to travel, but I knew I had to. The road was blocked with snow and ice, so I had to find another way of getting there. It was a nightmare of the first degree, but I finally made it with half an hour to spare, just enough time to get breakfast before the show.

There were so many instances like that when the Self said, “Just stay in bed” or “Leave it until next week.” But Maitreya taught me to do it now – not to leave things – and it has been a wonderful learning for me. I do that every day now. As a double Libran discipline was very hard for me to learn. I still do not like it, but Maitreya taught me to apply it, and I am the better for it.

I felt in Fort Collins that I have graduated, that finally I am on the path to my destiny albeit later than most. However, I am still me, a normal person, and I still have the same issues as everyone else does – especially when my Self comes in when I am tired and tries to get me to go backward. Thanks to Maitreya though, I can move forward without going backward. And just as he has helped me, my staff at the centers we have, and all those who have received his help in classes, courses, readings, etc., we can now all go forward to a larger audience with determination, knowing I have done all I needed to do to make it happen.

It is a very good feeling – not egocentric, but just a lovely, peaceful feeling. I hope that one day you who are reading this will feel the same way also.