Moving Forward

Message from Maitreya:

Since I asked that my website be created 12 earth years ago, it has changed and evolved in an incredible way. It has always been our goal and aim in our world to broadcast around the world, through the medium of television and broadcasting. With the technology available on the earth plane today, we are finally able to do this. The web broadcasts on my channel’s website, (both live and archived), are creating great interest around the world. To be able to now view workshops and channeled events for a small fee is enabling many souls to learn about many subjects, including the Photon Energy. We have much more planned for the future and are very thrilled to have the opportunity to communicate these teachings through my channel, Margaret. The world is changing so much, and people are becoming fearful, yet what is happening is not to be feared but to be experienced as a part of the evolution of the Earth plane.

To be able to do the radio show with my channel and to be able to view it at the same time on her website has created great interest among those in the field of communications. She has been asked why she did not leave it on the original Maitreya web site, but in order for this website to receive non-profit status, it has to become a teaching tool only. These are exciting times for us, for never before have so many people been interested in the metaphysical. It has been a long time from the early days of circles and spiritual churches to how the world of metaphysics has evolved. It will evolve even more as time passes. I hope you will avail yourself of my teachings through Margaret on her website. My message to her when I began teaching through her was that it had to be kept simple, and so you will not find seriousness and long words in my teaching, just the facts. These are exciting times.