Time to make Change

This will be my last newsletter on this website due to my new website now being up and running (www.MargaretMcelroy.com). For many years now Maitreya has given me the opportunity to air my thoughts and my experiences in life on his (this) website. In the beginning I thought nobody would read them, but from day one the e-mail came in letting me know how much of what I wrote had changed someone’s life or made a difference in their thinking, etc. I have loved doing the newsletters because it gave a voice to me. Yes, they showed I was a channel for Maitreya, but they also showed that I am a person in my own right.

Now it is time for change. I now have my very own website, not just a page on Maitreya’s. I am, of course, sad to leave writing here and no doubt will get e-mail expressing that sentiment, but I will now be writing on my own website and continuing my blurbs on whatever comes into my mind or being able to write about having a new experience. To all of you who have written over the years and let me know how much you appreciated my efforts, thank you for doing so. I sincerely hope you will continue reading them on my new website. I can guarantee they will continue in the same vein as before.


Margaret McElroy.