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Time to make Change

This will be my last newsletter on this website due to my new website now being up and running ( For many years now Maitreya has given me the opportunity to air my thoughts and my experiences in life on his (this) website. In the beginning I thought nobody would read them, but from day one the e-mail came in letting me know how much of what I wrote had changed someone’s life or made a difference in their thinking, etc. I have loved doing the newsletters because it gave a voice to me. Yes, they showed I was a channel for Maitreya, but they also showed that I am a person in my own right.

Now it is time for change. I now have my very own website, not just a page on Maitreya’s. I am, of course, sad to leave writing here and no doubt will get e-mail expressing that sentiment, but I will now be writing on my own website and continuing my blurbs on whatever comes into my mind or being able to write about having a new experience. To all of you who have written over the years and let me know how much you appreciated my efforts, thank you for doing so. I sincerely hope you will continue reading them on my new website. I can guarantee they will continue in the same vein as before.


Margaret McElroy.

Exchange Of Energy

Message from Maitreya:

Recently on the Earth plane much has been written and spoken about the art of manifestation. For some people this is very easy, for others very hard. Why is this so?

Some incarnating souls in their past they have misused their financial energy and not done what they contracted to do with it. This could have caused much distress to other people or even themselves, so in this incarnation, they choose to learn through patience, or the right intent. Often this can take quite some time on the earth plane to pass through. Others have used their energy wisely in past incarnations, and as such now reap the rewards for their past success. It is all about learning. Usually the Self pulls you continually into the past in fear of moving forward. Once the lesson is learned, then the energy changes.

One big lesson to learn is exchanging energy for services rendered. For so many on the path of awakening, the thought of paying for a service connected with us in the spiritual world is looked upon with surprise and resentment. The adage seems to be “If it is from God, why is it not free?” There has to be an exchange of energy for everything, whether for a bottle of milk, or for a spiritual workshop. That is why the soothsayers of the past would say “Cross my palm with silver” before giving a reading. The exchange of energy provides an opportunity for the Universe to bring in more to the giver. If the cycle of energy exchange is maintained, there is never a lack. One gives and one receives. This is the concept behind of religious tithing in the world today. However, it is not just religion that it is for. It is for all souls once they let go of their fear of lack.

Do not hold yourself back because of old belief systems or your own fear of lack. Give with love and appreciation, and the Universe will bless you with more.



Message from Maitreya:

The earth plane is going through so much change. Many who have the ability to intuit the future have predicted this time, but very few knew exactly how it would happen or how it would be. Why is this? One of the main reasons is that, if the group Self of humanity knew of what was planned by us ahead, it would do all it could to stop us and to stop what was to happen. But second, we do not tell you because we are trying to have you live in the NOW and not to worry about the future. You have such a fear of dying, especially about how and when you will die, yet the majority of humanity is not destined to pass to our side at this time. However, with information about change the Self becomes in terror and fear, creating all sorts of scenarios.

Life is all about change. Recently my channel, on my instructions, cancelled a workshop she was planning to do. We were instructed by those who direct us that this workshop was not to take place. It should have been a simple thing to cancel this workshop. However, there were those who thought it was wrong to do so, who were concerned about those who had booked to attend this workshop. Nothing was asked of why? It was simply because my channel had taken on a lot of energy from a few people around her. When the workshop was originally planned, this was not foreseen! Now, as I write this one day before the workshop was due to take place, my channel is drained completely and has hardly any energy. She would not be able to do the workshop because, had she done so, she would have had no energy for the rest of the week. But of course, humanity finds change difficult. You have come to have a belief in conditioning, in doing things a certain way, a certain style. Nothing can ever be this way.

As humans you are here to learn NOT to be fixed in your thinking, to think outside the box as my channel states, and to be your own Master. If this means you need to cancel things and change direction mid-stream, so be it. That is what has to be done. You are not sheep in a pen, and each of you has your individual reasons for doing things. Sometimes people are disappointed and, if they are, it is THEIR problem. Change is part of the new order, the new world. It has to be. The old structured ways of conditioning are being removed and a new energy is emerging, that of complete and utter independence in life and in all things.