My New Website

In 1996 Maitreya told me to create a website for him. Since then that website has been the focus for his work and teaching. Maitreya said I had much to learn about doing the work Spirit’s way, not my way, and I learned to do this through the years as I worked with him by channeling the writings for the website and doing his teaching in Australia and around the world.

Learning to do it Maitreya’s way was, at times, very hard for me because it meant many times my wishes and dreams had to be delayed. However, I knew my destiny was to do what I was doing. It felt right and, on an intuitive level, I knew it was meant to be. When my husband, Alan, came into my life, Maitreya told us I had done what I came to do with his website, that I was now free to be my own person, and that I would still be doing his teaching and channeled evenings but I now had more freedom to express myself.

I was told I could now have my own website. In the last few years much discussion and preparation has gone into this venture because it is not a website for Maitreya but for me, so I wanted it to express who I am. I am finally and proudly able to announce that is now up and running. It is not yet totally complete; we still have a few things we want to add to it. But the most exciting thing is that from this site will be doing live broadcasts of everything we do in Seattle. Maitreya’s website will still be the teaching site as all of the previous channeled information is there and, may I add, new channelings, will also be on that site. My website though will have a medley of different subjects on it and will enable people to see a different side of me, the person I really am. I will be discussing subjects sometimes unconnected to spirituality, but it will be from Margaret without Maitreya’s input or influence.

Our first live broadcast will be a channeled afternoon with Maitreya on May 11th (2:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time). Maitreya and Sister, after a long absence, once again will be channeling and this time not only live in the studio, but also broadcast live (both video and/or audio) on the new website. If you are unable to watch or listen, broadcasts will be archived and available at your convenience.

On May 24th (7:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time) we will be doing another live broadcast of an event which is being held in Seattle, “The Photon Energy, 2012, and You!”. It was standing room only for our last event which was televised only to a few people as a test to see how it worked. It was a resounding success so we are really looking forward to broadcasting this time to as many as want to watch.

As I write this newsletter, we are at the end of a long journey, having been to New Zealand, three states in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. It will be wonderful in the future to be able to write more about our journey on my new website.

I hope you will have a look at the new website, I would love your feedback and any suggestions you may like to offer for more content. Please feel free to write me via the website.

Margaret McElroy.

Exciting Times

Message from Maitreya:

This website has been in existence for many years. Over those years we, in our world, have used it to send many messages to those who seek answers on a higher level and also have used it to display my channeled evenings. It has always been our intention to do far more teaching on the website, but due to the choices some people made who had chosen to assist us with this work, this has been very difficult until now. We finally have in place not only the people, but the equipment which will enable us to have live viewing of events as they happen at the Maitreya Seattle center. From now on, everything I do with Margaret will be broadcast live around the world in both video and audio.

For some, watching these events will be difficult as the time difference will create a problem. However, if they cannot watch live, they can do the next best thing and watch a delayed broadcast when they wish to do so. In our world we are so excited about this prospect because it means that all subjects can be taught and broadcast, not just channeled evenings. On May 11th (2:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time), I will resume my channeled talks through Margaret. Once each month I will hold a channeled session in which I will talk on matters of interest. I will also answer questions from those in the audience who are present and those around the world who call in (by Skype or by telephone) or who send in questions from the chat site at my channel’s new website

On May 24th (7:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time), my channel will be teaching another of her “The Photon Energy, 2012, and You!” sessions. Being able to broadcast live out to the world really does give meaning to World Teaching. Many have called me “The World Teacher” and, the ability to broadcast both video and audio really brings a reality to those words. The information on these events will be on all of the websites. I hope that you will join us, either live or in delayed broadcast, and enjoy the sessions and teaching we bring to you. These are indeed exciting times.