Donations and Healing Requests

In 1996, Maitreya asked that this website be created. In the beginning we shared a site with another website, and then came the day within a year that the website became its own vehicle. In the last 12 years, the website has gone from strength to strength, country to country, and person to person. In the beginning, the website was created with the money I earned through teaching and readings. I did not mind; I have never needed a lot of anything. Having survived a recession and losing all that I had three times, I felt grateful to have what I have. When Maitreya informed me I was to do healing requests but not to charge for them I complied, and since that day thousands of people around the world have had the Master’s healing energy. In the last few years we have updated the website from its original, very humble beginnings. This incurred tremendous expense, but the original site could not stay the way it was and attract viewers.

For many years Maitreya said we were to make no charges except for readings or donations, and that if people wanted to make a donation for healing they could do so. There was no insistence on donations, and very few people did. In the last few years our expenses have become overwhelming as we have grown. Recently we became aware that we could not continue to do things the way we had for so long. Many do not know this, but all of the channeled information on the website was done for no fee whatsoever. I did it because I loved doing it. I still do, and I love the healing requests also. Some days I spend two or three hours on the computer replying to them and, even though I have not sent a lot of information with every reply, Maitreya’s energy has been there. My e-mail each day is enormous and getting more so each week as the number of visitors to the site gets bigger. Alan and I support the website financially ourselves. We do get a few donations, but not enough to support the site independently. That is why we have made the decision to make a charge for the healing requests.

After examining the time spent on answering healing requests, we realized that we either had to stop doing them or charge a fee for doing so. We chose to charge a fee. Whereas in the past the Master has sent his energy and perhaps a message of hope, the new healing request, because of the fee, will contain much more information. As Maitreya said, “A laborer is worthy of his/her hire,” and for that hire the person hiring me (those sending in healing requests) will get more than they did before. I have been unable in the past to supply such answers because of the time involved in replying and the fact that I could not spend a lot of time on them because of needing my time to earn an income to keep the site operating and to support other activities to spread Maitreya’s work.

Beginning April 1st there will be no free healing requests. However, if you do pay for a healing request you will get far more information in your reply than before. By asking a fee for the healing requests we will be able to continue supporting the website and also the Master’s work in the world today which has expanded past the website to everything we do for Maitreya and his work. It is the same with donations. I do not think many people looking at the work we do with Maitreya understand or realize the expense of keeping it going. We will soon begin teaching courses on-line through streaming video, and again a charge will be made for viewing them. This will enable us to keep Maitreya’s work ongoing and also help allay the expenses incurred. If you like this website and want to keep Maitreya’s work ongoing, please consider making a donation to assist Maitreya in getting his message and energy to the world. Thank you.

Margaret McElroy.