April visit to Japan

Japan is a country I never thought I would visit, but I have in fact visited the country three times now, twice to teach a private student, and once last year as a stopover for a few days on our way home from Singapore. I love Japan, and in April of 2008 Alan and I again will be spending 3 days in Japan resting on our way back to Seattle.

I have had quite a few readings from people in Japan and also a few inquiries asking when we will be going there again. Due to my having a new computer and changing from one email system to another, I have lost the names of those who wished me to inform them of pending visits to Japan which I kept on file. However, this newsletter will hopefully jog the memories of these people and prompt them to let us know if they would like to meet us. We will be in Japan from April 22nd – 25th. If you would like to come and meet us at our hotel, we would love to meet you also. Please send us an email via the website to let us know you would like to have a meeting.

We will also be in Sydney, Australia from March 7th – 11th. Our visit to Sydney is for personal reasons, but if there are people who would like to meet us, please send us an email and we can arrange a general time to meet at our hotel. Unfortunately, in Sydney I will not be able to do a teaching or channeling event, but we would feel awful if we visited Sydney and we did not make ourselves available to meet people. The same is true in Darwin where we will be from April 3rd – 7th. Again, if you would like to meet us there we would love to meet you. Please write us and let us know if you would like to meet and greet.

Margaret McElroy.

What a Thrill!

It was an incredible feeling on Saturday, February 23rd, to do a talk at our new center in Seattle and see almost standing room only! Alan and I worked so hard – along with our staff – to make the center as warm and as accessible as possible and to have those who attended make such positive comments about it just made it all worthwhile. The e-mails after the event and the comments from a form we asked those who attended to fill out also made what we did even more worthwhile.

For me, this was the second time I have been in this position. In 2003, I stood in a similar center on the top of Tambourine Mountain in Queensland, Australia, and did a deep trance channel to a large group of people, never realizing that in 5 years’ time I would not only be doing it in Seattle, but also living there. It has been a long road to get me to where I am now on my path and one that has been rocky to say the least. Not only did I have my own Self to deal with — and that Self did not want to go the way my Higher Self wanted to go — but also other people who told me, first, that I could not do it, and then when I did, that it would not last!

Our event on the 23rd was an incredible evening, and the energy of those who came to assist me from the Spirit world was also incredible. I find it very difficult to reclaim the energy if I stop for a break, so I talked for three hours straight. Many people couldn’t believe how I could do that. It is very difficult talking to people about the energy, and how important it is not to break it. The work it does on each and every soul in the room – and even outside – is halved by stopping its flow for a break.

The comments after the evening were so wonderful, and I have had so many e-mails from those who attended informing me of the transformation in their lives because of the talk I gave. I feel that finally I have “paid my dues” so to speak. I had so much karma when I came into this life which I chose to repay through building the centers in Australia and in Seattle for the energy I channel, Maitreya.

Alan and I are now planning similar talks around the USA and – all being well after our trip overseas in March/April 2008 – we will be able to start that adventure. I sometimes have to pinch myself because I would never have imagined that I would live in the USA, never mind work there full-time and actually be married to the most wonderful man who is a US citizen. One friend told me a long time ago, “It is like a fairy tale isn’t it?” and I had to admit that it is.

My friends in the world of Spirit do not put you where you need to be without a reason, and at this time of change in the USA – so huge, one can almost feel it – I know that I have a bigger path ahead of me. As yet, however, I don’t know how it will come into effect. For now, I just follow instructions from them and, after a huge battle between the Self and my Higher Self, I finally feel at peace with what is happening.

Each month I will be doing a newsletter on some aspect of my life, and I hope you will log on each month and read the latest adventure. It is wonderful after so long channeling to actually have my own website and to have free reign with what I write and do with it. I honestly never thought I would get there, but I am proof that you can get there.

I am so looking forward to the next chapter of my life, and to sharing that experience not only with those around me, but also with you very lovely people.