Looking In The Mirror!

I have been privileged in the last few months to have had a number of people come into my life who have mirrored for me what I used to be like. For many years — too many to mention — people came into my life to mirror for me what I needed to look at within myself. It was scary and often I could not see what the mirror was trying to show me. I did change, but I really never saw it. I just plodded along moving forward, trying hard to learn the lessons and tripping over myself every now and again.

Recently though I have been blessed to be aware that people were mirroring for me what I used to be like. For instance I had someone who was so scared of their own shadow and frightened to speak their truth. In their mirror I could see how I used to be and how far I had come because I can now speak my truth and have no fear of my own shadow. It never ceases to amaze me how perfect the Universe is in providing what we need when we need it. Someone commented recently how much I had changed from when they knew me seven years ago. I had a chance to look back and see how I was then, and boy, have I changed! I look at myself now and wonder who I am. For years I was a combination of many people whom I had been in a past life. Within me I carried the traits and fears they had not dealt with; 85% of my life was spent this way. As I learned to face my fear, step out of insecurity, and find myself, I began to change, leaving behind the traits of the “old” energy.

There were some who said that, as I changed and became stronger, more determined, and left behind those traits, I was developing ego, and in their truth that is what they saw. But I knew I could stand in front of God and be totally honest with God, and knew this was not true in MY truth. Those who talked about my developing ego soon, for some reason, began leaving my life, and I allowed them to leave. I learned to detach and not give any energy to any situation. Many on the Earth plane are facing the same change in their lives now that I did, and it is not easy. However if I can do it, they can do it, because I had the worst fear, low self esteem, lack of confidence etc., and I did not let it deter me, although for many years it was there.

It is an exciting time to be living as change around the world begins to take place. I feel excited to be on the Earth plane at this time and even more so to be in the USA. I cannot vote, but the energy of change is just around the corner, and I have never experienced such fervor and support for change in my life. The energy is electric, and it is almost as if the old order is beginning to slip away. Change is on the way, individually and collectively, and I am so glad I made the changes in my life that I did. I feel I am finally Margaret M in her own right without the energy of half a dozen others. Please know you can do it too.

Margaret McElroy.


Message from Maitreya:

I was recently asked about channels who many feel do not truly channel but speak from Self or ego. What should people do about them? I said, “Nothing.” Why do nothing? Because you cannot tell someone a person is not a channel. They have to find out for themselves by the person’s actions and by what they ask you to do. You see, we would never demand that you give us allegiance. You have to make the choice with what it is reputed that Jesus said, “By their fruits shall ye know them.” This is exactly how a channel should be — they let YOU make up your mind. Yes, we can tell you if what you plan is the right thing to do, but we can never insist that you do a particular thing, and if you are told this by someone, then do think again about that channel, for we in our world do not dictate anything to you.

We know that choice is very important, and every soul has to have choice. I remember my channel being upset many years ago over a person who professed to be channeling me and who sent her death threats and postcards with dire warnings. At one public speech in Australia, he paced outside the door cursing her and chanting words which he said came from me. I told her, “Give it no energy.” When she did so, the postcards and death threats stopped.

We Masters from the realm of spirit are with you to assist you IF YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR CHANGE. We cannot force you — neither would we want to — to make any change outside of yourself. You are the creator of your own reality and often from making the WRONG choices you learn your hardest lessons.

A channel should have a sense of humor. We are not serious and dire; we have fun in our world, and channels should be able to mirror that fun to others. We do not choose dour, sad channels. Their hearts should be open. Do they think only of themselves or do they think of others and care for others? Do they demand payment even when they know the soul cannot afford it, or even more so, do they refuse a service when needed in a dire way because the soul does not have money? Will they not even look at an exchange of energy rather than financial reward? How does the channel earn their money? Do their Masters give them the money as we have done to Margaret via many means, or do they demand the money from you? If a channel is truly working with a Master, that Master will take care of their every need.

I cannot tell you who is real and who is not real. I can only tell you to be discerning and also not to be concerned if the channel you choose turns out to be someone you realize is not for you or is not doing it the “right” way. My channel once went to a healer at a healing center and felt he was a fraud, charging too much money for what he did. When I came into her life she said to me, “Maitreya, why did you send me to that healer?” I replied, “I did not send you. None of us sent you, but you made the choice to go.” Ironically, it was the right choice because you learned a lot, and you learned how NOT to run a healing center.” From every experience comes a lesson. Just know that. There is no right or wrong, just learning.