My Awareness

I cannot believe how fast time is going! 2007 seemed to have just started and then it finished. When I look back at the year I feel that I am looking at the bus which went through the narrow space in the scene from the Harry Potter film. I recently read my astrological forecast for this year, and it said, “You will not have much time for pleasure this year,” and I thought the same was applied to last year. THERE ARE JUST NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!

Maitreya told us late last year that we were to do a workshop on the Photon Energy as he has given us a lot of new information since I first asked about it in 1999. I remember that time very well and cannot believe how accurate his forecast was for the present. Accordingly, I am giving a public talk on the Photon Energy in February and another one next May. For details see the website at or, coming soon,

This year, Alan and I are opening up new territory. In April we will be going to Malaysia as part of our Asian visit and, in October, we will be visiting New Delhi in India. We have a huge Indian following on the website, so I am hoping to be able to arrange some kind of event where people can come and share the energy of Maitreya when we are there. I visited India many years ago so I am no stranger to that country and I am looking forward to returning in October. I am aware that, before we know it, Alan and I will be getting on the plane for India.

I am also aware and in awe of the number of countries the website is reaching. Every day we get email from a new country letting us know how much they enjoy the site — even more so now that it has been updated and rearranged. Of course, we also like your feedback on what you would like to see on the website and what you do NOT like. Believe me, you are the most important people for you are the readers of the website. Do you have any suggestions? If so, we would love to hear them from you. Of course we cannot honor everyone’s comments, but we will listen and discuss any suggestions in meetings, so you will be heard and have your comments aired. Alan and I would like to wish all of you a wonderful year for 2008. Before you know it, it will be 2009, but let’s TRY to enjoy 2008 first, even though it is speeding by very quickly already!

Margaret McElroy.

Divine Law – Maitreya’s Reply

Message from Maitreya:

It seems I confused many when I wrote in my last newsletter that there is no Divine Law. Perhaps I should have mentioned that the reporter was referring to the Law as what is known as the 10 Commandments. The word “law” is a human term, and one which refers to being coerced, forced or manipulated through a human or group to follow their way. In our world there is no such thing as anyone being forced to believe, act, or live a particular way. I have said often that “Our world is like a huge corporation without ego.” Why is this? Because ego is a human thing. Do you remember ego when you return home to our world? Yes, you do. Many souls are able to see what the ego allowed them to do and how often the ego stopped their growth. One soul wrote to me and said, “But what about karma? That is Divine Law.”

It is if you wish to see it that way, but karma is only the reaction to an action. What one gives out one gets back. It is not a law – it is a way of life. In many of my writings I have mentioned Divine Law, but that law is what I wrote about in my recent newsletter before this. The awareness of tolerance, forgiveness, love, understanding, unconditional awareness, and being non judgmental are the only things necessary in our world. As I stated in my previous newsletter, this is only a small part of what I could teach about this subject. There is no “law” as such. Law is there to control and to manipulate humanity. What is right for one person may not be right for another. Law could be translated into so many areas and belief’s by so many. I will, no doubt, receive other emails about this subject now, but I feel I have explained it the best way I can. The Self will see so much it can criticize and pick at for the Self is always looking for fault. I believe my writing above and the one before this is self explanatory. What has been written before under the title “Divine Law” is of the same genre. There is no “law” we follow in our world, just understanding, unconditional acceptance and those attributes mentioned above. Nothing else.

So my statement to the reporter was to explain to her the above. There is no law that manipulates, orders, controls or any other situation in our world. We do not need it. We do not have the Self any more.