Private Study

In the three years since I stopped teaching the Masters course, I have lost count of the number of people who have told me they are upset because they wanted to take the course but kept putting it off. I thought I was no longer to teach the Masters course, which upset me greatly because I knew how much it had affected so many people and changed the lives of countless individuals along the way. After a sabbatical of three years, Maitreya has urged me to teach the course again, but this time on a one-on-one basis. I am so excited about doing this because I know the power of Maitreya’s energy and I am aware of how he can impact each soul and enable them to raise their vibration.

Beginning in 2008, students who choose to do the Masters course with me and Maitreya will get a special kind of teaching. This one-on-one course will not only assist them to raise their consciousness and their vibration, but they also will have the energy of Maitreya to themselves. It will be an incredible experience for them to be in Maitreya’s energy and to have his teaching, advice and guidance all to themselves with no one sharing the experience. Students will also receive ongoing advice and guidance for as long as they wish once they have completed their initial course.

As always too, the teaching will benefit Maitreya’s work on the Earth plane. Eighty percent of the fee for the course — apart from accommodation and meals — will go directly into Maitreya’s work. This 6-day course will be held in Seattle, Washington at the Maitreya Educational Center. The course will cover many subjects, and each course will be designed for each individual student’s needs. For those students who already have a basis of metaphysical knowledge, special teaching on a shorter course can be arranged. It may be that a student just wishes to have knowledge of two or three subjects and, if this is the case, a special course of study can be arranged for them.

I was amazed that, after being asked by Maitreya to do the course and placing the information on the web site, the first inquiries came in from those wishing to learn. Maitreya never ceases to amaze me at his awareness of the needs of those wishing to learn. So for those of you who missed out on the Masters course, perhaps it is time for you to consider doing it once again. I am so excited about this opportunity and I know that those who chose to take the course will also be excited. I am sure Maitreya is excited also. If you are interested in private study with me and Maitreya, please contact Jean Luo at:

Margaret McElroy.

Maitreya’s Assistance

One of the things I have had to have deal with over the last few years has been losing friends and close associates I have known for a number of years. When I connected with Alan, many of them changed toward me. I remember one friend and her husband whom I visited regularly, and whom I was very friendly with. She is a channel, and her husband is a healer. When I started visiting them with Alan, I would sit with them and, for some reason, the energy changed and was very negative. It was so bad, I could feel it as a force in the room and it got to the point that we — and I more than Alan — dreaded visiting them. I know now I should have said something to them and cleared the air, but I did not. Finally, knowing this situation, the Universe created another situation that broke the friendship. It was such a relief not to have to endure the visits anymore.

Another person I was very close to and who constantly told everyone he was perfect and would not be coming back for another round of existence, told a number of people I know a whole lot of lies, and spoke very negatively about me. He actually told them I was not channeling Maitreya! I chose not to have this person in my life also.

While I was in Singapore recently I was talking to someone about the loss of these people in my life and how I felt about it. The person was at a workshop and asked me, “Why did Maitreya not tell you this was going to happen? Surely it would have made it easier to deal with.” In all the years I have been with Maitreya, he has always told me he is here as a teacher; he is not my personal advisor. Only when he is asked can he give answers. He cannot warn me about problems ahead. In that way, I am just like everyone else on the earth plane — I have to learn from the experience.

Another person I know had read my latest book “Born To Be A Channel.” In the book I wrote about the daughter I gave away for adoption in 1968, 10 days after she was born. This person wanted to know why Maitreya would not tell me where she was. I informed her that, if I am meant to find her, I will, but again Maitreya is not there as a personal advisor.

I often get my own feelings about the future, and am very rarely wrong about what I feel, but they come from my own intuition, not from Maitreya. When one channels, one is doing so to provide a form of communication for the souls in the world of spirit — those in our true home — who wish to assist us to live a more prosperous, better life. One should not do it expecting any reward. If you assist them, those souls will reward you in the end. I have certainly been rewarded for the work I have done for them. However, one has to prove oneself to be willing, do it without too much complaint, and of course fulfill one’s life lessons.

I am sorry I lost these people from my life. The healer is an exceptional channel and is finally gaining the success he deserves around the world. However, from my experiences with these people I have learned so much. When I get back to spirit we will be friends again and hopefully celebrate their assistance in my life.

As for Maitreya, I am glad he does not tell me what is going to happen for, if he did, life would be very boring I am sure, knowing always what is ahead of me. I much prefer the challenge of not knowing.

Margaret McElroy.


On my recent visit to Australia, I was quite surprised to be informed that I had said something about someone which in my truth I do not believe in. I was supposed to have made comment about something which was happening to someone, but the thing is, what I was supposed to have said, I do not actually believe in. It made me wonder how much of what we hear in our daily conversations and observations we actually listen to and how many people misconstrue what they hear.

I remember many years ago when I was consciously channeling Sister to an individual. After I channeled the information, this person relayed what had been said, but it was all changed, not at all what Sister had actually said. I was told I was never to change anything when channeling consciously. Even though the person had heard it incorrectly, they obviously “heard” what they thought they heard. This is the dilemma of listening to what others say and how much of what we hear is accurate. Each one of us has a filter. It is called The Self, and the Self will only hear what it wants to hear.

Is this wrong? Many of us would say “Yes.” However, each one of us is our own Master, and we will hear what we need to hear, what we want to hear. Those on a lower vibration will hear more of what the Self wants to hear, and those on a higher vibration will hear more of what the Higher Self wants to listen to. So who is right and who is wrong? Nobody is. It is the choice of the individual. Some people do not even listen! However, that is their choice.

In my case, I wanted to find out if what I was supposed to have said was correct, so I wrote the person involved and asked politely if I had said what I was supposed to have said to them. The person replied in the negative which was a relief to me. However, Maitreya came in and said, “What a waste of energy. You should have accepted that you did not say it; in your heart you knew you did not.” To be honest I was quite surprised. Was I not allowed to check what I had said and not said? But once again, Maitreya and his energy allowed me to see, yes, it was a waste of energy and that it did not matter anyway – It was in the past. I could not have changed it if I had said it, so why be concerned about it?

Every day, Maitreya teaches me something that assists me on my path to higher consciousness. I am lucky in that I listen, after fifteen years with him. I have come to realize that he is a wonderful teacher and is only trying to assist me to higher consciousness so that I no longer have to return to the earth plane. So from now on, when I know I have not said what others say I have, and I know I have not said it, I will pay no attention – just trust in my “knowing” that I did not. As Maitreya said, it is a waste of energy trying to justify something which is in the past. Nothing can change what has happened. It can just make you feel more upset the more you give energy to it.

Oh well, I suppose I will be tested again in a few months time, and hopefully next time I will not give energy to it and let it go. I will let you know how I go!

Margaret McElroy.