What Am I Supposed To Learn From This Experience?

What do you do when someone takes an action that literally turns your world upside down? After the initial anger and hurt somewhat subsides, have you thought about being truthful to yourself and ask the bigger question, “What am I supposed to learn from this experience?”

I know it is so much easier to try to make the other person hurt just as much as you hurt at the moment, but – just maybe – aren’t you really just running from the experience? To even contemplate what I am speaking about you have to take ownership of the reality that you – and you alone – put together the scenarios that you currently are experiencing or will experience in your lifetime. The person who instigates the action, no matter how cruel the action appears to be, may in fact be your best friend in the world of Spirit. When YOU chose this lesson to experience before you were born, this individual raised their hand and committed to step forward in the experience with you.

Now, they have lessons centered around the experience also, but you both get to determine the extent of the experience based on your actions going forward. And yes, there will be others that will be drawn into the experience with you because they also have chosen to be involved in this learning experience. But everyone’s actions determine the depths of the experience.

If your emotional hurt drives you to attempt to destroy the other individual, then the carnage inflicted on that individual and all those involved will cut much deeper. Emotions really mask the question of, “What am I supposed to be learning from this situation?” Raw emotions that are encouraged by individuals close to you, while well intentioned, actually add energy to the situation that masks the real experience. In the end, your emotions or those of others lead you away from taking responsibility for your life.

No matter how painful the experience, only when you move forward out of the emotions of the experience can you see the next step the universe is bringing your way. Only when you realize that there are no accidents can you easily move forward and truly experience what the universe has in-store for you. The choice is yours as always, you can stay stuck in the emotions of hurt and revenge, or move forward through the situation – no matter how painful – and flourish.

Alan McElroy.

The World Teacher

Message from Maitreya:

Much has been written and spoken about “The World Teacher” – about the role of this energy. There are many who state that those who THEY channel are the only world teacher, and that this role is very special. This web site that I created in 1996 is one which encompasses the world. People from over 160 countries around the world view this site, and many millions read my channeled information each day of earth time.

Do I cover the world with my messages? Yes I do. Do I claim to be “THE World Teacher” solely on my own, a special entity? No I do not. Just because one is a World Teacher does not mean that one is special in any way, nor that one holds special powers or are confirmed as such by the other Masters. We are all teachers – many of us already in the world – and have been for many earth years. To claim special precedence or to state we are THE ONE teaching on a higher level is not what we are about. We do not claim special dispensation or reward. We are all working for the energy known as God, Ultimate Being, Divine Spirit, or whatever you name this energy.

If you read that a certain Master is “the only one chosen,” then know this is not how we wish it to be. All Masters are on the same level. Why are we known as Masters? It is because we have mastered the earth plane energy and are Masters at what we do, nothing else. Just as a lawyer, doctor or other professional person on the earth plane is a master at what they do, so are we; nothing more. Our territory is the world and our mission is to assist in raising the earth vibration, the consciousness of humanity. We help to enable the world to move away from war, fighting, and conflict, and to assist in teaching different ways of doing things. We ask for no homage, no special names, and we do not care what you call us either.

I have heard some channels insist on their Masters being called a special name, or pronounced a certain way. We do not worry about these things. It is you, and you alone who insist on this; it is not our doing. Just know that those who truly work with us do not insist on special names or special conditions. That is all I need to say.


Trouble in the World

Message from Maitreya:

I have been asked many times “Maitreya, can you not stop the wars and the trouble and strife in the world?” We wish we could but, while humanity is in the darkness of ego, we can do nothing about this. However, we Masters can – with our channels – travel the world, raising the vibration of the planet so that eventually the earth plane can raise its vibration and move out of war, strife and all its other problems. Just as when an individual person raises their vibration and knows they need to change, it is very similar with the energies of countries in the world today. Not only do you have your own life lessons you need to learn, the same applies to the world and the countries within it.

My channel has traveled to many countries where, after the visit, the energy has changed quite dramatically. Even if not always dramatically, the energy still has changed. So much of the world is steeped in the old energy of the past. That energy keeps people in that mode, unable to move on, unable to see the light of change, unable to even comprehend that what they do in conflict and strife is causing more problems.

You can say; “But Maitreya, the world is a huge place, how are you going to do this?” I will say to you, we will do it very slowly. As more and more souls reach for the light of awareness – and many have in the last twenty-seven earth years – the more souls we have to radiate light like a lighthouse out into the world. There are souls who have changed – raised their vibration – who are not even metaphysical. They have just become more humanitarian, more caring about the world, and they (along with those who are metaphysically oriented), their energy, their light within, is working to change the darkness of the world to the light.

However, there are many souls who have come to assist with this work who are trapped in their Self, trapped in believing what their Self tells them. They will not move on because of fear or other emotions, and these souls are the ones who, when they come home to us, are so sorry when they see what they could have done in the world. There are many souls who are supposed to be with partners, whose lives are static and lonely and who cannot do their work for us and for the world humanitarian-wise without that partner, souls who allow the Self to stop that communion and so delay the work they came to do. These same souls cry out when strife and trouble cause problems on the earth plane and say, “Maitreya, why can you not do anything?” I would like to say to them, “Why are you not doing what you came to do?”

Recently one of my graduate students was going through a very difficult time with her Self. She was offered assistance in Seattle which she refused. My channel Margaret tried to assist her with the text messaging system on her computer, but each time Margaret went online to assist her she left the system and closed down. E-mails Margaret sent to her took a long time to be replied to and were not positive in their reply. Margaret did all she could to help this person, but her Self did not want assistance. However this soul had the question a few days ago, “Why will Maitreya not help me?”

I am here to help all of you at any time you need it. However, you need to ask for that assistance and you need to realize – those of you who have come to serve humanity – that you, and you alone, are the ones who make the decisions about your future and your work on the earth plane. We, the Masters cannot force or coerce you. We are here to help you surmount your Self-blocks and Self-behavior. That is our sole purpose: to assist you to move forward on the metaphysical and consciousness path.

It is such a shame to see so many of you returning home and realizing that you have to return for another incarnation because you did not fulfill your destiny. However, it is your choice. We offer assistance to you, but your choices make the final outcome.