Raising One’s Vibration

I have been with Maitreya for 17 years now, and cannot believe how long it has been. It has been years of much learning and growth, and although it has been very tough at times – especially learning to do his work the way he wants it and not Margaret’s way – it has been a very rewarding time. His energy enabled me to face much fear, and I had heaps of fear about so many subjects, many of them from past lives. But also he taught me so much about raising my vibration. I honestly thought it was going to be a quick event when I first felt his energy with me. I had been to a reader just before merging with Maitreya who told me “You will be a very spiritual woman once you have done your spiritual development,” and of course I thought that was just around the corner. How naive I was to think that!

I did find, though, as I faced my issues, fears, doubts, insecurities – and believe me I had many – that I manifested far better and quicker. I finally got to a place where all I had to do was think of what I needed and it manifested. This was wonderful for Maitreya’s work, for it enabled me to create his vision of spiritual centers around the world. However, it also had its drawbacks in that it removed physical desire from my personality. I no longer had the need for the things I had done in the past, and life became very “cardboard” which is where nothing means anything to you anymore. It also lasted for a long time and was very difficult to deal with.

I remember thinking “Is this all there is after all these years of spiritual development?” But the reader 18 years ago was so correct, for I have the ability to read everyone’s energy right down to the core level. I have the answer for every problem anyone has as soon as a question is asked. On a metaphysical level, I am given the answer for it. I can manifest all I need, I just think it and it happens. Why is this so? Because I no longer have fear of anyone or anything. I have also finally learned to love myself totally, so I no longer have any distorted picture of myself. Distorted pictures stop the Universe’s abundant flow from coming into your energy.

I also (as Sister has quoted many times on radio) “Have peace in my own silence.” However I now have no desire for the material life. Through my training with Maitreya, he has taught me how to manifest and to create my own reality. I have all the things anyone could want and more, yet it means nothing to me. Eighteen years ago, I longed for the things I have now, and said to the reader, “Will I ever be financially secure – have my own home and a happy marriage?” “Yes,” he said, “but they will mean nothing to you then.” I wondered what he meant by that statement, but of course now I know.

I want to tell the world what happens when you have absolutely no fear, no doubt, and total trust, but Maitreya has said the world is not ready yet. Much is happening to change the vibration of the Earth plane, and until the Earth plane reaches a certain level of vibration, change cannot happen. However more souls than ever are searching for the answers to their life – the why, who, where, and when.

I started my spiritual path 27 years ago, and then the door only just opened into metaphysics. There were very few clairvoyants, healers, or teachers. Today there are many, and with people like those who operate Contact Talk Radio reaching all around the world with their hosts, our world is becoming a smaller place. Also more and more people are learning about the alternative world of metaphysics. Choosing to raise your vibration and move toward leaving the Earth plane forever, is not an easy task. Many try but do not make it. The Self gets them every time. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and sheer effort.

Yes, I have been lucky. Maitreya has been with me for 17 years, and before that I had the help of other spiritual energies. However, I was the one who had to face the issues, and it was not an easy time for me at all. It is not easy living on the Earth plane when one has no desire for anything at all – when everything is cardboard and nothing means anything to you anymore. My only pleasure now comes from teaching, channeling, doing the radio show and the few readings which I allow when I have the energy to do it. Craft work has taken the place of the material needs I used to have. I can sit in my silence doing my craft work and be very happy. I also have my husband, Alan, who is such a wonderful energy to be with. At times, the “cardboard” gets to me, and I have times – especially when I am stressed – when I wonder why I am doing what I am doing. My wonderful husband keeps me focused on Maitreya and his message. I am truly blessed to have him in my life, assisting me with Maitreya’s work.

For those of you struggling to raise your vibration and wondering if you will ever do it, know that I, too, once had the same question. There was no “rapture” or “abracadabra,” just a lot of hard work and at times frustration as I was faced with one lesson after another. One person after another mirrored for me what I needed to see but could not see in myself because my Self would not let me see it. But I made it, and you can too. Reading Maitreya’s words on a regular basis can really help you. As one person said, “I open the Maitreya book when I have a problem and I always get the answer.” Others go to the website and just pick out a reading at random. Please do not give up the desire to raise your vibration. I was just like you once – believe me I was – and I did it. And if I can do it, you also can do it too.

Margaret McElroy.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I was recently in Amsterdam walking around among the thousands – and I mean thousands – of bicycles rushing by me. The flavors of people riding them crossed the full spectrum of life: business people with suits and ties, moms with little kids propped in makeshift baskets on the handlebars with smiles and conversations going on, children riding their little bikes alone or with a parent, older ladies and gentleman well into their 70’s with their beautiful locks of grey hair blowing in the wind.

As I walked, all of a sudden I became aware that something was not right with what I was seeing. It took me a little distance to pinpoint what was wrong with this picture from my perception. Alas, I had the answer…. No one – and I mean no one, nada, zilch – had a bicycle helmet on. In the US this is taboo. It may even be against the law in some places for all I know. I do know this, if someone fell off the bike, especially a child, the parent would be persecuted, if not by the authorities, then by their own conscience.

Why in some societies have we been conditioned to have fear about not wearing a helmet? Is it really about safety? Or is it about instilling a fear into society and then exploiting that fear in some fashion? After viewing this scene in Holland and also in China when I was there a few years ago, it is pretty evident that, yes, we could argue about safety, but was that really the underlying reasoning behind the action or just the superficial reason to manipulate one’s free choice and ultimately manipulate the individuals to a certain outcome? Do you really think than the Chinese or the Dutch are less intelligent that those countries who promote helmets, or that they love their kids any less because they are not concerned with putting a helmet on them while riding on a bike?

Yes, common sense does tell me that, if I have a helmet on and if I fall off and hit my head, I will probably be more protected. But what those who try to control every aspect of our lives from childhood through adulthood don’t tell us is that, if they can create a fear in us they can exploit that fear in some way to their benefit. In their mind, it may be to keep you safe or to get you to do something that they feel is in your best interest, but no matter how they sugar coat it or justify it in their mind; they are controlling you through your fear. They are not allowing you to make the choices on your own. In essence they feel they know what is best for you rather than allow you to learn through your personal journey.

The irony is that, during this trip we have been traveling with individuals from different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, and the discussions have pointed back to the common thread discussed above of how we, as individuals, are moved along throughout our whole lives through many different forms of manipulation. Call it what you may – a form of love, persuasion, coercion, or force – if you aren’t making your own decisions you are inhibiting your growth by allowing others to think for you.

What are the things you are doing in your life that you are doing because that is where you have been led by another individual or by society? Be true to yourself and make decisions based on your truth and your experiences. For me, before I got on the bike, I would check my daily transits in my astrology chart. The helmet may just be a false sense of security compared to what the universe has in store for me.

Alan McElroy.