The Element of Fear

I said on our channeled evening radio show recently that I had no fear, and I am proud to say that, after a lifetime of living in fear, I really mean it. It was a big subject to break for me, because lifetimes of fear were there in my energy when I returned for this incarnation. As I started on my spiritual path, I began to let go of the fear, little by little. Sometimes I faced the fear in one swoop, at other times it would take a few attempts before I managed it.

My biggest fear was my computer, of all things. I had such a fear of something going wrong with it. People around me were always talking about “backing it up daily” and, of course, this made the fear of having computer problems all the worse. Prior to Alan coming into my life, my computer was always having problems, sometimes two or three times a week. It really affected Maitreya’s energy as I would be in the middle of channeling something on the computer and then it would stop because of a problem mid-channel. It was made worse by those around me who constantly reiterated the fear of something happening to my computer.

A short while after Alan and I got together, he bought me a new computer. Boy, the fear came out even more! My ex-husband was always on hand to fix the computer for me when anything went wrong, which as I stated previously was several times a week, often for quite a period of time. However, Alan said I needed to get over this fear and that the new computer was to teach me this. I went without back-up for weeks at a time. I was surprised because, when it was not mentioned, I completely forgot about the issue of back-up. Only when it was mentioned by other people would I go into “old mode” so to speak.

Gradually, I began to realize that my thoughts were influencing the outcome of what happened to my computer. As I had fear, so the fear manifested, and usually very quickly! It was not easy letting go of the old way of doing things, and even more so letting go of the old fear. I remember when I got my new computer it had so little on it compared to my old one, yet I soon realized I did not need half of what was on that old computer. Do I back-up today? Yes I do, but I am not a fanatic about it. I know that I am the creator of my own reality and that what I think and create is what I draw into my energy. I no longer have a fear of losing everything on my computer or of doing anything on my computer, which is new to me. In the beginning the fear was abject at the thought of doing any new maneuvers and having nobody there to show me. But I finally realized I could do a lot by myself, and as I did so, the fear disappeared.

What fear do you have? Try letting go of it and forgetting it for a period of time like I did. Soon, you will realize it is not a problem. It is great having no fear because I can now do anything without limitation. The biggest bonus of all is that the path of manifestation is not blocked anymore. I am able to manifest the most amazing energy and material things. Boy, I wish I had known this before, but if I had, I would not have learned such amazing lessons about fear. I have so much for which to thank Maitreya, for without his help I would not be where I am today, with no fear. It is a wonderful place to be.

Margaret McElroy.


Message from Maitreya:

I recently communicated through the website with someone in the Netherlands who believed that their family was cursed. They asked for me to release them from that curse. However, what they do not realize is that there is no such thing as a curse, nor has there ever been. Someone in the beginning said something to the family which instigated the belief that a curse had been placed on them. Fear came into the situation, and before long, the curse was believed, affecting all in that family. However, this was their belief, not actual fact.

Nobody can curse you, absolutely nobody. YOU are the one, who believes and creates the energy of that curse by your fear. If you have no fear, the curse cannot do any damage. However, if you believe you are cursed and give this energy with your fear, then immediately you will attract into your energy that which you fear. I can hear you ask, “But how can I stop this from happening, how can I break the curse situation in my family.”

You need to know that the only power someone has over you is the power you allow them to have. Second, if you have given away your power – and many people do – you can regain that power and change the energy by saying affirmations. Say an affirmation such as, “I refuse to accept curses in my life. Nobody can affect me or my family unless I allow them to. I banish curses from my life.” By saying something such as this, you will slowly begin to change the energy around you.

Often those steeped in religion or religious beliefs have difficulty letting go of the beliefs of the older community such as parents or grandparents, especially if there has been a lot of things happening which have not been good or positive. However, once the energy is changed and the affirmation started, then the energy can begin to clear and the new energy will begin to come in.

I wish to reiterate once again what I stated before. YOU are the creator of your own reality. If you choose to believe in curses, then you will attract into your energy that belief. The only power people have over you is the power you give to them by your actions, fear, and dread. Nobody is cursed.



I have often been asked over the years of my work if animals reincarnate the same as humans. My answer has always been “Yes.” This is based on my own belief and what I have been told by Maitreya. However, there is nothing like direct proof if one can get it. Many years ago, when I was married before, we had a cat that we named Tuppence. He was an old cat when we got him – about 12 years of age – and we had him for 5 years. I actually wrote a book about him entitled, “Tuppence – The Very Special Cat.” This book sold very well, but it did not go into massive print. Tuppence finally died in 2002 of kidney disease, and both my ex-husband and I were devastated at losing him.

This year, Alan and I talked about republishing the book based on the comments that many people had made about it. I had already written 3 other books about Tuppence which were in the computer but have never been published, and we discussed publishing these also. Talking about the cat brought back so many memories about Tuppence, and after much hesitation, I asked Alan if we could have another cat. Much to my surprise he agreed to my having one, so I set out to find a cat on the Internet. I decided I wanted a cat that looked like Tuppence, and so began the search.

There were some beautiful cats, but none that really held me spellbound. After about five days though, I finally saw the cat. He was at a humane shelter and was the spitting image of Tuppence. I showed Alan the picture of the cat, and immediately called to find out about him. As the officer at the shelter spoke about him I knew he was the cat I wanted. He was found a month previously on the corner of two streets, emaciated and starving in the pouring rain. He had obviously been dumped. I told the lady I wanted to pick him up and asked directions to get to the shelter as I hadn’t paid any attention to the address. It turned out to be in Victoria, B.C., in Canada. We live in Seattle, Washington. I discovered it was a two-hour journey to the ferry, then a one hour ferry ride, and another 30-minute drive to the shelter. I told the humane officer I would decline the offer. However, Alan on hearing me say that, told me he would take me to pick it up if that was the cat I wanted.

The cat was called “Wilson” at the shelter, and I was told he was very nervous and frightened. We traveled to Victoria, B.C., after arranging to get his injections and have him inspected by a vet. He was so frightened of everyone, but we were told that, once he experienced love, he would come around, and that he loved having his coat brushed and was very well house-trained. He was two years old. While we were in Victoria, we bought him a travel basket and some other items to take home with us as we would not be arriving home in Seattle until 10pm at night. We wanted him to have a litter tray and food. He was such a good cat on the journey home; he even let us know he needed to use his litter box and did so on the road without running away. The only thing was that he would not respond to the name “Wilson.” He was the spitting image of Tuppence who had passed over, so I called him Tuppence, and he came to me immediately. He has done the same ever since. It is interesting that the other Tuppence was found bedraggled and filthy underneath a house before we got him, and he too was obtained from a shelter.

I personally cannot believe how much like the old Tuppence he is. He is not only the double of the original Tuppence color-wise and face-wise, but his mannerisms are also the same. He eats in the same way and, just like the old Tuppence who had no time for toys, this Tuppence does not like toys either. As soon as he came into the house, he went around checking the place out just the same way the other cat did. It was eerie! He sleeps in the same places the other cat liked to, and has the same likes and dislikes. I know this cat is the reincarnation of the old Tuppence. Obviously I still have things to learn from this new animal, although Sister has said that he has been sent into my life because I just wanted another cat. There are no karmic lessons to learn. I knew it was Tuppence when, the other night, he jumped up on the chair next to me and came right up and rubbed himself on me, as if to say “Thank you.” It was quite an emotional experience. I had one thing though I needed to know. “Is this the old Tuppence?” I asked spirit to show me in some way if this is the same cat soul. The picture below was what was sent to me by the illustrator of the new “Tuppence” books. She came to the house to take some photos, and this picture was the only one which shows Tuppence and the phenomenon known as a spirit orb. I know now that this is the old Tuppence, and even more so because, as I write this newsletter, we are off to the vet to have him checked out. Something the other Tuppence did a great deal was to visit the vet. Oh well, some things never change!

Margaret McElroy.