Message from Maitreya:

It takes courage to have an incarnation on the Earth plane. Every soul on the Earth plane should be so proud of themselves because they have chosen a very difficult path in their soul growth. Why is this so? Because one has the Self when one incarnates into the physical body. The Self makes things harder for the soul and slows down soul growth, sometimes stopping it altogether. Why does the Self do this? Over many Earth years, the Self has mutated, much like a computer virus does in your computer, or a virus in your body. It becomes stronger and more devious as it learns through your incarnation. Originally, this was the survival instinct in humanity, harmless, an advanced warning in the body of danger. However, over the years of the Earth plane, this energy, for it is an energy, has ceased to be just an energy and has mutated until it is almost human.

Fortunately, the Self cannot survive when the body dies, so it does not go home with you into our world, your true home. It can, though, be a very manipulative energy when it is with you on the Earth plane. There is only one way to deal with the Self, and that is to raise your vibration to a higher level and learn to control it – to not give it any energy. The self feeds on the energy of the emotional body. Each time you react to a situation with emotion, you feed the Self. If you have fear in your life, your Self will use this against you, bringing it up in front of you when you want to make change. So many souls are stifled from making change in their lives because of the Self. Yet it can be controlled; it can be tamed.

You will never lose the Self until you die on the Earth plane. Even when you raise your vibration and go to a higher level of consciousness, you will still have the Self. That is why it takes courage to take an incarnation on the Earth plane. It is not an easy existence, but one can learn so much more quickly by taking an incarnation.

It is so rewarding to come back to our world knowing you at least attempted an incarnation. Some of you ask for the help of a Master to assist you in taming the Self. Yet even with a Master’s assistance and the assistance of others from our world, many still fall by the wayside and do not tame the Self.

How can you tame the Self? Do not criticize another. Do not judge another. Accept all souls as being in their Higher Self and see them as perfect even when at times they upset you greatly. Detach from the situation so that you may see this. Allow others to experience their own lives. Do not try to do it for them. Allow them to stumble and fall and learn what they need to learn. Do not support them so they do not learn from their own experiences. Control your emotional body; try not to react to emotional situations.

Your whole incarnation is meant to be one of compassion and love, but not to give in to the emotional body and the drama it likes to create. Face all of your fear. More than anything, love yourself, for the Self lives on your loathing of yourself if you have this trait. God loves you unconditionally, and God knows your life lessons and learning. Only God can decide if you have learned the lessons you chose to learn through your astrological natal chart, your life plan that you and you alone chose before your incarnation. Nobody else has the right to make judgment about you. Always remember that, if they do, then it is the Self that does it, nobody else, for the Higher Self would not waste energy on such a thing.


My Teachers

I would love to be able to say that I went to India and was taught by a well known Guru or teacher, but I cannot do that because it never happened. Instead, my teachers have been the most amazing people who probably never knew what an impact they had on my life. You could say; “But everyone is your teacher.” Yes, that is true, but the teachers who really made an impact on me were just ordinary people who came into my life and changed it forever.

My first teacher was a woman named Eileen who must have seen something within me to prompt her to teach me. She and her husband, ardent spiritualists from England, took me under their wing (despite their being in their late seventies) and taught me the basics of communicating with spirit. They assisted in removing the fear I had of death and allowed me to see for the first time the energy I channel known as “Sister,” sitting on the grass in spirit and surrounded by children. They gave me all of their energy to enable me to learn, and when they had done so, like a mother bird, they kicked me out of the nest. They told me to do it alone now, and to trust in Spirit.

My second teacher was a woman named Pearl. I did not like Pearl when I first met her. She was 85 years old and an old-time spiritualist with incredible insight and metaphysical knowledge. I did not realize it at the time, but the reason I did not like her was because she mirrored for me a fearlessness I did not have. I knew I had it inside of me, but I was afraid of letting out. She also had an inner peace which I did not have at that time. She was, as Sister has said, “At peace in her own silence.” I was not – far from it. I was filled with fear, lack of confidence, and low self esteem. Pearl helped me to see myself as worthy to do spiritual work. She educated me about the metaphysical and she made predictions of things which have come true in my life. Who was Pearl? She was a widow, who loved her husband dearly still, even years after he died. She was artistic and she lived alone. She gossiped, yes, and she disliked her daughter-in-law vehemently. She was human, and she really was a wonderful teacher for me, for she showed me that one does not have to be perfect to be spiritual.

My third teacher was Maitreya. He was the hardest teacher of all, for he forced me to be truthful to myself and to know when my Self was lying and trying to persuade me to go back to the old safe and secure way. He taught me so much about many subjects I had no knowledge of. He led me to books that educated me further, and was there to comfort me when I realized I was doing something wrong.

These were great teachers, each one of them an incredible influence in my life, and each one left an indelible mark on my heart and in my soul. Then life itself became my teacher, teaching me about facing my fears, insecurities, doubts, lack of confidence – all the things I chose before incarnating on the earth plane to enable me to learn so that I could help others who had the same problems. People say to me now, “How do you know so much? How can you have so much awareness and knowledge to be able to help me?” I just tell them, I had great teachers. I still have great teachers, for I am constantly learning each day and I always will until the day I pass over into the world of “home” again.

Who were your teachers, and what did they bequeath to you? How do you remember them? Do you remember them? Each one of us has one teacher who stands out, whether for good or bad, in our lives. I hope you will remember your teachers and give them credit for assisting you on your path in life. Eileen and her husband Len, and Pearl have long since gone “home,” but I like to think they still stand in the classroom in spirit teaching me, leading me, and guiding me to further knowledge and understanding. They were wonderful souls.

Margaret McElroy.


Message from Maitreya:

On my last visit to Singapore with my channel, I gave a suggestion to one of those who support me there that he create an on-line new age magazine. We give many suggestions to people when they ask us for advice and guidance, but many of the ideas are never taken up due to fear or lack of belief in one’s own abilities. It was with great joy that we watched this on-line magazine grow from an idea to an actual reality! is the magazine, and the first edition was published in July of this earth year of 2007.

What a joy it is to see such dedication in pursuing the suggestion, but even more to see such a professional on-line magazine available for all who wish to view it. If they had any fear, they faced it head on. The two people who produce and edit the magazine – Chee and Lee, who live in Singapore – are very creative people indeed, and have been most supportive of my work in that country. Each one of you has a talent inside of you, just like Chee to whom I made the suggestion, and his friend Lee who assisted him to create the magazine. There is no one born without talent. Each soul has something they can do with their talent to make a living and to be happy in their life, yet so many do not do that. If you could only see the souls who come home to us and realize what they should have done with their life. It is they themselves, not us who are sorry for not using their talent. You see, we cannot tell you while you are on the earth plane – unless you ask us – that you are making mistakes or not using your talent.

Recently my channel was told by an individual that she was not using her gift in the correct way, that she was not really channeling me. She was told that, in fact, she was supposed to have attended a channeling by someone else and that she would have been told this by the Masters. Unfortunately, this individual is under an illusion if they believe this. It is not our purpose, unless you ask us personally, to comment on what you are doing. We are forbidden by karmic law to tell you directly, without your asking, what you are doing wrong, just as we can make suggestions to you about what you should do, but YOU have to put them into being to make them happen. Our purpose is to see that you live your earthly life, to assist where necessary to lead and guide you to the people and situations that will assist you to learn your lessons. We cannot tell you that what you do is wrong! If we do, we interfere with your choice. Even if we can see that the Self is controlling you, we still cannot interfere in your decisions, for we know that, with the Self there, we will never be heard. It will just incite the Self even more. We cannot assist you if you have fear. You have to face that fear yourself. We can send our energy to assist you, but not interfere.

Thankfully for Chee and Lee, they did everything they were supposed to do and followed it through to its creation. Had they not done so, we could not have interfered, and until they returned home to our world, they would never have known the beautiful artwork and the beautiful talent they have and what they could have created had they allowed it. We all in the Halls of the Masters congratulate them on their wonderful achievement and in facing any fear they had head on. They truly are two very wonderful souls.


Conquering fear!

I cannot think of anyone who does not have fear. I once knew someone who had read Maitreya’s teachings backwards and forwards, but when her husband moved on and went out of her life, she became so fearful she downgraded her mobile phone, car, and cut back on all of her expenses. Fear took over and, instead of just trusting the Universe to keep bringing her what she already had, she allowed fear to take over and limit her manifesting. She never went back either, and now talks to everyone about her meager existence since her husband left, of how she is always poor, and on a limited income. I know this person has the ability to make a lot of money and has been given money to assist her to do so, but she still lives in poverty consciousness despite her years of Maitreya’s teachings.

What causes fear? Often it is lack of faith and trust. I have come to believe that the Universe knows what we need and will supply what we need, if only we will trust it. It is the trust that is difficult because the Self constantly goes into the past, bringing up memories and past life energy pertaining to whatever it is we are dealing with. One of the things Maitreya has taught me is to have total trust in the Universe and in the fact it will bring me what I need.

I remember being told by a clairvoyant who I respected very much as a channel that I was no longer going to teach the Masters course; something else would come along. I remember my fear at that time. How would I manage financially? But deep down I decided to go with the flow and see what happened. What happened is that I met Alan, who after a period of time became my partner and who supported me financially despite my not liking it. Why did I not like it? Because I had to give up my freedom of supporting myself. I came to love being taken care of and being pampered, which is what Alan does for me. However, it was so hard hanging onto that “going with the flow” while the Self was pounding away at me, day after day, with its advice and guidance about it not lasting, about my giving up my free will etc., and keeping focused on the changes that were happening in my life. I changed enormously from the experience and realized that, as long as I had the faith (oh, that magic word) and did not put fear in the way, the Universe would bring me what I needed and more. The more I trusted, the more faith I had, the more the Universe brought to me. I could have lamented like my friend who downgraded her life to cope with her “limited” circumstances when her husband left her, but I did not, and I thank the Universe so much for helping me to keep positive and to fight the Self part of me. It made me even more positive and enabled me to move forward in a way I could never have imagined.

Conquering fear is not easy, but I find now that a lot of my clients and those who come into my energy have massive fear – something I am very familiar with – and, because of my own experience with fear, I am more able to assist them to remove their fear. Do I still have fear? You bet; it comes up frequently. The Self shoves it under my nose all of the time. Do I let it dominate my life? No I do not, I have learned to face it head on and, as I do so, it disappears. As it does, I ask myself. “Why was I in fear?” The feeling of facing a fear is so liberating, so huge. I cannot tell anyone what it feels like; it has to be experienced. Why not take one fear you have and face it head on. Then take another and another? You will be surprised at how powerful you become!

Margaret McElroy.

It Isn’t a Religion

Margaret and I were recently asked to give a talk to a small informal group of people. None of the attendees’ were familiar with us, and it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment event in a little suburb of Seattle that I would term “progressive” or “forward thinking”. We knew we would probably only get 10-15 people, but felt the need to support the individual that called and was trying to generate interest in the alternative thinking area.

Off we go with no expectations and the trust in those upstairs to guide us through topics that would be appropriate to a group that we didn’t have a clue about. The environment was very progressive and all sorts of people wandered by. We finally decided to speak about an hour later than planned as a few more people showed up. We ended up with about 15, and the discussion began.

For those of you reading this who are familiar with our web site and the teachings of Maitreya, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s all about facing your fears and learning to be “Your Own Master.” Throw in astrology as your road map to the lessons that you have chosen to experience and learn from in this incarnation, along with the past life energy you must conquer to learn those lessons, and that pretty much sums up the writings of Maitreya.

Margaret and I proceeded to give an overview of the Maitreya teachings against the backdrop of our own experiences. While we can laugh at the experiences as we teach and make fun of ourselves, as all of you know, the lessons, when going through them, can be quite challenging to say the least. The only thing constant in the evolution of the soul is change. The lower self part of you keeps you trapped through fear of the past and fear of the future, whereas the Higher Self part of you knows that the universe will put things into place to allow you to experience what the soul needs at this point in time. There are no accidents, only experiences.

The event went very well, and our message of how we live our lives was very well received. But as we always state, according to the teachings of Maitreya, this is our truth, and some, all, or none of it may resonate with you, and that is fine. Becoming your own master is following what resonates with you. Strive to find your truth and focus on your truth. Don’t waste energy trying to change somebody else’s truth and you will not only find your passion, but have the energy to move you through the challenges of your truth.

At the end of the event, a young girl of seventeen that happened to be visiting the area and wandered into the event came up and said what we were saying really resonated with her, and could I tell her the name of our religion. I said we don’t have a religion. The teachings of Maitreya are about becoming your own master, not giving up your power to anyone. I was told by a close friend that “religion” comes from the word “re-legion,” which means to give your allegiance to someone else. Maitreya’s message to us is to not abdicate our power by giving it to anyone. You have to live the experience, so why not be the master of the experience? After all, you are the creator of your own reality.

Alan McElroy.