The Photon Belt

Maitreya’s newsletter on The Photon Belt has created many emails about the subject and many inquiries about what people are experiencing. It is with this influx of mail that I decided to write this newsletter about what people are experiencing and will be experiencing while the Photon Belt is over the Earth plane. The full effects of the Photon Belt will be with us until 2012 and, even after that, its slow progress out of the Earth plane energy will continue to create problems for those who experience them. Although many of the people experiencing this phenomenon are on the metaphysical/spiritual path, many others who are not on this path are also being affected. So what are the symptoms? Below is a list of symptoms that are causing quite a lot of problems.

Vertigo – Dizziness on sitting up out of bed, moving the head, and on lowering the head in bed. This could be accompanied by nausea. This is caused by the pressure of the Photon Belt on the pineal and pituitary glands. I have been told that the children who were born in the last 20 years – after 1980 – will not have to experience this. Their bodies have already shifted into the new vibration and consciousness.

Lack of Time – Not enough time to do what one has to do. The day goes by extremely fast; weeks and months speed by also.

Sleep Problems – Waking up usually at one particular time each night. Most people report 3:00 am as their time to wake up and then having problems getting back to sleep. People experience feelings of tiredness through the day, sometimes with the need to take a nap when one has never done this before.

Eye Problems – Many people are having problems with their eyesight changing. For instance, I used to wear glasses as I was short sighted, but I no longer wear glasses. I keep them in my handbag, but never wear them. Alan has problems, at times, seeing through his glasses and contact lenses. One’s eyesight either gets worse or gets better.

Nausea – This is a problem for a lot of people, and many just have nausea on its own. It is caused by the pressure on the chakra system – especially the solar plexus – by the Photon Belt energy. One woman who was 55 said she felt as if she had morning sickness!

Exhaustion – Many of the people who write to me say they are having problems with extreme exhaustion, almost as if they have chronic fatigue symptoms. I, for one, have had a real problem, as has Alan, in keeping focused all day and being exhausted even after a good night’s sleep.

Anger – Many people are also experiencing unexplained anger coming to the surface. This is due to the Photon energy forcing out of our chakra systems the old energy of anger which has not been removed in past lives. Many are surprised at the amount of anger stored within and its removal.

These are the main symptoms reported so far. I am sure there are others but, for those affected, they are very real and very difficult to endure. If you have experienced any of these symptoms I would love to hear from you. I am trying to chronicle those who are experiencing them.

Margaret McElroy.