Words from Spirit

I was recently asked about the words I use to end our radio broadcasts. For those that haven’t caught our show on the radio (1150AM in Seattle) or internet, I end our broadcast with “Make it a great day, nobody will do it for you”. This particular person felt that the first part of the saying was a positive, but felt the last part of the saying was a negative.

I appreciated the feedback as it gives me food for thought and prompts me to contemplate some of the things I say. Some of you may find it interesting to think, wow, doesn’t he even think about what he is saying. To be truthful with you, no I don’t, because a lot of what I say just pops out of my mouth with no preconceived thought and, the majority of the time, no recollection of what I have said. Welcome to working with those in the world of spirit! Luckily, through the help of Maitreya, I have become comfortable with what comes out of my mouth and don’t spend a lot of time justifying what I say. I am just the messenger and even I don’t need to understand what I say. You might say I am planting seeds, some will receive the information, it will immediately germinate in their souls, and they will resonate to what is being said. Others may not be ready for the message, but the seed will be planted and left to germinate when the soul is ready.

It is interesting, but the seed introducing me to the Masters was planted for me in Hawaii in 1978 by a beautiful soul named Larry, but I wasn’t ready to allow the seed to germinate. I was in my early 20’s and was living life in the fast lane so to speak. But 26 years later when I came across Maitreya and the world of the Masters, it was so interesting because it was as though I already knew all about them. The seed had not just germinated but was fully in bloom. Thanks, Larry, for planting the seed.

Through the assistance of Spirit I have learned to examine within myself anything that is spoken that affects me from the standpoint of it being my issue, and what do I need to learn from my reaction? Is the person mirroring for me what I don’t want to face in my life, or are they mirroring for me the way I used to be?

There is another scenario that a lot of souls are in and that is the complex of feeling they need to save everyone else from what someone else says or does. Unfortunately this is a waste of energy because you not only aren’t allowing their soul to grow through their own experiences, but you aren’t facing the issues in your life that will allow you to grow. Welcome to self sabotaging yourself through the issues of others, but that is a topic for another newsletter.

If you have read any of my newsletters my path, once I embarked on it, was one of life changing decisions. As I stated in an earlier newsletter, my choices were to leave a 17-year marriage, leave two children, and leave a successful business. In the end, to follow my passion, I had to jump; there was nobody there to do it for me. I jumped and, while the road has been rocky at times as I have continued to face my issues just like anyone else on the Earth plane, I wouldn’t change it, because I have learned to make it a great day, because I have learned through my experiences that, at the end of the day, nobody is going to do it for you.

Alan McElroy.

Speaking My Truth

One of the hardest tasks I have ever had to do was to learn to speak my truth quietly and clearly – and sometimes not so quietly. Alan and I both have this problem. I personally have been able to do this, sometimes to Alan’s dismay, as my speaking my truth at times has forced him to see what he feared within himself.

On our travels in Singapore, we stayed at a wonderful hotel with a very fine reputation. The staff could not be more courteous, and we received a special discount rate and wonderful service along with it. There was one day though, when the service was not up to standard, and so I decided to send in a complaint to the management. Maitreya told me many years ago that if I did not say what was on my mind and did not complain – especially if it was a genuine complaint – then how would people know there was a problem?

Poor Alan. When he came with me, Maitreya really made him face his fear as many times I complained about service when it was genuinely bad, and Alan, poor, thing wanted to crawl under the table. In Singapore, the maid who cleaned our hotel room handed me a survey form and asked me if I would fill it in. This I did and made comment on the wonderful service we had received with the hotel, but I also mentioned the situation where service had been bad.

The next day, we were thanked for our survey form and thought nothing else would happen, but were so surprised when, later that day, we returned to the room to find a bottle of vintage wine and a box of chocolates presented neatly on a tray along with a letter from the hotel informing us that what we had experienced was not normal procedure at their hotel. They asked a thousand apologies for this lack of service and asked for forgiveness in this matter. The following morning at breakfast we were informed we could have the late checkout we had asked for, free of charge as a follow on from our complaint. They also thanked us for making the complaint as had we not done so, they could not change things. I was quite taken aback. Maitreya in his usual humor came through and said “See, it was worth complaining wasn’t it?”

I thought back to the years I had spent too frightened to complain, allowing things to happen I was not happy with, and at times had lost money because I was frightened to “speak my truth” and make a complaint. After the complaint, at every opportunity staff came to make sure our needs were met. I felt like the Queen of Sheba as the staff just could not do enough to make our stay as stress free and wonderful as they could.

Alan still has a way to go with his fear of speaking his truth, but he IS doing better than he was. Remember that, if the complaint IS genuine, do speak your truth. It may make things better for you, and get you better service at the same time. After I wrote this newsletter, Maitreya came in and said to me, “Imagine if everyone spoke their truth quietly and clearly without emotion and everyone took what they heard without getting upset, determined, like the hotel, to put what was wrong right. Would not the world be a better place?” I had to agree with him, it would certainly be a better place. Oh, what the emotional body does to us!!

Margaret McElroy.

Communion with God

Message from Maitreya:

I am very aware of what is happening in the world at all times. I read the newspapers and watch news media broadcasts of happenings around the world through my channel. However, recently I was very interested in an article in the media about babies and children who are not baptized having communion with God. Here are the headlines from the article my channel read. “Theologians have long taught that children who die before being baptized enjoy a state of natural happiness called limbo, but are not in communion with God.”

It is very important I speak out about this subject. “GOD DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE BETWEEN THOSE WHO ARE BAPTIZED AND THOSE WHO ARE NOT!” Why would a God who is complete unconditional love insist a baby or child, or adult for that matter, who has not been baptized be denied communion with God? God accepts into its presence all who wish to go there whether they are baptized or not, no matter what color, creed, or belief system. If souls choose to believe about limbo, then that is their prerogative, and their fear, for there is no refusal by the energy many know as God in our world. All souls are treated the same on their return home to our world. Do not be in fear of your return because you are not baptized. My channel used to believe because she had been baptized twice, she stood a better chance than others. This belief was in her younger days before becoming metaphysical. Baptized or not, God, the Divine Spirit, or whatever you perceive that energy to be, loves each and every one of you the same. Just know that and be at peace with that knowledge. Do not fear returning home or having a loved one return home and being denied communion with God because of not being baptized!


Photon Belt Energy

Message from Maitreya:

During my travels with my channel I have seen many people who are and have been affected by the Photon Belt energy. I consider it such a shame that humanity does not know what is happening regarding this energy and how it is affecting them. It is certainly affecting souls, especially those who are already on the spiritual path. For many souls, the energy is getting so powerful it is causing them to have vertigo (dizziness & nausea, especially late at night and first thing in the morning) This phenomenon is caused by the pressure of the energy as it is passing over the earth plane. It is already compacting time, and many people are finding they do not have enough hours in the day to do what they have to do. Yet, all attempts by us in our world to educate humanity en masse have failed because those in the media do not want to know about this. They laugh, perhaps just as they did many earth years ago when Edison talked about electricity! Yet, this energy is real and is destined to change the way humanity lives on the earth plane. It is forcing a lot of anger to the surface. Many people are becoming more aware of their lives and wanting change. It is bringing much unrest to many souls, yet they do not understand the energy, nor do they want to do so.

The energy is a gentle one and is gradually affecting everyone on the earth plane in some way, yet humanity stays in ignorance of it. “Like a thief in the night,” they do not know of it and are not even aware of the time issue, despite their time being very limited in days, hours, and minutes. Once there is understanding of this energy much fear of what is happening can be eliminated. Yet it never ceases to amaze us in our world just how much fear the human race has of anything they do not understand. Recently in Singapore a workshop was held, and this subject was raised. The relief on the faces of the participants taking the workshop was incredible as they became aware of what was happening with this energy and how it is affecting them. Many of those workshop participants were healers and teachers, yet they had no knowledge of what was happening to them with their symptoms and very limited earth time. The energy is very present on the earth plane today. It is not meant to be a fearful energy, but one of enlightenment, destined to raise the vibration of the planet slowly. Some souls are feeling it physically; even my channel has been affected. Many souls are visiting their doctor and finding nothing is wrong with them because the energy is spiritual and is affecting the spiritual body, not the physical one. We have tried many times to make humanity aware of this through the media, but our attempts through my channel have been ridiculed in the past. This energy is here for many years to come; it will not go away. It WILL have its effect on humanity. If only humanity would be aware of this, the world could be a more enlightened place.


The Illusion

Message from Maitreya:

I recently visited certain areas of Europe with my channel, and it saddened me to see so many souls living in darkness and not aware of their ability to change their lives to be able to live in the light! The somber faces of the majority of people, the graffiti, the lack of motivation in many of the people was something very difficult to see. Why is this you may ask? Because we in our world know how to be happy, we know how to change the energy to bring in the light, we know that being in darkness brings in dis-ease and health problems. Yet humanity seems to want to stay in this mode of living, stay in this energy because it is in fear of making change, leaving behind what is no longer needed in their lives, and letting go of old energy to be able to move into the future in a very positive way.

Much has been made recently of “The Secret” and yes, it is a wonderful concept, one which we in our world herald loudly. However, it is a tool which one must use properly for, if it is not used in such a manner, it will not manifest. One also needs to understand the concepts of metaphysics and the laws of metaphysics to be able to change the energy around one. If you want to manifest and you have chosen to have Saturn, the planet of teaching and discipline, in your second house of possessions and material security, then until you have learned the lessons which you have chosen to learn from the teaching of Saturn, all of your manifesting may be blocked because of sub-conscious past life memory or the misuse of energy in a past life.

It is not simple using The Secret if one does not know oneself. Without the knowledge of astrology, past life memory, and what is in your subconscious mind, you will not be able to move forward into abundance, no matter how hard you try. With the knowledge and the right use of affirmations, one can change the energy immediately and clear away a lot of fear and hesitation in one’s energy.

The Secret is a wonderful metaphysical tool, but only if you understand the higher concepts of astrology and past life energy. Many do not. It saddens me to think that many will attempt to use the knowledge of The Secret only to be thwarted and blocked by deep subconscious fear and past life energy, and then to become frustrated and say it does not work!

The sad energy of Europe does not need to be. Every soul can create a better life for themselves, but in order to do so, they need to be aware of metaphysical energy and that change needs to happen, fear needs to be faced and, most of all, each soul needs to understand that they create their own darkness with ignorance, lack of knowledge and fear. Once the knowledge is there, then and only then can the journey to abundance and fulfillment truly begin.