General Topic

Message from Maitreya:

Recently my channel was questioned deeply about a decision she made to cut someone out of her life. Her friends could not believe she had done this and it led to much contemplation and discussion. If Margaret had been presented with this situation 10 years ago, she would never have been able to do it. However, she is beginning to learn to let go of all those who stop her from being the person she is destined to be, and those who pull her into the old ways of doing things which she has long grown beyond.

You waste so much time on the Earth plane staying with and around people you are not happy with but are afraid to speak out to or to leave. Eighty-five percent of Earth’s population is living a lie, living in conditions they are unhappy with, yet they struggle to move away from those conditions. Even when a better situation is presented to them and handed to them, on a plate so to speak, these souls still are in fear of moving on and usually go back into the same situation. You can keep nothing a secret from us in our world. The energy you know as God or Divine Being knows each one of you better than you know yourselves, yet you get so upset when your secrets are spilled, and others know of your actions. Yet why keep things secret? What do you fear?

It was many years ago that Margaret began to learn the above information, and came to the realization that all the souls in her life were there to assist her, and that she could choose who she wanted in her life. Not that she avoided those who did mirror for her, far from it. She faced each and every one of them even if at times it embarrassed her. But when she had worked through issues and had moved on, she realized that often that same energy would stay around her, trying to pull her back into the old way. There was only one thing to do if she wanted to move on, and it was to move away from that energy completely.

We said to Margaret many years ago she could either keep her secrets and they would be pulled out in the future of her life, usually to be picked over by the media and harm her career at that time, OR she could begin writing about her life, leaving nothing out, so that one day, if it happened, the press would have nothing to write about. It was amazing how many of those around my channel tried to get her to change her mind about her decision and go back into the old way!

Nobody is in your life without being there. They are there for your growth and learning. Once you can understand that and not blame others for your mistakes or be drawn back into the old ways you used to have, then and only then can you move forward spiritually as you truly should. It is YOUR decision.


Learning Lessons

Just like all of you, I have my share of lessons. Just because I am the channel for Maitreya does not mean I have a golden spoon and am without my experiences. One of the lessons I have found the hardest to learn is to let people do things by themselves! I know the teachings of Maitreya, and yet I keep falling by the wayside over that particular lesson. Recently I met someone who needed some help in business. This person was struggling financially and emotionally and so I waded into their life offering them financial support to assist them. This soul also expressed the desire to make changes in their life with their accommodation and with their personal issues. All of a sudden, doors started to open for this person, but to my surprise the person did not want it, and to make matters worse, blamed me for telling people about the need for these changes. I was shocked! Had I not offered to help them? Had I not wanted to see them happy? Of course I had, BUT IT WAS NOT MY ISSUE TO MAKE THEM HAPPY, OR TO DO IT FOR THEM DESPITE MY SEEING THEIR DIFFICULTY. Phew, this is a hard one to deal with!

When I used to have to learn lessons early on in my life, the lesson would be repeated over and over until I did learn it. Those around me who knew my lessons would say to me, “Margaret when are you going to learn?” I could hear the same words from my own lips as I actually allowed this person to upset me and have me in tears over the situation. I knew it is Spirit’s decision to assist souls, not mine, and I did feel that spirit had also tried to help this soul because words had been said which I had no recollection of, words which, when that happens, I know are channeled. Nevertheless, I did not ask if it was in order to help this person financially; I had just felt their frustration at not being able to move forward. I did not ask astrologically either, just waded in and made my offer.

I truly believe now, because of the outcome and that person moving on, that I was NOT supposed to assist them in this way. Had I been meant to do so, it would have not turned out the way it did. For me it is sooooo frustrating. I know that because I did not learn this lesson this time it will be presented again and again in my life until I learn it, with different people and different situations, BUT the same lesson. I am praying that soon I will get the grasp of it, and stop doing it. It is made worse for me because AFTER I have goofed up the lesson, Maitreya comes in and tells me where I went wrong – OUCH, it does hurt. He cannot help me either; I have to do it myself. In this particular case, they were prepared to help this person move on and had started the process of doing so; and my intervention of offering assistance stopped this from happening. OUCH again, perhaps next time I will learn!

The thing is, I am a sucker for a sob story, and I had it so hard myself at one stage of my life that it hurts me to see others suffer, but often they have to suffer as it is the only way they learn their lessons. Oh well, go around again Margaret. I will not be told the next time this lesson comes into my life for testing again. However, I will be vigilant, and hopefully will not make the same mistakes again!

Margaret McElroy.