Painful Experiences

I recently had to let go of someone whom I love dearly. Why did I do this? I did it because I could no longer experience watching them do what they were doing. It was very difficult making the decision to do this, but I knew it had to be done if I were to remove myself from the situation. The interesting thing is that this person enabled me to see what I could not previously see. They created the doorway for me to see what I did, and to take action on the fact that I did not want them in my life anymore.

You would no doubt say, “But why would you do this if this person helped you?” It is a good question. It is a matter of choice and of being the creator of my own reality. Since I opened the door to spiritual development, I have for many years had to let go of deep hidden stuff, emotional situations, and people. As I have grown spiritually I have come to realize my life is mine to mold. Just as a sculptor creates his statue, so I am able to create my own life and who I have in it. If a sculptor does not want to work with a particular clay, he chooses another. And so it is with my life. I am the creator of this life. I am responsible for no one except myself and, because of that, I can choose who I have in my life.

The person I am writing about, through their actions, enabled me to see a part of myself that used to be. BUT in their energy (that is, when I was around them), I became as I was then – in the past – not the person I am now. I found myself being affected by their energy and going, as some would say, into “past life mode.” I became aware that this person created fear within me which had been there since they were a child. This person also created guilt within me, For what, in this life, I do not know, but I know it is from another incarnation. It became a stronger and stronger feeling, and I no longer wanted this person in my life. I realized that, to move on, I had to leave them behind. But I also knew that it was for the other person’s learning also; they were helping me and I was helping them.

Examination of the astrology between us confirmed this. Then I had to implement it. I found myself penning an email which was full of unspoken words over the years. I spoke my truth clearly and it evoked a reply full of venom and anger. Yet I knew I had to do this. This would start within them the questioning and the change necessary in their life. I do not know whether the rift will ever be healed. I am not sure whether I want it healed unless they can change also. I do know I feel free for the first time in many years. I no longer am in fear, and I feel totally detached from the situation. I am at peace with what I have done – really at peace!

Margaret McElroy.

Past Life Energy

Message from Maitreya:

You do not realize what is in your subconscious mind deep within your being. Every incarnation you have ever had is in your soul memory. If you have experienced a past life with trauma, sadness, grief, or other emotion and have not released this energy, then it is in this subconscious part of your being. You wonder why you go through situations of pain and suffering. You call out to God, “Why am I going through this?”

More often than not, it is because it is karmic in nature, and you have chosen to go through it to free yourself and to move forward. You have chosen to deal with these issues in this life. As you work through and deal with those experiences, you become lighter in energy, more able to manifest your needs, and free from your health problems. YOU are the one who allowed this to be within you. YOU are the one who did not deal with the emotion in a previous incarnation, and, because it is energy (and stagnant energy at that), it has been waiting for YOU to move it on, to remove it from your being.

I have often been asked, “Maitreya, why can I not remove this myself? Why can you not remove this by sending me healing?” My reply is that we in spirit need a human instrument to channel our energy through and to work with the one who needs it. We cannot come to the Earth plane despite some souls feeling otherwise. We must work through a channel for our energy to be used in the way it needs to be used.

You must deal with your blocks from past incarnations and from this life – yes, many of you, when younger, created blocks because you did not want to deal with the energy of whatever it was you did not like or did not want to face. The sooner you can deal with the blocks within you without fear (through past life regression), the sooner you can raise your vibration and move forward in consciousness and vibration. What are YOU holding inside of you? What is stopping you from moving forward? You would be very surprised at what you hold deep within your subconscious mind!