Message from Maitreya:

One of the hardest things to do when on the spiritual path of learning is to recognize what is the Self and what is the Higher Self. Many know the Self as the ego, and yes, it is, but it is also much more. It has learned over the Earth years to penetrate the areas of one’s psyche where all fear, doubt, insecurity and pain lie. It holds on to this, waiting until you make a move away from the comfort zone and where it feels safe and secure, and then it strikes like a snake waiting for a mouse as it passes.

It is hard for many souls to recognize when the Self is there, for the Self can confuse you and have you believing it is the Higher Self. Only a very highly attuned teacher or reader can identify the Self in all its glory. Usually fear is the reason for this happening. The Self is all fear, for it hates change – it wants to stay in the comfort zone of life. It does not want conflict with others as it speaks its truth, so it does not do this. Year after year, it keeps one in bondage and in slavery to itself! The Higher Self continually gives you the path you SHOULD take, the path you have chosen as part of your spiritual journey, but of course the Self keeps you beholden, in fear.

Often you do not know that perhaps hurting someone is what is necessary for THEIR growth, that only by hurting them, will they learn. Often, at school, a teacher will tell a student a truth which the student may not like, but which enables them to move forward and leave behind the old patterns. So it is with us in our world. Through our channels, and often in your dreams and meditations, we try to move you forward. However, the Self often is the one who stops this action by creating the fear.

So many of you on the spiritual path are not true to yourself. You live a lie every day because you cannot bring yourself to face your destiny, to move forward and take the happiness which is yours. You hold yourself back; it is your choice, but often, only when you come home again to our world, do you see your actions and then wish you had not done it, as you face another round of incarnation to learn the same lessons.

Try to recognize what is Self and Higher Self. Try to fulfill your destiny as much as you can. Do not let fear, the fear of others, or the fear of change stop you from moving forward. Once you can do this and not let the Self have free reign, then the Higher Self can truly enter your life and help you accomplish your destiny on the highest level.


Manifesting and Mirrors

My family has finally left after a month of holiday with us. What a time it was! They arrived to a 5-day power outage which proved a challenge in itself because we could not live in our house, so it was a hotel for three nights. It was not an easy task with two babies under 17 months, two children 2 and 3, and a 7-year old, jet lagged, tired, and out of their comfort zone and regular routine.

It was not easy those first few days. We finally got into the house, and of course after five days without power, we had no food in the house as all fridge and freezer food was thrown out. I had never realized how exhausting shopping for a large family was! Over the next few weeks I was tested on every level – the noise from five very active children was very loud. They had an enormous number of presents from Mum, Grandparents, and Aunt and Uncle, yet most of the time they fought over a cloth belt and a piece of string! The toys lay all around, very rarely played with, and brought home to the parents the fact that children need very little to be kept happy!

I had asked Maitreya for snow while my family was with us; being from Australia it is something they had never seen. Alan said he would take them to the snow half an hour away from us. I said I wanted snow on the deck outside the house. Alan replied that we were too low in elevation for snow! Maitreya proved him wrong, as twice we had snow, just before they arrived and just after the new year when it snowed very heavily. As I write it is snowing again – thick chunky flakes settling on the snow already hard-packed in the below-freezing weather. Since learning to give no energy to anything and letting go of a lot of emotional issues which I used to react to, I have found I can manifest quickly and easily all that I need or desire. My daughter was a mirror for me of where I had come from and how far I had come! I was looking each day at a mirror image of myself as I was when I was younger. Through her I could see my father’s temper and frustration at not being able to cope at certain times. I too was like that many years ago; now I was able to see how much I had changed. It was heartening, yet I caught myself a few times being drawn back into that energy again. Thankfully, I recognized it and was able to let it go.

One of my friends who came to help with the children most days said that the five children mirrored for him so much of what he needed to see in himself, and also of how he also used to be. The mirroring for me was amazing because I have a problem with sharing on an individual level. If I have something such as a chocolate bar, I hate sharing. Of course it is a past life issue, but I was watching four young children every day having the same problem. I decided it was a waste of energy, so guess who will be sharing from now on? Alan had experienced a past life with my son and this still needed to be dealt with. It was interesting watching the anger surface in Alan, yet not affecting my son in any way.

There was so much that this holiday with my family taught me. I thank God that I was in a high enough rate of vibration to see it. The biggest experience came on New Years Eve morning, when one child, going to the bathroom, blocked the toilet with paper, then tried to flush it away! As she saw the water come into the bowl, she walked away, not knowing that the water would continue like that for approximately another 5 hours. The basement was flooded! The family all slept down there and the children had a playroom downstairs in the basement. The flooding made it impossible for them to continue playing there so they moved up into the main floor. The bathroom floor had to be removed which made for frayed tempers as the bathroom became difficult to use. Our upstairs bathroom became theirs; once again it was about sharing. My Self did not like it one bit. My Higher Self, said “why get upset, at least you have a shower and bath, many souls do not even have running water!”

Yes, Alan and I and a few friends who also are spiritual learned a great deal from this family visit. I am so grateful for the experience. It has enabled me to see how our own families are the keys to the peace of the world; it is all about non reaction and moving forward. Oh, if only the rest of the world could see what I saw within my own family; I am sure we all would move forward in vibration a lot quicker!

Margaret McElroy.