The Christmas Spirit

I spent my first 28 years of life in the northern hemisphere and moved to Australia with my then husband and two young children. Each year in that first 28 years, the season known as Christmas to me was celebrated in the cold weather of England and one year in Germany. It was a big culture shock moving to Australia because in that country Christmas was celebrated in incredible heat and, for me, the celebration never seemed the same. We had the tree and the presents, but Christmas dinner was cooked in very hot conditions. In fact one year I almost fainted cooking a roast dinner for the family in over 100-degree heat!

Once the children left home the need to have a Christmas celebration was not there any more. When I began my spiritual path, I gave it away all together; it was a Christian celebration and I was no longer a Christian. For many years there was no tree and no celebration. I did miss the traditional celebration of my childhood and, even though I was no longer a Christian, I still had a stirring inside whenever I heard carols and saw the stores decorated for Christmas – despite the hot weather.

My first Christmas in America was a white one, and it was cold. For the first time I was able to go back in time and enjoy the Christmas of my childhood. As we would soon be moving, we did not buy a tree or trimmings, but for me the cold weather and the snow was enough. My second year in America, Alan bought a tree and the decorations for it. We had our own home and, in the area we lived in, most people had decorations on their houses. The weather was cold, and I was transported in memory back to my childhood in England and to the cold Christmas season of that time. I allowed myself to get nostalgic, and to enjoy the season as I remembered it.

This year, my third in America, we have put the tree up again, but this year, there are five stockings hanging above the chimney in the lounge room. This year I am finding myself so excited because my family is visiting from Australia for one month over the Christmas season. This year I am truly transported back to childhood, and the wonder of the season known as Christmas. Five children – 9 months, 16 months, 2, 3, and 7 years of age – will be experiencing their first cold Christmas. None of them has yet discovered that Santa Claus does not exist, so for them the wonder of Christmas is even better.

She who would not celebrate Christmas because I was not a Christian, has suddenly succumbed to the season and is preparing to make Christmas cookies, wrapping presents, talking about leaving evidence of reindeer visiting in the lounge room, and looking forward to cooking a Christmas meal for my large family this year. I have been caught up in an American Christmas! It is making me very happy; I am bursting with energy and I have asked my friends in the spirit world for snow. On the day last month when I actually asked them, it did snow in our area, something unusual here because it was November, so I have made a calendar note to ask again a week before Christmas. I have come to realize though that there is something about a cold Christmas that really makes it feel like Christmas.

So from myself and, of course, Alan, in the United States of America, we would like to wish all of our web site viewers a wonderful time and send seasonal greetings to all of you. I hope that 2007 is a wonderful year for you. I have decided it will be a wonderful year for me, because that is what I wish for in my reality!!

Margaret McElroy.

The Emotional Body

Message from Maitreya:

For those on the spiritual path, those who have chosen to tread the path of spiritual growth, life can become very heavy as one becomes aware of the emotional body and how it can be affected by the path of growth. The whole purpose of your spiritual path is to let go of and move on from the emotional body. It is the emotional body which the Self hangs on to, holding on to the fear, doubt, jealousy, anger, greed etc. Often you are not aware that this is happening to you, that the Self is hanging on to these emotions. As you face your fear and you face all of the emotional issues which are often left over energy from other lives, the Self has less and less to hold on to, and the Higher Self can then become a greater force in your life.

To do this is not easy, for the Earth plane is a place of pure emotion, from the dramas you watch on television to the dramas you allow to dominate and control your lives. Once the emotional body is released, not only can the illusion of the Earth plane be seen, but it can also allow you to see intuitively so much more than before.

In the Middle East at present, there is so much conflict created by emotion. The emotions of anger and fear are so strong that one wonders if they can ever be broken? Yes, they can be broken, but only when humanity realizes these emotions are the source of the problem, and they move away from them. But who is going to be the first to give in? The Self is determined to get its own way, to justify itself and to return an eye for an eye. Letting go of the emotional body is not easy for it involves facing issues and deep-seated pain. Often this pain is so deep one cannot even find it!

Many souls never even realize that, on the Earth plane, they have an emotional body. Yet it is this energy which is the cause of all strife and conflict on the Earth plane today. What happens when one releases the emotional body? One see’s through the illusion of the Earth plane, one has more energy to give to whatever one wishes to give it to, and one is no longer in anger, greed, fear, jealousy, etc. Because those particular energies are not there, there is more energy to manifest, and more energy to work with on one’s spiritual path, and one can become a very efficient and highly energized healer/reader/channel. Once the blocks of the emotional body are removed, the world is yours and so much is possible with the energy you are not using within the emotional body.

How does one let go, I can hear you asking? Face your fear, let go of your anger, jealousy, etc.; let go and give it no energy. That is the first step. Once you do this, then the Universe will lead and guide you to the next step.