Changing Sex

On my spiritual path, I have had some absolutely wonderful experiences. The highlight for me was when I was allowed me to be a man for one day. I cannot tell you how that changed my life in so many ways. I just woke up one morning and felt as if I had a male appendage complete with everything. It did not feel physical, but etheric (spiritual). I could certainly feel it and all the sensations it brought with it. I was used to being a woman with all my womanly feelings and all of a sudden, I was feeling completely different!

Throughout that day I was also educated by the Master about being a man – what makes a man sexual, how a man has difficulty in controlling his erection once he gets it, and how it is a force of energy that needs to go somewhere. I was shown why men, even young men, rape older women, and how some men find great difficulty in controlling that energy. In one day I experienced a myriad of emotions and feelings, and even got to experience with the same sensation the ‘tingle’ a man gets before he ejaculates. Apart from those who have had sex operations, I must the only woman in the world today who knows what a man feels when he has that feeling. At the end of that day, I was educated in being a man on all levels, and I was able to understand so much more about the males around me.

This happened to me in the early days of my spiritual work. Over the years, the experience of being a man assisted me in so many ways with my healing work and with my readings. From men who were impotent to men who were so sexual they could not control their feelings, I was able to assist them with their problems. In many cases, there was residue from past lives behind the problems. Later, after I began using astrology in my work, I have been able to see from a man’s chart whether he has a sexual problem that is either something he has chosen to experience or a past life connection with the energy.

I have to say the experience of being a man for the day was one of the most profound of my life! Not only was I educated about being a man, but I was also educated in the herbs men can take, which can assist them with their sexual energy, especially if they have lost it. After that day, I had a new found respect for men. It was like I had a special connection to them in some way because I knew what they felt and experienced sexually. I have never written about this before because the subject of sexuality and spirituality has always been very guarded. Maitreya has taught me personally and written newsletters about how important sexual energy is in our lives. Since that experience of being a man, I have watched the church come apart at the seams as priest after priest has admitted accosting their young parishioners in their churches. Church ministers and elders have also admitted having affairs out of marriage and having to leave the church because of that. I have also watched the church become so judgmental over the presence of gay men in their clergy! Maitreya has often told me that not many of us are true to ourselves, and that is because we don’t understand who we are, especially sexually.

Before I became a man for a day, I was quite a prude, to be honest. I was like everyone else who knew nothing of male sexual energy. After that experience, I realized unless we can understand that energy, we cannot in a sense assist with the problems encountered by men, who do have difficulty with their sexual energy. It is an energy. Just as electricity needs a source, so does sexual energy. It is not just the energy we need to understand, but also the feelings accompanying it. We have such a long way to go with this issue. It is interesting that of all the workshops I have taught over the years, the one on ‘sex and spirituality’ was cancelled due to lack of interest. Every other workshop has been so well attended. I thank God for the experience I was given. It has helped me enormously to understand men on all levels. I have a new respect for them, and also for the issues they have with their sexual energy. I just wish every other woman could have the experience I did; it would certainly help them to understand the men in their lives!

Margaret McElroy.

The New School and Web Site

Thank you to all of the people who wrote me about the new look web site. We wanted it to coincide with the opening of the Seattle teaching and healing center. The new web site was created by a young woman, Frances Verbeek, who now lives in Sydney, Australia. All of us who know her, know her as “Happy Fran” because she is such a positive and happy person. Her creative talent is enormous, yet like everyone else she has a Self.

A few months before the new site went up, a group of us chose to accept her new “funky” web site. She had created about six for us to chose from, and we then made a final choice. I wrote her, and told her of our decision. She wrote back and said since sending it to us, her Self had come in and ridiculed her for creating it, and as she was receiving my email, she was in the throes of scrapping all the work she had created and starting all over. I am so glad I wrote when I did and saved her a lot of extra work. However, it shows just what the Self is capable of, if it is allowed free reign.

Someone wrote me the other day and asked, “Do you still have problems with your Self?” I wrote back and said “Yes, I do. At times it is a real nuisance, especially when I am tired, or have spent too much time alone.” However, I am better than I was, heaps better, and I am now aware when my Self is there and what it does.

Our new web site will have many aspects to it, not only will it be educational, but we will have links to each school as they are created. The weekend we had the opening of the Seattle school, we gave ‘birth’ to the San Diego school. All being well, this should be one year away from completion. Each school will be responsible for its own advertising and information of activities. We will also have a link to our commercial site which will be ready very soon. On our commercial site one will be able to purchase astrology charts, aura-soma readings, flower essences, readings and products such as DVD’s and CD’s as well as a lot more items. When I think back to 10 years ago, to when the web site was created, we have come such a long way.

I have to say a very big thank you to one very special person, our web master Ratna Colluru. Ratna took on the web site management when Peter my ex-husband, retired from the site in the early years of 2000. For about four years, Ratna has looked after the site for us in his spare time as a volunteer. His work has been amazing, and although very busy with his day job, he always manages to update the web site when anything new comes out. He is also responsible for the creation of the commercial site. We also have volunteers around the world who translate the Master’s teachings into their own language. To those people, I also want to say a big thank you. Your work has enabled the web site to grow enormously and given the opportunity to many more people to read the words of Maitreya. Many people who wrote me about the new web site assumed that Alan and I were the only ones who were responsible for it, but we are not. There is a whole army of volunteers who assist Maitreya with his work.

Recently, the question of my Self was raised when we had people at the new school in Seattle wanting to volunteer to assist us. I felt terrible because we could not pay these people. The Self was really giving me a lot of grief and challenge about this. Thank goodness for Maitreya, and of course the access to the Higher Self. He asked me if I remembered 1977, when I had gone to a community radio station and volunteered my services. This simple task had eventuated in my having my own radio show each Friday for three hours a week. I learned a lot about radio at that time, and I also did a lot of voluntary work, including raising much needed money for the station. Maitreya told me that I was now receiving karma in the form of the volunteers working for us, in exchange for my voluntary work all those years ago! “What you give out, you get back,” he said. I was so amazed. I was also glad I had let go of a lot of my stubborn ways, because in the past I would not have let go of the issue. Suddenly, I could let go of it, knowing this was my reward for past services. It was like a great weight being lifted off me.

We often forget what we have done in the past, or will not acknowledge it, but I am so glad I did. To all those people who wrote to us about the new site, thank you so much. However, do know it is a team effort, and we could not be where we are without that effort. The creation of that and the creation of the new Seattle healing and teaching school taught all of us many lessons about the Self. Thankfully, we learned many of them.

Margaret McElroy.

The Path

Message from Maitreya:

The recent creation of the new facilities in Seattle for teaching and healing was for my channel, the end of a long and arduous road. She had no idea when she began her path of working with the Divine Being, or as many of you know as God, that her path would be so laborious. However, she chose to be tested on the hardest levels in order to remove past life energy that she was still carrying in her soul memory, and which needed to be removed for her to move on with her soul growth. In a past life, she had done the spiritual work before, but had allowed fear, doubt in her own abilities, low self esteem, and other emotions to stop her from her growth. In another incarnation, she had been what most people would have considered famous, and had the ability of intuition and healing energy, but she had used it in the wrong way. She came back into this incarnation, as many of you do, to try again at removing these emotions and freeing herself from a cycle of life, where such issues would have stayed with her incarnation after incarnation. In order to remove the energy from her soul, she chose to take a long hard path of work and service, with little reward while she was on the path of learning new ways. She asked for the assistance of a Master teacher as she knew she would not do it alone. I needed a soul to work with to do my work on the Earth plane, so it was agreed we would work together.

She chose her path before she was born, and I, as her teacher, chose to take that path with her. It was painful watching my student struggle to let go of her past energy. Watching her face her issues and not being able to assist her, but only able to give her energy and instruction on how to handle situations and move forward into the new energy. For what was needed with my work, she also had to be tested and tried in all ways of Earthly life. For instance she had a fear of ridicule, and ran away or became upset at the slightest criticism or judgement. She had to learn not to be so sensitive: if people did not like what she did, it was THEIR problem not hers. It was not easy watching her as she moved forward little by little away from the old energy.

Slowly, issue by issue, she cleared the old energy from her soul, until finally, at sixty years of age, she had freed herself from the old part of herself, and was finally able to stand alone, with all of her lessons learned, and finally receive the rewards. You see, there are rewards for all souls who reach that stage of clearing the old energy. For it is that old energy which actually stops the flow of energy to your true Higher Self. There are no magic words, or magic wands, just hard work as you face your fears and insecurities and move forward onto a new path of freedom. Some souls may be financially better off than others, but all the money they have cannot stop the learning which needs to take place to move forward. Each soul has to learn their own way.

Has my channel finished her learning? No, she has not! She continues to learn about life every day, but her own personal karma and her own personal soul growth is completed. She is now subject to instant karma for anything she says or does; it does not accrue over lifetimes any more, but has to be dealt with immediately. What she creates, she gets back in this incarnation. Thankfully, she has reached the place of creating all that she desires.

If you are to work with us in the highest way, it is important you also face your issues and old energy. As you do so, you bring in more and more of the energy of the Divine Being. This energy is waiting for each soul no matter who or what they are. The path at times can seem insurmountable, impossible, but there is nothing you cannot do, achieve or create. Until the old energy of the past has been removed though, it is difficult for you to experience the rewards. It is not we who give the rewards, but you in your Higher Self. We just guide you and lead you to where you need to learn these lessons and with whom. Now that my channel has reached her level of awareness, I can work with her without hindrance of fear, doubt and insecurity. It is no longer there. Now, my true words can be expressed without the energy of past conditioning or personal feeling.

Each one of you has the same opportunities as my channel. Yes, the path is not easy and at times you will stumble and fall, but the reward of doing so is freedom from the past, and the ability to be free of all the past energy which has been stopping you and delaying your progress. We are not the ones who stop you from growing, you stop yourselves. You do have us in our world to help you. Why not ask for that assistance and step onto the path of learning? You and you alone are the creator of your own reality.


The Chess Game of Life

Irrespective of whether you are aware of it, your life is essentially a chess game. Directly or indirectly, all actions you and others take are just moves on your chess boards of life. Most people never realize that there are tools to assist them to learn how to navigate their board more efficiently, so as to make the game and subsequently their soul growth more enjoyable and fruitful. They tend to just wander through life, usually allowing their own arbitrary moves or others’ to set the stages for the lessons that they have chosen to experience during this incarnation.

So how can we learn to play this chess game of life that we know as the human condition? Face your fears. Don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone. Do what is good for you at the moment and not what those around think or feel is good for you. Don’t let the Self keep you trapped in the past by worrying about your past actions or results, and don’t let it bring in fear of the future. The universe knows exactly what you need. You have to live the experience, so why not take control of the experience on your terms?

Remember, everyone is just a player on your board and you on theirs. As Maitreya has said, there are no accidents in life. You can choose to face your fears and move out of the comfort zone of this chess game called life, or you can choose to wander through the maze in a daze. There will be much learning and evolution of the soul based on your personal actions and subsequent responses to others’ actions.

At the end of the game, you and only you will judge yourself and your actions in the Hall of Mirrors. Did you face your fears? Did you move out of your comfort zone? For example, did you stay in a relationship out of fear of being alone, fear of what the family will think, fear of hurting the children etc? Or did you break the energy of someone that may have dominated you not only in this lifetime, but probably four or five other lifetimes? They were just a player in your game that came to allow you the opportunity to release the energy by facing the fear and moving out of the comfort zone.

As you can see, your move affects their game and their growth, too. Take control of your game by facing your fears and allowing the universe to take you out of the comfort zone. It’s your turn now – what’s the next move on your chess board?

Alan McElroy.

Letting Go

For many years after I came to be with Maitreya, I always felt alone in my dealings with his work. He would give me instructions and I would comply with them. It was as if I had a mission that HAD to be done. Sometimes I would receive opposition from people to the things I did, but I certainly did not get a lot of assistance to help me on my path. However, I knew as long as I had Maitreya with me, I would be fine.

It was a lonely path though, and many times I used to wonder why I did not receive the help I needed. Don’t get me wrong, Maitreya always gave me the finances I needed. I cannot recall one time when he did not provide for the needs of his work. As I needed money for air fares, the web site and the school in Australia, it came in. He was never anything but generous, but I seemed to be alone most of the time. Even though I was married to Peter at that time, I still felt alone. Nobody seemed to understand the mission I had except Peter, but we had very different personalities, and although he was very loyal to Maitreya, I still felt very alone in the work. That changed in 2004 when Alan and I decided to be together. His comment about there being “a new sheriff in town” brought with it a great deal of release of being alone. He took some of the responsibility from me, which I found very hard to let go of.

Things happened to me suddenly. I suddenly had a partner and eventual husband who actually wanted to share my load full on. You might think I would have welcomed this with open arms, but I did not, as I found it hard to cope. For so long I had been alone and now all of a sudden, I had a partner, and one who took on many of the jobs I had done alone. It was very difficult letting go. I knew I had to do so because I could not go further doing it all alone, and it was made worse by the fact other people also came in to my life to help me. An astrologer had told me that in 2005/6 people would come in to help me with my work, but when it did happen, it was so hard letting go. Basically, I found it hard to accept the help. Had I not coped for many years alone? Had I not been capable? My Self did not like it at all, as bit by bit, responsibility was taken from me and taken on by someone else. It was such a strange feeling.

I could tell others – my students, friends and clients – to let go and let others assist them, but I was finding it very hard to do so myself. It has taken two years for me to finally accept I cannot do it on my own but to let go and allow others to assist me in all ways. I did not realize how stubborn I was, but this experience of letting go threw it in my face and made me look at it. It was not a nice picture. Thankfully, the Higher Self was there cajoling and supporting me, which enabled me to move out of the situation I had been in for many years.

This month as we are preparing for the opening of the Maitreya Educational Foundation in Seattle, I watch all the people who are helping to create this wonderful facility, and I no longer feel alone. I have a personal assistant now who takes a lot of the burden from my shoulders. Volunteers are coming forward to offer their services to us. For the first time in many years, I can let go and enjoy the experience, rather than being the experience. It is VERY hard letting go, and even harder when one has been at the helm of the ship for many years alone to allow another captain on board. However, I am so glad I allowed it, despite my Self not liking it in the beginning. I have finally let go totally. I can now do far more with my energy than I ever could because I am no longer concerned with every detail. It is a wonderful feeling, but one my Self fought very strongly. I am so very pleased it did not win!

Margaret McElroy.