Time and Change

For the last few weeks, all of us here in Seattle, who are connected to Maitreya and his teaching, have been busy getting the new corporate premises in Redmond ready for our grand opening in November. For me, it has confirmed much about the energy I work with. I must admit when I was first told I was going to channel “a higher consciousness” in 1990, I had no idea what that meant. Then, when I met that energy (Maitreya) and began working with him, I soon discovered you do it HIS way, not any other way, least of all mine.

I had been told about my future over many years, and of how far I would go and what I would achieve, but it always seemed a distant pipe dream. There were times I would wonder if I was really going to do it, and if the energy I was working with was really there! When I became very successful in New Zealand, I went through the experience of public humiliation in what is known as “the tall poppy syndrome” – where successful people are razed to the ground! It was during that time I wondered if there was a God, and I lost many so-called friends and associates.

During the last two years I have made so much change in my life. Leaving Australia for the USA to live with my new husband Alan was one of the hardest changes to make. Creating our new healing and teaching center cum corporate offices brought back the memories of the very early years with Maitreya, and later, of starting the Australian center, and how, as many have faded away around it, it has stayed the course and is becoming very successful indeed. Its success is due entirely to the dedication of those who work there, and of course, Maitreya’s energy.

I remember a few years ago speaking with another channel and she was telling me of what she wanted – money, position, an easier time than she had then. Though I did not say anything to her, I knew that she would have to work hard before the rewards would come, just as I had to prove to myself. At that time, I had just been given some of the rewards for all of my hard work in the past, so I knew how hard it had been for me but could not tell her so because it would shatter her dream. This year, Maitreya, after all my years of training, gave Alan and me the finances to create the new facility which will take him to the world on a far bigger scale.

Finally, as I stated earlier, I knew Maitreya was real, and that my destiny – spoken so often by others – was finally a reality and not just wasted energy to feed my ego! It had been hard over the years during all the change, trials and testing, and yes, often very hard lessons, to believe it would happen. Now it is almost complete, thanks again to the hard work of a few very dedicated individuals who love Maitreya and his teaching.

The woman who left Australia in 2004 is no longer the same. She has changed so much, even I hardly recognize her. Much has happened along the way, much more change has taken place also, even friends in Australia can see it. I never realized I was working so hard, because I enjoyed doing what I was doing, as it was a passion for me. Only now, with the help of Alan can I see how hard I did work. However, the rewards are so wonderful now, and finally I am gaining the respect and understanding for Maitreya I always wanted.

It has been a long road, and as Maitreya has just said to me, it is an even longer road in the future, but it will be a smoother one. Maitreya has also told me this: “You have been trained by a Master to become a Master – a Master of your Self.” What better result for the years of hard work and testing could I want!

Margaret McElroy.

The Church

Message from Maitreya:

It came to my attention that the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand has banned anyone living in any sexual relationship outside of marriage, including gay ministers, from becoming church members. Does the church not realize it is closing its doors to souls who are looking for God? God has never judged. It is humanity that judges. What do the church leaders not want to see in this issue? Is it their own fear? Is it their own desire to have a similar relationship on a subconscious level? Why do they do this? I will say to this church that by this action they have taken the church back in time over 50 Earth years.

More and more gay people – as they are called (I prefer to call them free people for I do not like the word gay) – are coming out in the world. More and more souls are choosing to live outside of marriage. Marriage was man-made, not God-made. In addition, God does not and has never stated that one must be married to join a church. Why should anyone be condemned for loving someone of the same sex? How do you know heterosexual relationships are meant to be? You do not. Many of you rely on holy books that have been misinterpreted as informing you that these kinds of relationship are wrong. But how do you know? An elder of the church or a church minister might have told you so. However, a true spiritual minister or a true channel of the spiritual hierarchy would not presume to know or state what God wants.

God is Love, and it does not judge. It does not blame, nor shame, nor ridicule. Love is the purest form of expression, and if you receive love either in a heterosexual or a homosexual relationship, you are getting the highest energy possible. What does it matter how you get your pleasure with your partner? This is for you and you alone to choose, and in the privacy of your space it can become very sacred indeed. It is such a shame this church chose to do what it did. In time, as the older members of the church leave, the younger members will come through with a different energy.

Banning heterosexual and homosexual energy is not the answer, but understanding the energy, and having compassion for those souls who may seem different to you is the answer. How can one be a Christian and turn others away from God? This is my comment – it does not judge. It just states a truth that needs to be said at this point of Earth time.