Message from Maitreya:

Many souls are writing to say they are beginning to understand the Photon Belt energy as they have less and less time in the day to do what they have to do. Humanity has been waiting for, in a way, “a big bang”. Yet, very subtly, we have been working on and in the Earth plane, bringing change “like a thief in the night”, without you knowing we have been here. I can hear many of you stating “but you said you could not work on the Earth plane”. That is correct, we cannot do that in our high vibration, but we CAN work with those who have raised their vibration, and we can work with the planetary alignments and of course, the energy we created, which many of you know as the Photon Belt.

The Photon Belt is actually a band of energy that is creating the situation of having to live in the NOW. Although you have memory, very few of you can remember the past; it is just enough for you to do each day what you have to do. You do not have the time to think of the past, as the Photon Belt energy hurtles you into your life, and you desperately try to hold on to 24 hours each Earth day, when in fact, the compacting of time – which is what the Photon Belt is doing – is creating only six hours each day.

In the beginning, it was the older generation who thought it was they themselves getting older, but gradually the younger ones, as young as fifteen and sixteen, who started complaining about not having enough hours in the day. In the year 2012, time will begin to get longer again. So many questions have been asked on the radio and posted to the web site about this time. Why ask questions? What has been happening is meant to to assist everyone to live in the NOW and to confuse the Self, so just leave it at that. It is the Self who asks the questions, the Higher Self does not bother, as it knows the answers.

It is with great joy I announce that my headquarters on the Earth plane, in Seattle USA, is now in place. In November of this Earth year, it will be ready for us and many others who channel us to begin our work in a much deeper way on the Earth plane. Now that we have a base, with dedicated souls who want to assist us, plus the communication of the radio and Internet, we can now go where we have to go.

Our school in the Netherlands is finally in process and we have intentions for other schools around the world. The Australian school is also doing very well. Thank you to all those who assist me in my work, from those who translate my writings, to those who work in the schools. Working with us from the Earth plane is not an easy task because of the Self. You who do help us are truly remarkable, for more than others, you are affected by the Photon Belt energy because of your raised vibration. Know that we are aware of your problems with time, but we can do nothing to help you. Just let go of the questioning of the Self and know that in our dimension, we are truly grateful for your contribution to help the Earth plane move forward in love and positive energy.


Saying Thank You

I was recently thinking of the day I will leave this Earth plane. I have already been shown how I will die, and I have no fear, and I am so glad that I was shown how it would happen. But I was also thinking of all the people in my life who have made my spiritual path possible, and who have helped me more than expected along the way. Maitreya showed me these people and suggested I write a living thank-you letter to them, rather than wishing – as many do, once they pass over – that I had said thank you before I left the Earth plane.

I remember so clearly the souls who, when I was doing readings many years ago, would queue up to say thank you to their loved ones and people who had helped them. I realized it was a wonderful thing to do, and so I created a form letter that I have been sending to all those who have made a difference to me in my life. No doubt some of the people will not get to see the letters because they have moved, but I have remembered them and that is the main thing. Below is the letter I have written to people. I have been using email and snail mail to send the letter. Perhaps you might wish to do the same; I do not mind if you copy my letter. After all, Maitreya helped me to write it. I am so glad I have been able to do it.

I am writing this letter to let you know you hold a special place in my heart. In this lifetime, you have helped me move on in my life, taken me out of the comfort zone, and enabled me to become a lot more spiritual and aware. Rather than wait until I die, and then have to work from the other side of the veil to say thank you to those who have made a big contribution to my life, I wish to pay tribute to your presence in my life. You have either forced me to face a fear, ‘channeled’ words which have made me think about my life and what I was doing, even though you would not consider yourself a channel or having done something that has had meaning for me. The fact that I have sent you this letter means you are one of those I remember as helping me on my path in life. Some of you may no longer keep in touch with me, and that is fine, you came into my life for a reason, and after you had completed that task, you left. But each one of you is remembered in my heart for your actions, and for helping and assisting me on my path. Whether you are spiritual or not does not matter. I just want to say thank you for being in my life, for doing what you had to do, and for forcing me to move forward, face a fear, or saying the words which made a difference to me and made me think. I want to say thank you now, not leave it until I am on the other side of the veil and have to say it through a second person. Just know you are a special person for what you did and I love you very much despite the fact you may love me no more. You were an integral part of my growth, and from my heart I say to you thank you for being there, and for assisting me to be where I am now. I could not have done it without what you did. W. Margaret McElroy (nee Birkin, nee Bristow).

I am still sending out the letters, and it may take a few more months before I get them all out to those intended. I feel good for doing it, and in a way, it makes peace for me with those who did hurt me by what they did at the time, because I could not see then they were trying to assist me. It is a feeling of completion. In fact, when I wrote the letter and started sending them out, I could not believe what a relief it was to send them. Who have helped you in your life? Have you said thank you to them or remembered them? You know it can really help to recall those times, and then let them go by saying thank you. I know it will be many years before I leave this Earth plane, but at least I can go, knowing this part of my life is completed. It feels good to have done it.

Margaret McElroy.