The Prophet Jesus

Message from Maitreya:

In the past decade on the Earth plane, many books have been written about the prophet Jesus. Much discussion has taken place about this man, who 2,000 Earth years ago appeared on the Earth plane and left a legacy of his name. Many portraits have been painted of this man, and much has been said about his personality. But how do you know if all this is the truth about Jesus? You do not know this. Why?

First of all, because on the Earth plane 2000 years ago, there was nothing with which to record a person’s image except memory. Nobody painted his picture, and only the memory of those who saw him in those days was recorded. Did he look like the pictures which have been portrayed of him? No, he did not. Many will be surprised to know that he carried weight. Yes, he was a large man. He carried weight because he needed the fluid in his body to channel and to work with those in our world. He was a man of anger, yes, anger! He deplored those who cheated in the market place, those who took advantage of other people, and he allowed his anger to surface at those times.

Much that was written about this man was altered and changed over the years, so that nothing remains of the original word -of-mouth text that began after his life ended. Nothing of what you read took place in the way it is written today. Humanity in the Christian world is living an illusion, and cannot see through it. Many souls are coming forward now to change that thinking – those who are writing books and creating films that make people think about what they are believing. Many more will come in the future.

It is time for the old energy to move away, and the new energy to enter the realm of humanity. It could not be done before now, as humanity was not ready. But slowly more and more souls are seeing through the illusion and when they do, their energy will enable change to take place. I am not denigrating the Christian faith, which many millions of souls believe, but I am just opening up the door to those souls that are searching and on their way into the new energy.

You are not wrong to leave behind the old way of thinking, and to start questioning. Continue to question, because only then, can you find the truth, which is YOUR truth! I am saying to all who read this page, think about my words, ask yourself, what did Jesus look like? Each one of you will see a different picture!



I have received much email about the way I laugh since I started the radio show here in Seattle with Alan. I can assure you the show is completely ad-libbed. I never know when I am going to laugh, but when I do, it is with great gusto and fun. One woman even told me on the radio that if I made a laugh CD, she would buy it because every time I laugh on the show, it really changes her energy!

I think my laugh is awful, which goes to show how much we pull ourselves down and do not see how much there is of us that is appreciated by other people. I would never have believed my laugh – that raucous noise coming out of my mouth – would be the cause of so much energy. That is all it is – energy. Yet that energy can affect people in such an amazing way. People have written to me and told me they would wait every day for my laugh! I find that absolutely amazing. Many have also written to say how they have been lifted out of depression and deep melancholy by my laugh. I don’t even have to say anything, just laugh, and it has a positive effect on many regular listeners of the radio show.

I am finding myself looking for material to make me laugh at, so as to make sure I actually laugh each day on the show. I am also very lucky that I have such a wonderful man as Alan to assist in making me laugh on the show. I can assure you we are just as happy off air, as we are on. I do know one thing and that is, we do not laugh enough! I truly believe if everyone of us laughed each day for at least 20 times, we would have less illness in our life, and less depression. I had a friend once who told Alan, “Margaret does not need to do anything, she could stand on a stage and say ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’ and people would come and see her.” I think that friend was talking about my laugh when she said that.

Laughter is like the vacuum cleaner for the body, for it clears away the cobwebs, brings in new energy and makes us feel good inside. I do know one thing and that is, that once I hated my laugh, and I would actually be embarrassed each time I did laugh because it sounded so loud and so unlike me. Now I will never hate my laugh again since getting all of your email. It has made my day receiving your email, telling me how much my laugh has affected your life in uplifting you and making your day on many occasions. From now on, I shall laugh out loud, and with great joy, knowing that someone listening – whether on the radio or not – is getting something from it. How amazing a simple laugh can be!

Margaret McElroy.