What Is The Right Answer?

At the end of the day, when you pass over to the spiritual realms, who is going to be with you to give credit or blame for your successes or challenges in life. I think the answer is pretty straight forward: NO ONE!! So why do we go through life trying to find someone to prove what we want to think or believe in, rather than just going with what our gut tells us. Our lower Self is constantly wasting energy trying to get us to find someone or a group to validate our actions or belief. Why not take control of our own situation and accept the highs and lows that go with it?

Recently my daughter was being given lots of suggestions as to which university she should attend and many reasons why she should do so. I advised her that it was fine to listen to everyone’s suggestions, but at the end of the day she was the one who was going to have to experience the decision. I said to her: “Why not follow what your gut tells you to do, then move forward and accept the challenges. Ultimately, you are the one who is going to have to live the experience.”

I recently had a web site viewer telling me what he thought I should do to prove that the path I was on was true. As I told him, I appreciated his concern, but my truth appears to be working pretty well for me as it is. Why do I need to prove to him what is working fine for me? I also added that if he needed others to validate for him what to believe or not to believe, that’s great. If it works for him, he should go for it. His reply then got to the real core of what his issue was. He felt that there were so many vulnerable people out in the world that were being taken advantage of, and that I guess he felt it was his job to protect them. This again raises the question: “What is the right answer”?

I believe only you can answer that question. Start the quest, live and learn by what you decide is right for you. If a mother never lets her child fall down, how does the child get to experience all that goes with the scraped knee? In the end, it is your lesson and sooner or later there will only be you. At the end of the day, look around and digest all that life has to offer. Then stand back and look in the mirror. I think that is where the right answer for YOU resides.

Alan McElroy.

Margaret’s Chosen Path

Message from Maitreya:

Someone wrote to Margaret and asked why she did not choose to be a spiritual teacher like Sai Baba or one of the yogis of India? Although she did not reply to that person, I will do so now.

In order to be the World Teacher, I needed to know of the world on the Earth plane. I have been in my spiritual dimension for a long time. Although we have no time in our world, I use the word ‘time’ only as an explanation to all the readers on the Earth plane. We tend to forget about life itself in your world. We live in the now and all we do is done in the now. Do not get me wrong, it does not mean we forget you and what you are doing. This is not so, but we are very busy in our dimension. In our world, we do not have a Self, so we can tend to forget what the Self does and how it operates. We also know you are taken care of by your Guardians from the spiritual realms and all those in our world who work with you on the Earth plane. We only intervene when asked.

Margaret chose to live in the world, be of the world, to go through many experiences, such as having a child and having to give it up for adoption, having an abortion, being in debt, having relationship issues, having a strong Self, having no confidence with a lack of self-esteem, and many more issues. She chose to do this so that I could experience life on the Earth plane through her. Although I have only been with her for a short part of her life on the Earth plane, I have always been with her since birth, watching and waiting for her to complete her learning so that I could begin my work with her in the way it was meant to be. At times it has not been easy for her, as she has wanted to walk away from her obligation, but she stayed the course, and we are now ready to begin our work of assisting the Earth plane.

Yes, she could have chosen to be a yogi in an ashram in India, but she did not. Instead, she chose to be in the world with all of its pain, suffering, joy, happiness, conflict, peace etc. She also chose to experience many things to learn about life on the Earth plane. This helps my work enormously, because although I have compassion and love for all humanity on their chosen path in life, unless I have experienced the sensation, I cannot know of the pain, suffering, or other emotion. Margaret chose to do this to help me: she chose to be an emotional person, and to have that experience to enable her to know of life itself. When I have compassion and love for a soul, she does, too. We are one in our understanding of the issues or problems; it is wonderful to to work with a soul who can do this.

In our world we have left the Earth plane behind, but it does not mean we do not know of your problems or issues. We do. It is just that we cannot, in our world, deal with your issues. Only through a channel can we do this, and then, only when our channel has raised her vibration to connect with us. Only then can true healing take place at the physical, mental and spiritual levels on the Earth plane. Margaret chose to experience what she did, she did not HAVE to do it. This may surprise her. Athough she has a birth chart which shows her karma and her life path, she did not have to do that. She had left the Earth plane behind her, but chose to come back to assist in my work, and also to teach many others along the way. She herself did not know that until she wrote it, but this is the truth and can only be told now that she has finished learning what she chose to learn.

So to those who wonder why Margaret chose to be of the world, this is the reason. For her choice and for her decision to take the incarnation she chose, I thank her sincerely, as do all the Masters in our world. She also knows she has finished her learning, because now she is being rewarded for all of her dedication and hard work, in so many ways.



I have had many challenges in my life, and no doubt will have many more before I pass over to the other side. My latest came from a person who wanted me to take the ‘James Randi test’. For those of you who do not know what this is, James Randi is a sceptic who states that all mediums, channels or people in this field are fake. He offers US$1 million to anyone who can prove they have the ability to communicate with those in the spiritual world , or who can prove they have unusual abilities to be able to see the future. In Australia in the 1980′s, there was a TV show in which Mr. Randi was booted off because he denigrated a woman called Doris Stokes, regarded as one of England’s most talented mediums.

I have been asked many times over the years of my career why I did not take up the challenge and claim the prize money? To the person who made the latest request, I informed them through a chat site that I had better things in my life to do than to take up the challenge, which I know would not satisfy Mr Randi, no matter what I could prove. I do not need to justify myself to anyone, let alone a total skeptic! What a waste of energy! I was asked could I not use the money to help the poor and provide schools for Maitreya? Yes I could, but it is not in my karma to do so. Maitreya has led and guided me for 14 years since I began working with him. He has given me every cent I needed for the work I have done, or should I say, opportunities to work for the money I needed – to create the web site and also to travel and teach around the world. He has never ever let me down with money.

I remember last year when we had to go overseas to do some work, and we needed US$20,000 dollars, as we were over budget in our estimation due to the fluctuation in the exchange rate of the Euro and the US currency. Alan was going to take it out of his savings account, and when I discovered him doing that, I told him he should tell me if we needed money because Maitreya would provide it. All I had to do was just ask! So he told me we needed US$20,000. Within two hours an email arrived from a web site viewer, who asked us if we needed any money; as they had successfully done well in the money markets. I replied in the affirmative, adding that we were always in need of money. This person responded by offering to give us US$20,000. Alan was blown away. I was not, because Maitreya has never let me down when I have asked for any money. The short fall we needed was there, and Maitreya had provided the opportunity for it to happen.

Because I refused to take Mr Randi’s test, I am now considered a fraud by the person who challenged me! This person even went as far as to put a video on the Forum of the web site from Australia, showing a channel had been set up by a TV station to prove that channeling was a contrived application. I still have no intention of taking the challenge. Many years ago, when I was challenged in a situation which created great fear in me, Maitreya asked me, “Can you stand in front of what you perceive as God tonight, and know that you are genuine and have not done a misdemeanor, or done what you are accused of?” I told him yes. “That is all that matters,” he said. Tonight I will go to bed and stand in front of God, an energy that I have come to know as an amazing force that is neither male nor female, fully aware of who I am – a channel for an energy known as Maitreya, and being 100% in my heart that I am not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes.

This is my last discourse on this matter. One might say I am scared of being tested to see if I am a genuine channel, but I truly do not care. I know who I am, and I am happy with that. There is nothing more to say!

Margaret McElroy.


Message from Maitreya:

There is so much humanity does not know or understand about energy. Everything is energy, even the rock in the garden has energy. So is money. Only when humanity learns to understand about energy and use it wisely, can the Earth plane change.

You waste so much energy doing futile things, worrying over your life, persisting in doing things you do not like etc. You waste energy with words and futile talk. You do not realize if you do not waste energy that way, you will be able to use it to manifest all that you need and desire in your life. Energy has to be used, and if it is not used, it becomes atrophied and then it dies. This applies to all things. Your energy is so precious, but many of you do not respect it and often misuse it in so many ways.

Everything you do is energy, from playing sport to even sleeping. Your body uses energy in different ways. When you are sleeping, your body is conserving energy and renewing itself. In sport, you are using energy. By learning about energy, and how to use and not to abuse it, you can become a very talented being in understanding energy at its highest level. “How do I do this?” I can hear you state. You do this by observing your own energy and how you give it away, how you use and abuse it, and how you waste it. For instance, there has to be an exchange of energy if you do something for someone – it is Universal law that an exchange be made. Yet so many of you give of yourselves without thought of how you are wasting energy, or even that you are creating karma for the soul you are helping because they should be doing it for themselves.

“How can I change this?” I can hear you ask. You have to be simply aware of how you help people and make sure there is always an exchange of energy. Say for instance, a friend needs a loan of money and you feel strongly to give it to them. How do you know this soul does not have lessons to learn from having no money? You do not, but be aware of things such as this. Ask of yourself: “If I help this person, will I stop them from learning a lesson?” The answer, most of the time, is yes. If you do loan the money, what then? You need to make a repayment time, and make sure the person knows this. Perhaps send the person a letter stating this repayment time. So many souls loan money and then have a fear of asking for it back. Ask of yourself whether you will be able to ask for the loan back. Many people cannot do this, and if you are one of them, then do not loan it.

There are so many ways one can be aware of energy and how it is used. Remember, everything is energy. Where do you waste yours? Just by being aware and changing one way of misusing energy, you will find you have so much more energy for the more important things in your life. Energy is a part of everyone’s life, most of you run on reserves of energy and then wonder why you tend to have none at all when you need it most. Once you learn about and become aware of energy, you can then not only understand your life a lot better, but you will have far more energy to use for the more important things in your life.



Many years ago, an astrologer told me that people would have two reactions to me: they would either bow down and worship at my feet, or they would run away in terror. I did not understand him at the time. Why would people run away from me? I did not want anyone to worship me either. I was then sure he was wrong in what he had said.

As I grew spiritually, I began to notice people becoming distant with me, frightened of me at times, and as I got higher in vibration, it got worse! In the beginning, I took this personally. I did have, as a child and a teenager, similar problems, but that was because I was different to everyone else and I stood out like a sore thumb. I had wondered why people would suddenly run away from me after being fine with me for many years. At the same time, I also had people who would put me on a pedestal, who wanted to be in my energy all the time and who seemed to suck all the energy out of me. I then still failed to correlate it to the astrologer’s words spoken all those years ago.

It was only when it became a really big problem and people in droves kept away from me that I realized there must be something wrong, and so I turned to Maitreya for an answer. He informed me that due to my high rate of vibration and the fact I had worked through a lot of the issues which had been blocking me, I had now become a very bright clear mirror for those who came into my energy. I mirrored for them what they did not want to see in themselves and this frightened them. Their Self ran away cowering, fearful that the soul might see what was stopping them from seeing.

I would meet the people who came to book the workshops I had arranged, but later they would not turn up for the workshops. Often I did not even have to meet them, as a phone call would be enough for them to feel the fear and not turn up. I was also having a lot more people wanting to be around me and treating me like I was royalty, which embarrassed me very much. It was only then that I realized the astrologer’s words. He was so true in his prediction of my energy. I was, however, more understanding of what was happening, and could face the issue of people running away, knowing it was THEIR problem, not mine. I no longer gave it any energy or worried about it. It certainly made life a lot easier for me. I also dealt with the issue of people worshipping me by pointing out to them I was just normal like they were, and certainly not to be put on a pedestal.

Since my experiences, I have met many people with the same problem and have been able to help them realize it is not them who are at fault, but their energy. Since going into Universal energy, for some reason, I no longer have people running away. I now have a lot of people who like me very much, and a few who still put me on a pedestal, but I soon pull the pedestal out and stand with them at the same level. If you are having problems with people not wanting to be around you, you may not have bad underarms, it may just be your energy!

Margaret McElroy.