New School

Message from Maitreya:

A new school called The Netherlands Institute of Metaphysics is now open. We, the Masters, are very proud of the three students who run the school and who have worked hard to create it.

These students had battles with the Self in the process of creating the school. There was past life energy to be worked out, which was not an easy task to do. There was also very strong Self energy involved, and many email messages informed me that they all wished to give up and move away from the creation of the school. Yet, on the opening day of this school this month, they were overwhelmed by the attendance and by those who requested services.

For my web site viewers in Europe, there are now three schools they can visit or request services from. One is of course in the Netherlands:, another in Croatia:, and the third one in London: There is also one being formed in Slovenia. Along with these schools, the Australian school is also involved in teaching and offers many services that can assist you on your spiritual journey in this incarnation.

There are many teaching schools in the world today, but the schools that we have mentioned above teach a very simple way of learning. The teaching of these schools is based on the Master of Metaphysics course, which was taught in the Australian school for nine Earth years. The Earth plane needs teaching institutes, where a simple way of teaching is used. For too long, spiritual subjects have been so heavy and have had so many limitations on what one should do to be spiritual. These new schools teach a different way.

Our joy at the creation of these schools is such that we feel we could burst with the enthusiasm being shown by those who are dedicating themselves to our work. It is not an easy path creating a school, and much hard work is needed before profit can begin to be made. However, with determined effort and dedication, we know our graduate students will do only their best for the education of those souls who are searching. We are so very proud of their work.



When I was five years of age, I had a ‘knowing’ that one day I was going to work with God. I had just started Sunday School at my local church, but I knew without a doubt that one day I was going to be working with God in some way. At eight years of age, I frightened myself one day with this thought: “What if you were the only person on this Earth plane and everyone else was a figment of your imagination?” And when I was fourteen, I was informed strongly by a thought that all illness came from the mind!

The thought of working for God did not do well for me, because I did not see myself as spiritual. I was a rebel, a loner. Although religious as a child, I was not religious as I grew older, and I did not see myself as worthy of working with God. How could it work with me? As the door opened to enable me to move forward into my destined path, I ran away and did so for ten years. Finally, something happened which brought me to my knees and forced me to ask for help from God. It answered, and like a player on a chess board, moved me to where I needed to be. I still did not believe my destiny! I realize now that because I so strongly refused to believe it, it could not manifest. Although I was aware of my destiny, I would not allow it to happen through fear. I had a fear of being ridiculed, a fear of being accused of wrongdoing, a fear of being public, a fear of all things to do with channeling. So much fear! I SHOULD have just moved forward and faced everything head on, but I fought it, because I had so much fear.

As I did that, I had to go through very painful learning experiences to enable me to let go of fear. Had I just moved forward, the path would have been shorter, and a lot easier. But I like many other people, I chose the hard road! I came to realize some months ago how hard I had made it for myself. Much of my fear and doubt and lack of confidence in myself came from past lives, and a small portion from this lifetime. Had I moved forward the easy way, it would have taken me a very short time to get from A to B, but it did not happen that way. As I stated before, I fought, and I fought well, not realizing that I was doing so. Fear consumed me so much.

My destiny that everyone talked about, and which so many readers prophesied, never manifested because my fear stopped it from doing so. So what happened when I let go of the fear? It was like being set off by a catapult! All of a sudden there was no fear, I came to the awareness I was the one responsible for my delays. All opposition was removed from my life, and opportunities came to me to fulfill many things I had always dreamed about, and which on a higher self level were just waiting to happen. Doors opened wide. People, instead of creating problems for me which had happened in the past, suddenly turned around and began helping me. Once the fear dissolved, the Universe brought me a huge abundance!

It was not easy facing that fear, or in letting go of many things that had been stopping me from my destiny, but finally, it is all falling into place. Through astrology I have come to realize I do have a destiny, and it is to help humanity in some way. Some would say I have done that with the creation of the web site, but I have an idea there is something even bigger, and this time, I am having no fear, and letting the Universe bring it to me. I finally feel confident to acknowledge it; it has been a long time coming!

Margaret McElroy.


Message from Maitreya:

It is not easy to be tolerant. The Earth plane is becoming a very intolerant place in which to live, as so much anger is being created. The Photon Belt energy is increasingly bringing to the surface deep anger and resentment, as well as other emotions, which many souls are finding difficult to deal with. In addition, with the raising of their vibration, these souls are becoming even more sensitive, and this can also create problems in tolerance. How can these souls deal with this energy?

First of all, as I have said many times in these writings, each soul is in a completely different energy to the next soul. No two souls are the same. To be tolerant means to be understanding of all differences, whether in people or other areas of life. It may be difficult to do, but it can be done. If each soul were to understand other souls, and let go of the need to retaliate, then there would be less anger and less war. Anger is an energy which has to come from somewhere. Ninety percent of anger is from past life energy that has not been cleared. How does one clear it? One does it by not giving energy to it, and one does not retaliate when one is hurt. One simply states, “I will have no more of this; I put an end to the conflict, tension and lack of tolerance.” Then let it be.

The Self of course will want to get vengeance, or it may wish to retaliate and will not let it go in your thoughts. However, if you can move forward without the need to do anything, all of a sudden, the issue will be gone, and will never return. The more you learn NOT to give this energy, the higher in vibration you become. It is not easy breaking the link to emotion, but as you do, you move forward into a more peaceful energy.

If humanity is to move forward in vibration, tolerance must be brought into being, whether on a personal or on a spiritual level. What does it matter if someone has a different belief to yours? It is their right as a person on the Earth plane. The Creator or Ultimate Being gave you this free will to be different to each other. Imagine a world where everyone was the same, it would not be very interesting!

Tolerance comes from one soul stating, “I will give this no more energy” and then moving on. It is the ultimate in higher conscious awareness. When you can be tolerant of another and walk away from conflict, you are truly raising your vibration.