This morning as I was having my hair cut, I recalled many years ago when I told my hairdresser in Nelson, New Zealand that one day I would have my own personal hairdresser. It came out of my mouth so glibly, just as if it was already there. I never knew what my hairdresser thought at the time. She was a lovely woman, but she must have thought I was full of ego or something. She and I were not to know then that I would later marry a man who had been, as one of his many career choices, a hairdresser!

Alan has had a very versatile career path, first in the navy, then as a hairdresser. He paid his way through college with his hairdressing job, and after graduating from college, he went into the electronics world, and finally into his own business. He never lost his hairdressing skill, and is now my personal hairdresser. My statement spoken many years ago in New Zealand has become a reality. May I say, too, that Alan does a wonderful job, and many people have commented on my hair and how lovely it looks!

As I was recalling about what I had said to my former hairdresser in New Zealand, I realized how easily my wish has manifested itself in my life. I have often put my request out there, and although it has not at times manifested immediately, it has in time become a reality. However, I have found it very frustrating in trying to talk to others about this, because most people are of the belief they cannot manifest anything. It is no good asking for something to be manifested, if subconsciously, one believes one cannot do it!

Maitreya taught me that we can all do it, as it is our spiritual heritage. He explains, “This is how we manifest in the spiritual world – by thought, and once we put it out there, it then simply becomes.” Our programming though, on the Earth plane, is so negative. We often hear such phrases used: I can never do it, I will never have the money, I don’t have enough experience, I never win anything etc. These statements and other such connotations re-iterate the fact that we do not have any confidence in our manifesting ability at all. We have no idea of just what is in our subconscious mind and how powerful it can be in stopping our dreams and wishes becoming a reality.

I myself used to be quite negative too, until one day I read a book about changing energy and it changed my life. The change in my life did not take place overnight, and I certainly did not manifest immediately what I asked for. But it did eventually become a reality, as I continued to believe more and more that I WOULD manifest what I needed. I personally do not believe that only certain people can manifest, for we all can do it. We just have to have the faith and the belief we can do it. Just as I have manifested my own personal hairdresser, I have also manifested much more in my life since then.

As I wrote earlier, it is no good asking for something and then counteracting it with a negative statement. One has to BELIEVE it will happen. I now never think about lack or problems in my life; I no longer create them. I cannot believe how well I do in manifesting what I need – just by having faith and believing it will happen. It does work if it is done correctly. You do need to ask specifically for what you need, though. I once asked for a bike, and I got just that – a rickety old bike, which I was able to ride, but I really should have asked for a new bike! Also, Alan constantly reminds me of the fact that in my application for him, I forgot to tick the box which said “must not have attitude”!

Maitreya, who sat with me this morning as I typed this newsletter, said to me, “Tell them to try it, but to be patient.” So there you are, put what you need out there and then watch it happen – that is, as long as you do not counteract it with a negative statement or belief.

Margaret McElroy.

My Radio Work

Message from Maitreya:

With my channel Margaret, I have done radio work with her for many years. I was with her on radio long before she knew she was to channel for me, but she never knew it. I would put, into her mind, the suggestions for her shows and the guests she would have on them each Earth week.

I have watched the web site audience build up over the years. I have also been awaiting Margaret to conclude her spiritual development work so that I can channel through her and bring more of my energy to the Earth plane. That time is now come, and I am ready to begin my work of assisting the Earth plane to shift in consciousness. How is this done? With my energy through Margaret, I have already started the work of doing this by having her and Alan do their radio show as well as Internet radio. Many people have mentioned the energy as the show is broadcast, and this is the way I intend to work for a while until a more public path can be arranged.

One of the detriments to us in our spiritual world assisting the Earth plane is fear, and of course, the Self. In the beginning, my channel had much fear and a very strong Self. However, over my time with her, we have assisted her in letting go of her fear, much of which has been from past lives. She still does have a Self and always will do, but she now has control of the Self and it does not stay around much anymore. Now that Margaret has been trained to deal with the Self, we can do our work through her. I am now able to speak to the viewers of this web site each Earth week as Margaret goes into deep trance and allows me to have access to communication through the radio. I speak in my own energy with my own voice, and I am there completely “while she sleeps on the job” – as Margaret puts it.

This is only done on the Internet and there is a reason for that. There are restrictions placed on people who work in the normal radio medium, so one is limited to what one can say. However, on the Internet radio, nothing is stifled. So I can speak freely of anything I choose to say. I am very pleased at how my first session on radio was received. To have one hour of Earth time to communicate to the world is wonderful. I will ask my channel to write at the bottom of this newsletter when you can tune in to the radio shows and to my own appearance on the Internet radio.

I am very grateful to my channel for allowing me the opportunity to use her body, and to be able to channel through her to communicate my messages. I am looking forward to communicating with many of you through this medium. This is done by communicating in the chat room of my web site, and also in the chat site of the radio station, which I will ask Margaret to give to you. This is only the beginning of my work on the Earth plane. From July of this Earth year of 2006, Margaret will have completed her training with me, and we can, as one, go to the public and begin the work the Masters have for so long wanted to do.

Everything is falling into place for me to now go forward and to assist in changing the energy of the Earth plane. As you can imagine, in the Halls of the Masters, on all dimensions, we are very ecstatic about this. Margaret no longer has any fear of her public work; the energies who tried to stop us doing her work can no longer penetrate her energy. She is one with us, and with the Universe. Even when she is tired, and the Self tries to get to her, it cannot do so and very soon returns to where it comes from. I sincerely hope that many, if not all of you, will listen in to the radio shows and also to my own personal show on the Internet radio.



Morning Radio Shows
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The Monday show is broadcast on KKNW 1150 kHz (AM radio) and on Internet radio The Tuesday to Friday shows are only on Internet radio. This web site also has a chat site which the Master mentioned earlier. You just click the coffee cup with the CHAT sign.

Margaret McElroy

Speaking the Truth

One of the hardest things I have had to learn has been to speak my truth quietly and clearly. I have always had a terrible fear of speaking my truth, which often has upset people because I was taught always to think of the other person. My whole life growing up was about what people would think. My parents were very big on what people thought, and my life was geared not to upset people and to keep my feelings inside if I did not like something or did not feel comfortable with a person.

For years, I never dared to speak my truth. I could teach others to speak the truth, but I very rarely walked my talk with myself! Always, my Self would say to me “what will people think” or “what will people say” and so the words would stay inside of me, as did the thoughts I had of not liking what I saw or experienced. There was always a fear of upsetting someone, or even worse, if I did speak my truth, of saying the wrong thing.

How DOES one speak one’s truth without hurting another? Late last year, after having spent much time on my own and becoming aware of my failings, I realized I had to start speaking my truth. I was not happy with the things that were happening in my life, and the way my life was going because of not having spoken my truth. I then started to speak my truth either through email or personally. It was very hard to begin with, but I soon realized that when I did speak or write my truth, I felt so much better afterwards, as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders or my body. I was quite astounded, to be honest. Maitreya taught me to be honest, but also how to write and speak what I needed to say. So, I learned to say, “No, that is not OK, it is not what I wish to do.” Or I would express myself this way: “I am afraid my energy is not compatible with yours anymore.” I expected to feel guilty about speaking or writing my truth, but I did not. It was such a relief to be able to do so.

One of my students in NZ really mirrored for me when he started stating his truth to his mother who had dominated his life since birth, and he started standing up for himself. It gave me the courage to face issues in my life I was not happy with. Instead of feeling guilty, I felt such a relief. The energy that had been held for so long like a prisoner inside of me, came to the surface and was dissipated by my expressing it.

I wonder how many of you reading this have a situation or a person that you would like to speak your truth to, but are afraid to do so? If you are one of those people, I want to give you the following advice. All thoughts are energy, and if energy is not used, it becomes stagnant. Stagnant energy can turn into dis-ease, and dis-ease can develop into disease. I realized that in many incarnations I had not communicated my feelings. I relived a past life where I was dominated and controlled to a degree by a person because I was fearful and would not speak my truth. This person is in this incarnation and it was such a relief to finally write to this person and vent my feelings. Ironically, this person was doing exactly the same in this life to me as they had done in that past life. The patterning and conditioning was repeating itself.

If you are in a similar situation, pluck up the courage to face your fear and speak your truth quietly and clearly with love. You can say to a family member, “I love you very much, but I cannot agree with what you are doing.” Or “I love you very much, but your truth is not my truth.” If the person does not like it, it is THEIR problem, not yours. Everyone is entitled to express their feelings, it is just the way you do it that is important.

I was shown by Maitreya that three quarters of the world are living in a situation where they are unhappy because they are frightened to speak their truth. It is a sad state of affairs. It took me nearly 60 years to speak my truth quietly and clearly. I had over the years expressed my feelings over things I did not like, but never to people personally. I now do that when it is necessary, and if people do not like it, then it is THEIR problem. I am entitled to my feelings, and to let people know how I feel. I kept my feelings in for so many years, so it is wonderful to finally be able to release that energy.

Margaret McElroy.

Being Spiritual

Message from Maitreya:

I have noticed on the Forum a question about spirituality. What does being spiritual mean? It means one is searching, or has searched and found the higher knowledge. It can represent all classes of faith, from orthodox religion to those who do not belong to a faith at all.

In addition, being spiritual means that you are searching for the answers for YOUR truth. Each soul on the Earth plane is in their own hologram or their own reality. Despite living in a group environment on the Earth plane, each soul has their own reality and their own truth. The interesting point is that many souls do not want to live their own reality and be in their own truth. Instead, they wish to impinge on someone else’s reality and truth.

You can have collective groups who have a similar truth to yours, and these groups will find a truth similar to theirs in transmitted information, such as the Internet, and in books. But each soul is in their own truth; no soul can have the same truth as another, not even those who are twins or multiple birth people. If only the souls on the Earth plane could comprehend this, live their OWN life, and not interfere in others? beliefs or way of thinking, the world would be a better place to live in.

Recently on the Forum, one soul of Christian belief chose to express their belief about their religion and made remarks about those who read this web site, including comments on me. This is fine but this soul did not realize they were invading the truth and reality of others. They obviously felt very strongly about what they believed in, but they should have kept to their own belief. One does not get converts by judging others, or by pressing one’s truth onto other souls. Each soul will find their OWN truth if they are allowed to do so. The Universe will lead and guide one to that truth when one is ready. Some are ready at an early age, and some later in life. But each soul will find their own answers when they are ready.

Being spiritual does not mean one has to become a vegetarian, or give up any of the habits one has. These will be let go of when the soul is ready to do so. It may also take some Earth years to do so. It is equally possible that it may never be removed, but it does not matter. The soul is searching for answers, and whether they find the answers or not does not matter. What matters is the fact that they are searching and have started the path upwards to a higher awareness.

Spirituality and being spiritual is also about respecting others – for their beliefs and for who they are, regardless of color, creed, belief and ideologies. There are many who profess to be spiritual but who are not, for they criticize others, judge others, and do not respect others? beliefs. The true person on the spiritual path lives their own life, seeks their own truth, and becomes their own master in that truth. Everyone is in their own hologram. Just imagine a world full of huge bubbles, and living within each bubble is an individual soul that is separate from all others. That is what being in a hologram means.

However, for some reason, people are often not happy being this way. They are in fear of what they will see, and so they try to live through the lives of others – their children, friends, co-workers etc. They cannot see what they themselves have come to work through – mainly their own lessons. These souls seem only content when being involved in other people’s lives. I am not writing here about charitable groups; such groups are different. I am referring to individual involvement.

Spirituality and being spiritual is therefore about finding your own truth, and living your own life. Nothing more.